Tuesday, April 3, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"The Debut Race out of Nowhere"

If we have a couple moments like the carrot run to school and the nailing the horseshoe into a regular shoe each episode then this will be fantastic.

“Pony-chan” from ep 1.

Why in the fuck was I nervous with Spe-chan for her debut race? Do I like this show this much?

It's not because I like the show or anything.... BAKA!

Tsundere for Umamusume

I honestly thought the was going to be wierd and exploitative. Like the premise is literally set in a world that's basically the same as ours, except it has horse girls in it as well. No mention of horseboys anywhere either. Tell me that doesn't sound like fetish fanservice bait .

I ripped all the character art from the website, here they are

Drawn by multiple artists, I presume? I can see several different styles in there.
Geeze, Daiwa Scarlet is... impressive.

It doesn't seem to say who drew who (I'd have put it next to the names) but that is a safe assumption to make I think. There is a school uniform version that also uniforms the look of everyone.

Most likely the art to be used in the gacha phone game. Fairly common to have multiple artists do art in their own style for the character art to entice fans of the artist to go for those characters and generally add names to the credit list to entice people to try the game.

I feel like this show is gonna end up better than it has any right to be, and I'm okay with that.

Agreed, when I saw the first PV I thought someone was making a joke about sports anime. Then it actually became a thing, and I love it.

P.A. Works really put a lot more effort into this show than I would've expected. The animation, voice acting, and directing are much more than I'd hoped for, even jokingly.
What really sold me though, was this.

Special Week’s training with her mother helping her avoid being tackled and hit was great. Her backstory and how her mother trained her was also sweet and funny. Show’s looking good so far

It's not an easy job to be a trainer of a horse girl.

It's a good job she was actually riding beside her motorcycle, otherwise that could've been an expensive mistake.

≫also sweet and funny
Truly, it was truly heartfelt :) I liked it a lot, it added quite a bunch to the usual flashback training scenes.

Yuri mothers?

Probably best friends. Her birth mom had to had slept with someone, unless they inseminated her artificially.

Isn't that how they do with racehorses?

Oh God the implications...

The running with toast schtick, but with a carrot was way funnier than it should have been.

It was simple and a bit obvious but I loved it.

Yes it was quite amusing, but I still prefer Magical Girl Ore's version.

Probably my favorite part. A fun twist.

This was my favorite part.

Yea you're right. The carrot toast was my favorite comedic part, but I'll be damned if I wasn't cheering and giddy when she pulled that off.

Her second mom is hilarious. You can tell who special week takes after.

My guess is Special Week's adoptive mother was the trainer for her mother, who was probably a famous racer.

She probably is, the student council president saw who was written down as her mother, that look is the "this is a well known person" look.


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