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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"MAIN: Auction"

Man. I just recently read the manga up to this point and I'm just blown away by how little context seasons 1 and 2 have given this. Like, I love Uta saying hi to Hirako since it's not their first time meeting except neither character has really existed in the anime. Or like, hey, here's Dr. Kanou. Remember him? No, you don't. This really is a show you need to be familiar with the manga before watching.

≫This really is a show you need to be familiar with the manga before watching.
Completely agreed. As much as i dislike go-read-the-manga endings, i absolutely hate go-read-the-manga beginnings.

for what's it's worth, after reading tokyo ghoul and moving to tokyo ghoul re: I was confused while reading, and needed second read-throughs of certain chapters, and/or browse wikis or chapter summaries

the world just has too many characters, and some character interactions happen only for like a couple of pages seemingly insignificantly in the manga, only for that interaction to be somewhat important later on, like 20 chapters later (which means like 20 weeks later for us weekly readers)

I honestly can't wait for the whole series to wrap up so I can go back and binge read the entire thing so I can get a clearer understanding

Dude I am watching this without having read any of the manga, and I am confused as fuck. There's so many characters that feel very random all over. And when most characters have several distinct and unrelated appearances which also change randomly every other episode it doesn't really help my memorization of them.
This anime has definitely turned into a straight up manga ad, but I still enjoy it.

This is just the beginning. In the later half of RE:, the story becomes so confusing that manga readers needed a summary every chapter to even know what’s going on. This guy is acting like it’s the anime’s fault, but it’s really just that the manga is extremely hard to adapt. Right now it’s fine, but in the later half, fights, places are jumped each chapter, without conclusions for like 10+ chapters. And there’s like 1 million side characters. I thought I had good reading comprehension but it’s too hard to remember all these characters Ishida introduces.

Takizawa looks and sounds amazing. That was brutal how he just takes the guys head off after he does something amazing to show he can be just as good as the Q’s. This is definitely better than the last 2 seasons.
Akira really looked like her father too with the face she made.

Like father, like daughter.

Exactly! This was the best moment of this episode for me. Brought back memories.

Honestly those two are bigger monsters then most of the ghoul cast.
Edit: I said most of the ghouls. The majority of the ghouls at-least in season 1 aren't sadistic crazys that slaughter humans. And a person can be morally justified and still be a monster imo.

Ehhh Akira ain't that bad. Her father is definitely worse much, much, worse.

They aren't. Even Akira's father despite hating ghouls to hell has shown to immensely care about humans and was a great father to Akira. He's not worse than ghouls like the Tsukiyama family.

I'd say he's even miles better than Rize and Tsukiyama. He's pretty much an oustanding member of society, risking his and his family's livelihoods to essentially be a cop at an even bigger risk of death.

Of course, he's quite sadistic thanks to what happened to his wife, but considering all the mercilessness ghouls have shown to him, and how you can't even trust an old lady because she'll rip your head off and eat your corpse if you stop to say hi, while i wouldn't call him a good guy, he isn't as bad or unjustified as Rize's bloodbaths or Tsukiyama's deliberate serial murders.


IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR SUZUYA TO BE THAT CUTE. It's literally unfair to all the other girls.

Biggest question of all time - is he a girl or a boy?

Juzo was born a boy, and Big Madam made some "alterations" IIRC


I love Takizawa and I'm so ready to see him animated. Pacing once again slows down to 3-4 chapter adaptation whereas last week it was 6-7. Seems they're cutting the investigation parts of the manga so they can focus on the action heavy parts. Personally, I wish they wouldnt but I understand why they chose to do so. Also, finally The Clowns, a big player in the original manga, makes their debut. Root A didnt touch on them so it's nice seeing them on screen. Especially Uta.

(Weekly reminder that Anime Torso has absolutely no reason to be "in love" and obsessed with Mutsuki thanks to changing the scene)

To those who only watched Root A, it may seem odd that Suzuya has a prosthetic leg. Root A only had his leg broken in the fight with Owl. In the manga, Suzuya has his leg completely cut off. (Even more signs that Root A has been forgotten. Thank god)

Small nitpick of the week: The "skinhead" that Shirazu and Kaneki meet is a stranger to them in this episode but they met in the manga during the Nutcracker investigation. The investigation of Nutcracker was mostly cut out for the anime sadly as it has some really nice scenes involving Shirazu trying to act as the captain.

Overall, a satisfying episode. I look forward to seeing Taki animated next episode as he's one of my favorite characters in Re. Also, he looks downright scary in the preview.

Edit: I forgot this little detail but, I love the way Akira makes that face to resemble her father.

If it wasn't obvious already, Juuzou's prosthetic pretty much confirmed that Root A has been retconned and this will strictly be a manga adaptation. We love it!

Also obligatory pineapple mention because holy shit that is one of the best entrances for a character in recent memory.

I really hope the anime is going to take the time to include the scene where Takizawa talks to the inspector who was once his student. It's one of my favorites

Oh it will, I feel like that was one of the more important parts

It's so hard for me to remember some of these people after so long

Well if you don't mind spoilers you can see the wiki

I pity the people that haven't read the manga, they probably don't understand shit, otherwise as a manga reader it is really entretaining.

Ready for some Takizawa goodness

Non-reader, you're correct.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on or who half of these people are, and I'm honestly not that fond of the characters that have been properly introduced. The Quinx squad is... not great? Like I don't really care for any of them except Haise.

Thus far the only scene from this that has really stood out to me was the coffee shop. Everything else just feels like a jumbled mess.

Takizawa after credit scene scared the crap outta me, did not expect it. Pretty great episode, so glad I read up to this part in the manga last week.

I really want that to be my desktop background. I hope this episode comes on 1080P soon.

as an anime-only watcher, I barely understand what's going on. I think I'll just leave this until I've read the manga.

I've just finished the manga(pre :re) and it's outstanding, I think you've made a good choice.

The episodes keep getting better. If we continue by this pace we will finish the auction by episode 6 or 7, leaving the rest for the rose arc.

If anybody can't remember Takizawa was an investigator who was always hanging around Amon and Akira.

Hyped for Takizawa next episode


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