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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"fresh: Eve"

when best boy becomes best girl

Juzou is best no matter what gender .

Hanbee colored looks weird as fuck

His eyes till this day creep me out. Strangely enough, I still like em

Last episode the pacing slowed down to 3 chapters. This episode has the anime returning to the 6 chapter an episode pace. Despite that, I feel like it handled it much better this time around than it did for the first episode. Lots of great moments this episode that I think were handled nicely. Suzuya is always a great thing on screen and the way he runs to Haise like they're the best of friends is so adorable. Best girl Eto makes a brief return. And finally, Best girl Sasako makes a triumphant debut. It's so weird to see how amazing Haise looks in a girl costume. This has been a fan favorite seen for ages now. Glad to finally see it animated.

My complaint with this episode, and so far the show as a whole, is how they're treating Mutsuki. By now, the manga has given backstory on Mutsuki and why he feels the way he does. "Dont look dont look dont look" comes from somewhere. Hopefully this will get revealed more in the following episodes. But I have to stand by the fact that Torso has absolutely zero reason to want and be obsessed with Mutsuki. He did not reveal his torso. He did not see the scar Mutsuki has in the anime therefore he should legitimately have no reason to be obsessed with Mutsuki.

The soundtrack remains amazing. Love the alternate HALF as the club theme and that beautiful piano piece that plays halfway through the episode. Can't wait for the next episode to see the Auction officially begin and a special character returning.

Edit: After checking twitter, it's so amazing to find out AmaLee (LeeandLie on youtube) provided the vocals at the end of the episode. Been a huge fan of her for years now and my love for this episode just skyrocketed. I can't wait for this OST.

≫AmaLee (LeeandLie on youtube) provided the vocals at the end of the episode
Really? I always assumed she just did covers of various songs from anime. Didn’t even notice.

Yeah. She announced it on twitter shortly after the episode aired.

I hate that they're holding Mutsuki's "secret" back so it can be dramatically revealed later. It's so much more useful as a piece of character investment and drama than as a trite plot twist.

As an Anime only, I though you'd say something like
"and now they slowed it down to 1 chapter an episode"
This episode felt quite slow, there were some developments but nothing groundbreaking, so I think it's very good they covered 6 chapters and we'll have some more development and action next episode rather than having 2 episodes covering this.
I mean as a non-hardcore anime fan I can't get into this trap stuff so that was very skippable to me.

For the anime-onlys who don't remember the characters, Roma (the girl on the left) is the girl who started working at Anteiku in Root A and was obsessive about meeting Kaneki. Nico is the guy who always around Jason in Season 1 when he was abducting and torturing Kaneki. There are implications there given how they were talking to each other as if they were close friends.

Anime-onlys shouldn't even be watching :re anime if they haven't read the part 1 manga. They're going to have a lot more problem than just recognizing the characters.

That's what tokyo ghoul anime has ended up becoming. A spoiler for the manga, well, at least rooat A was. Everything happens the same but bad and without the cooler parts.

Sasako is best grill of this season hands down. That wink just completely stole my heart.

Juzou comes a close second. So adorable!

By the way anyone else notice a very interesting looking ghoul as we panned through the auction? I wonder what's the deal with the make-shift looking mask?

The identity of the masked man will be a treat for you.

I remember all the jokes about it and when it actually came true.

It just started out as an insane theory and it actually came true. I love Ishida.

They covered almost 7 chapters this episode and left out many things as expected but I don't mind it at all anymore, was a good episode, but from next week it's gonna be one hell of ride. Hype and hype instensifies. Pierrot please adapt the upcoming fights properly.

not much happens usually in a single chapter of tokyo ghoul with the way its storyboarded and drawn, but I still think 7 is a little too much. 4-5 chapters would be far better

Nope imo 3 chaps per ep would have been ideal, Tokyo ghoul is heavily based on conversations, interactions, details, symbolisms, parallels you can't miss out on them, so a bit slow pace would have been ideal but can't blame them they only got 12 episodes to cover it all up

you're never going to get far into the series with just 12 episodes, so it would be better for them to just do the 12 episode right instead of rushing through it, so I can blame them actually
But yea 3 chapters per episodes would be fine too

The fact that the episode was good even while rushing and leaving out so many stuff shows what a amazing series Tokyo Ghoul is.

I started reading the manga and currently on chapter 75 for re and THIS SHIT IS SO BADASS I DON’T REGRET READING THE MANGA AT ALL I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANIME ONLY PEOPLE
Ok have a nice day guys

And it just keeps getting better! I'm at around chapter 130, and holy guacamole. (OoO)

Wow, I trap Juzo was really pretty. Same with Haise.
This is not the mark of first timers

They cut a bit where haise mentioned when he first met juuzou and juuzou gave back the money he stole when he was kaneki.

I know I really wanted to see that moment.
It was so cute in the manga!! At least they got the candy-grabbing scene in it

True, but I thought they could've cut down on saiko's room eviction to get that in cause it's kinda important.

I want to protect Saiko's smile appetite.

Ishida's illustration for this episode

I think this episode kind of showed us what alot of people on here are saying, the anime isn't doing a terrible job given how little time it has to get to a certain point in the story.

However I am still a little salty that certain characters are getting mostly shafted. Like many have pointed out already, Mutsuki and Torso plotline is just missing so many key parts I would be so confused if I was an anime only viewer, they may be trying to make the reveal more shocking when they actually pull it but I guess I'll just have to wait and see on that one.

But the aspect that I'm actually most frustrated about is probably Akira and her near statue like charecter in this adaptation. She is missing so much, that line in the manga where she talked about losing people close to you, the delivery coupled with the stern yet motherly demeanor she had been revealed to have made it feel like a knife twist and made me feel like I understood her feelings about the current situation so much better. In the anime unfortunately she just feels less ... human I guess? I might be reading into it too much, and I am indeed enjoying the show, it just feels a little weird at times, and there are alot of chances to amend some of the issues I see in the episodes to come.

Regardless of all that shit... next week we're going to the auction, time for suffering to ensue, everyone buckle up!

Yep, the line had a lot of weight behind it in the manga, but here it could easily be brushed off, especially given the fact Amon hasnt even been mentioned by her.

lol at Shu sniffing his underwear
Anyway, Mutski should be ok with Suzuya, great experienced partner after all, that Seito guy shouldn't be an issue for them

Pretty sure he did more than just sniffing...

Best girl Eto and I love how they expanded on Shu and Hori's relationship. I forget which Tokyo ghoul light novel it is but it covered some of it. Also some excellent characters cameo in the background.

A lot of details are being left out, but hey, pacing is actually decent given the Anime adapted a whopping 6 chapters from the Manga.
Music is still a strong point in this series (as always), cant wait for the OST to come out in the future.

People get so angry because of the omissions but seem to forget; we only have 12-13 episodes. When I tell them that, they still try to blame it on pierrot until I tell them that Pierrot isn’t the one deciding episode counts. Western anime fans really need to research all the nuances of making anime.

I am actually kind of sad when I heard re would only have 1 cour. A full 2-cour would have flesh out every dialogue in the story and give the show the kind of detail it deserves. But for now I'm alright with what Pierrot is offering, it's just not theirs to blame.

Animated Saiko gives me life.
Loved the soundtrack in this episode; looks like this series continues the trend of TG anime having great OSTs.

God I got to see not one but TWO of my favorite people Suzu and eto good I can't wait for next week

Everytime we see Ayato and he opens his mouth, i'm expecting him to betray the hidden leaf village and go on a journey to kill his big brother.

Next ep is going to be great. I wonder if Juuzo volunteered himself because he knows Madam A will be there?

That’s a lot of chapters. Hopefully this means the rest of the episodes will have good pacing.
I’m really loving this show.


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