Monday, April 2, 2018

[Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Gate of Dreams!"

This filly eats!
I enjoyed the first episode so far. Can't wait to watch the 2nd episode in a few minutes.
Since this seems to be doing the Kancolle thing of having the girls be based on real life race horses I wonder if they're gonna do a similar thing with them remembering parts of their other lives. I say that cause I searched up a few of the names that pop up and some do not end well. Then again, its an alternate universe so who knows.
inb4 mc breaks her leg and Manager-kun whips out a double-barrelled shotgun.
Then the show changes to be about glue girls.
I am scared, because that happend to Silence Suzuka
At some critical point in the story she'll probably have a crippling injury and be forced to retire, and Special Week will have to learn a lesson about how to go on without her or something.
I really hope one of the girls ends up named Potoooooooo. I'd just laugh my ass off.
Let us not forget about ARRRRR.
I didn't realize Alex Jones was a racehorse announcer.
Not going to lie, this was surprisingly fun to watch!
≫I've Given Up on Finding a Human Girlfriend: the animation.
This is fine, not like I had much of a chance anyway
First day of April and we already have AOTY.
On a more a serious note, PA Works did wonders with the animation quality so far. They're going to be busy this year with their schedule.
They have had a ridiculously long time for this series. It has been under work for like a couple years. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole series is done and just waiting for airing.
That's how Cygames (the producer) typically does it. They're trying to help move the industry to a more sustainable model
Those wagging tails are awesome!
For more wagging tails
Konohana Kitan is great! It's one of my favorite shows of the last year!
I knew what gif it'd be before clicking on it °◊°
I didn't expect to actually enjoy this as much as I did.
The last scene was great.
Holy shit, this is soo good.
Honestly didn't expect this
Anime of horse waifus?? Oh, Japan...
Is there anything that they won't make into waifus? At this point it's surprising that people are surprised at what peaks japan reached.
≫Is there anything that they won't make into waifus?
Well... they've done pets, guns, household appliances, computer operating systems, battleships, horses, eldritch horrors, ancient books that can summon eldritch horrors, countries, abstract concepts, and even poisonous chemicals... just to name a small selection. So... no. Probably not.
don't forget squids and Nyarlathotep aliens...
Welp, moving on to episode two already...
This looks like it'll be a fun time.
Can't say the story or anything is going to be worth much, but if it's fun who cares.

It's so fucking cute though holy shit.
Only gripe so far is the pink hair girl with the heart/star eyes is missing... so much detail in her face she was scary to look at at times. But when she switches to normal eyes it seems okay,
I can't shake the feeling on how these horse girls are treated...getting felt up, stared at and just used for entertainment :/
Outside that it was a fun episode actually, I can't say I like Special Week too much but I'm curious on how the rest of the cast is.
Yeah, the leg touching is my only complaint about this show so far.
I was hoping that guy would be spitting his teeth out after getting kicked in the face. Alas.
Kinda like actual racehorses...
And that's not getting into racehorse breeding, which is a whole nother story on how utterly serious they can get.
≫Kinda like actual racehorses...
Which is why it bugs me since they're not just racehorses :/
Until a boy horse appears, I don't believe that side of the racehorses will be touched, or even if it exists at all in the show.
So cute girls racing, and than singing. As long as it stays happy and upbeat I think I'll enjoy this one.
We can have a 20 minutes compilation of cute noises and it's only been the first episode.
Pretty cute, I like Special and some of the other horse girls have really cute designs.


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