Tuesday, April 17, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Special Training!"

100 Sit Ups 100 Push ups All they do is run.
Man its gonna be weird seeing a bald Special Week when all this training is done.

She'll be best horse girl in Japan at least

Maybe her tail falls out instead.

Somehow that is way worse to me than her going bald

Stop with the death flags!

Gotta warm up the glue factory

Ok, I'll bite.
What's the deal with injured horses and glue factories?

horses have hooves and hooves are an ingredient for making glue, it isnt exclusive to horses but an injured horse has less practical use (their meat is not good for eating, cant produce milk, why use horses when you can use a tractor).

other factor is just the horses physiology. their bones are lighter(comparively) and when a horse legs breaks instead of just only getting fractured the bone just shatters; you cant really fix that easily. their weight is also a factor against them. and also just try to tell a horse to lie still for months for its leg to fix itself 
also im guessing but i think a wild horse with a broken leg would also usually mean death the same as with racehorses.

≫their meat is not good for eating
That's not even remotely true. They're taboo in America for the same reason that eating a dog would be taboo, because they've always worked very closely with people, but horse meat is served in most of the rest of the world and is a very high quality meat similar to beef (although I doubt that race horses specifically ever really end up that way).

I just now noticed that Spe-chan has a dakimakura shaped like a carrot... And of course that old guy with a dog has had a carrot in his pocket...

They sound-censored how much fatter Spe-chan got!

I like the pacing in this show. There's an exciting race in every episode. I hope they'll keep it up until the end. I appreciate it when the show can make me excited with any minor event. I always get goosebumps and giggle like a madman. And the music is just great.

≫I just now noticed that Spe-chan has a dakimakura shaped like a carrot...
Wait what?! How did I miss this?!

I was worried Special Week would turn into One-Punch Man.

That would only work if she does it for 3 years

She is a horse girl so 1 year to humans is 5 years for her. So she only has to do it for a few months.

I too always carry a carrot in my backpocket should I hopefully run into a horse girl.
Suzuka is such a nice girl. SuzuWeek is my ship.

If there were horse girls in this world, everone would walk with a carrot in their pocket.

Like who the heck walks his dog in the morning while carrying a piece of carrot in his pocket!?
I mean it was a great episode and all with Spe-chan regaining her confidence but that old man was really suspicious

Great episode. They tackled the Speck-chan differently than I thought. I expected typical drama where she collapses and then comes to term that diets don't work by simply hungering down.

Gold Ship aggressively cheering was great too. She's hunks of fun. And so is Urara. Her upbeat personality despite being horrible is really endearing. I certainly understand why people liked the original horse.

It's also great that there are no hard feelings so far, every opponent is nice and just also likes to run.

≫Urara. Her upbeat personality despite being horrible is really endearing.
Yes! A breath of fresh air from all of the "best _____, x races / x wins." Just happy to be doing what she loves.

I'm just loving this series more and more each day aaaaaa. I think Teio is officially my favorite so far in the past 4 episodes.
Rip Teio
Urara Grand Entrance

Big fan of them explaining more about the races (slipstream, different running style), that had me immediately more excited.

It was cute how Suzuka-san noticed/was worried about how Spe-chan took less rice somehow (though that was still a pretty big bowl of rice).

Actually the one who noticed the rice was Grass Wonder.

This show reminds me of Keijo (and I liked Keijo a lot!)
I watch anime on the treadmill, it's fun to crank up the speed to a sprint during the races so I can feel the race hype grow.

I started watching HeroAca whenever I'm on a treadmill, but I feel like this show is a perfect motivator for running in general.

The good natured personalities of all the characters reminds me of a Girls und Panzer, even if characters are rivals they still like each other and it’s hard to pick a favorite team. Also, I wonder if Suzuka’s backstory is that she kept winning so much a friend of hers abandoned racing entirely.

Depressed Spe-chan is so cute. Gold Ship still best girl. That 30 second training montage though

This was really fun. I really liked this episode overall.
When Spe-chan was starting running uphill I totally came into my mind that she should run smaller, closer to the ground, so it was nice to see the trainer actually say it, besides the thing about the smaller strides while going uphill.
I really liked this episode, it was really nice.

These races really make me feel the speed. Also, that jump (or rather: fall) from that pool tower (or w/e it's called) looked quite painful.
And as always, Spe-chan's reaction faces are glorious.

It's so funny and awkward when Special Week and Silence Suzuka are acting cute, but then you remember that they're half-brothers IRL.

Gez with all the wind they showed off during the mock race i half expected them to break the sound barrier. Really like how each of Special Week teammates really tried their best to help her with her diet.

I really like this show, but it's also pretty amazing how much of the material here actually references what happened in real life.


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