Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 5 impressions

Episode 5
 "The Derby With Rivals"

The eye joke just never gets old.

McQueen is super cute!
No wonder Gold Ship tried so hard to get her to the team.

it's an nod to their real life relationship. mcqueen is gold ships mom granddad.

ep1 i thought El Condor Pasa was gonna be my favourite, but Gold Ship has really challenged that

Who would think a anime about horse girls racing would be so intense. Literally caught myself tapping my foot in anticipation during the race.
This is like Saki where the cgdct yuri subtext combined with intense matches.

Ok, I'll start watching this now.

Ugh please don't remind me of that show. I can't stop hoping it'll eventually get finished after blue balling us with that half-second season thing they did because I loved it so much.

Goldship has secured her place in my heart, can't wait to see her race.
This show is so wholesome.

Her tearful plea about wanting to run with McQueen was the best.

Those sound design dudes are doing a great job so far... the crowd alone during the finish gave me goosebumps...
Without this sounddesign this show wouldn't be half as good...
And the trainer of spe-chan definetly knows how to do this training. At least it feels like that after not telling her the real time she got while running upstairs.
Didn't expect that this show would turn out this amazing in my opinion.

≫Those sound design dudes are doing a great job so far...
i really love the sound they make when trotting. my mom's cousin ran a stable so it's something of a nostalgic noise for me.

I think certain sounds are way too loud though.

Thanks to CR. There is not a single sound issue in the direct Japan broadcasts.

Last member of the team is here and she seems great!

She has the correct response to Trainer-san, anyway.

Yup, this lady is already sold.

It's nice to see other participants train as well. It really builds up the rivalry aspect.
Oi, Gold Ship, you've got something in your eye...

Spica girls looking for four-leaved clover for Spe-chan was sweet...

Gee, that race... That was the longest 50 meteres in the world...


≫Gee, that race... That was the longest 50 meteres in the world...
You can bet it felt that way to the two of them as well!

Oh phew, thanks for the screenshots. I mistook the last part of the gag having her eye basically ruined with half of the chopsticks in it and winced hard, took a still image for me to realize that it wouldn't make any sense with how they are held.

Words cannot describe my hype about these last minutes, holy fuck.
Sports anime at its finest!

That dash to the finish line was so well done, didn't see that result coming either. Looking forward to seeing more McQueen, she seems like a very nice addition to the team :)

I really like seeing Spe-chan and Suzuka scene, not sure exactly why but they always seem to hit for me. Seeing Suzuka hop over the barrier to see Spe is just so heartwarming.

The sound design team did an excellent job this episode. I can almost feel how heavy and powerful the girls are when they're running from the impact sounds and I love that the crowd noise isn't just your generic crowd noise, you can actually hear them cheer and react depending on what's happening on the track.

Anyway that was a goddamn good episode! We're only at Episode 5 but it feels like a finale especially with that ED. I feel sorry for Seiun Sky though, I wonder if she'll stay as the "laid back one" after this race.

The sound design is pretty great but a problem that I have is that sometimes the audience sound is too high in comparison to the commentators

I think that is fridge brilliance, stadiums tend o be like that.

Suzuka and Spe-chan are great together, she ran right out there to support her.

Glad to see McQueen joining the cast, I could tell from the ED she was going to be great, and she did not disappoint.

I really like many girls in this anime, i have to say i almost thought El Condor Pasa was gonna win it, another intense one

It's ok, she's the winner of our hearts.

More evidence for Gold Ship being best horse girl, she's hilarious

Will Trainer-san ever learn his lesson? How many times do you need to be kicked in the face to realize that they don't like that? Or maybe it's like, every time he gets kicked he gets brain damage and forgets why they're angry, IDK.

Dammit McQueen, how dare you make Goldie cry

What a race! I didn't think she'd be able to catch up, that was cool. Apparently Special Week won the Derby outright in 1998, I wonder why they changed it to a tie

Because El Condor Pasa wasn't in the same Derby as Special Week, but El Condor Pasa only ever lost one race in his history of racing in Japan, and it wasn't the Derby. El Condor Pasa was a genuine champion, and considered by some to be the best racehorse trained in Japan in the 20th century.

intense race that i kept tapping my table

This show is a great way to start Sundays. I really do enjoy that there’s some important race every episode, but I want even more familiar faces competing in races from now on.

I was getting nervous like the trainers and this race got me all excited!

Man, what an episode, so much hype. The sound design was stellar, the animation was pretty good, I totally felt how much each character wanted to win.

Just wow. Totally great all around. I must say that at least for me this episode was even more hype than yesterday episode of DarliFra. Again, I have to give it to the sound design. It was superb.

It is interesting in the anime they did same as real life with Silence Suzuka. They stopped trying to control her and just let her run as fast as she wanted the same as the real horse did.

The running/race scenes in this show are so satisfying. Really great use of effects and just enough animation to make it show the right sort of impact.

This anime is amazing and deserves more attention.


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  1. The "real life Silence Suzuka" is the Big Question of the anime but of course you know that.

    But this El Condor Pasa move is brilliant. He was not in the Derby in 1998 because he could not be in it, not being born/bred in Japan.

    But the time in the anime is broadly the present. And this rule has been abolished. If the real race were happening in 2018, with the horses as they were in 1998, El Condor Pasa would be able to run.