Monday, April 9, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"First Big Win"

Horse girl hurts her leg
Oh boy I can't wait for this anime to turn dark!
Spe-chan 2fast2furious.

Click click pulls out the gun.. Suddenly this is no ones happy anime.

≫Horse girl hurts her leg
If you mean Grass Wonder, that actually happened. Grass Wonder was out recovering for most of his three-year-old season due to a leg injury.

Seeing how Spe-chan won another race made me nervous because I realized there will be a race she'll eventually lose.. I just didn't think the day would come so fast...

I'm kinda relieved that there are no horsegirls irl, because I'd probably blow all my money on the races...

I can't get enough of ZR and thigh-highs in this show... Dayum...

we neeed some derby facts on Specweek's irl horse. maybe it can tell us the course of her career.

I want to avoid that at all cost. Ever since I realized some names are the same as the names of the racing horses irl, I'm pretty sure they'll adapt some major events from the real horse races...

All those references, even spe-chan got fat is one of references too.
I love this show.

This is amazing. I hope someone compiles all these horse references some day.

I hope somebody makes a relationship chart seeing as some are related.

These races are getting more and more intense!

The fact that I was on the edge of my seat for that race says a lot about this show.

In the beginning, I keep thinking "What the hell is this?! Is this the darkest timeline?', but then I get invested and I enjoy it far too much. Damn you, horse girls.
And this question has been plaguing my mind, are there horses in this world? Are there horse girls racing horses? Are there horse girls riding horses while racing other horse girls riding horses?!

I think it was said in the 1st ep. intro that horses are legendary creatures (so no horses in that world)

The Spica crew generally being shit at the idol parts is hilarious. It's really a bunch of misfits. Goldship just doing random, unrelated things all the time is great.
Teio is also pretty cute. Glad she joined up.
Seiun Sky seems to be a great temporary rival, since she is humble, and nice instead of being super antagonist and arrogant.

That was a nice surprise to see Teio joining the girls. She has been my favorite since the last episode.
I also hope we will see more of Gold Ship training methods in the future.

≫Goldship doing random things
I'm glad I can start calling this the seasons shogi anime

The real horse was just as quirky before and after the races, his track record is bizarre, either he won hard or lost hard.

I love the faces in this show
And the thighs

≫And the thighs
Ahh, I see you too are a man of culture who appreciates good ZR.

It was a nice episode about competition and hardships.
But there was almost no screentime for Urara, nor El Condor Pasa

So she lost because she tried to stick to the same as her previous race instead of actively thinking and responding to the one she was in?

No, I think she lost because she put on a few pounds, hence the broken zipper.

I think it's both.

Yeah, especially considering the big moment was Seiun Sky surprising both Special Week and the Trainer by sprinting early to first place. Spe-chan didn't know how to adapt and couldn't catch up.

With her well deserved victory this week, can we stop a moment and just appreciate how utterly comfy Seiun Sky looks in the opening?

That tummy, though...

The zipper in her skirt got busted because of this...

Honestly thought she was gonna lose the race because of the zipper...

Yeah, given the thigh groping in episode one, I was expecting the skirt to come off and trip her, or she was going to have to run in pantsu. I'm glad they didn't go in that direction.

Do they have normal human ears under their hair?

I don't think so. From episode 1 you see Special Week holding a phone up to her ear on top.

This is an excellent detail that I did not notice. Thanks.

Knew she was going to lose but it was still hard to watch :(
Feels like this show is more of a sports show then a CGDCT then a idol show, I think that's the best way to handle it too.

I think it was one of the best moments a protagonist lost, because it wasn't mean. The was no foul play, the crowd applauded the winner and not shunning Special Week, the announcer even was sad that Special Week didn't win and the winner, her temporary rival so to speak, was a nice horse that was genuinely happy to win instead of being mean and icky.

Another great episode. I kinda wish we could see more of the live concerts after the races but I guess this isn't an idol anime.
Losing is always frustrating but you can't always win. Next goal for Spe-chan is winning in the Japan Derby?

I was even more excited for the Idol part than usual, since they were practicing so much for it...

Right? You show us a training montage and we barely ever get to see the results of that training? :( Pretty disappointing to say the least.
Maybe if Spe-chan wins the Japan Derby we'll see a full idol show?

This episode was great! Really love how they handled the way Spe-chan lost and the end bit with the trainer. Also Teio singing her solo song from Starting Gate 01 was cute
rip watermelon


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