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[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Fragments: member"

The moment I saw a café I knew we'd get a treat.
Something to note: Haise's tear came from his ghoul eye.

Wow that’s an amazing detail that you realized. So in fact it was more like kaneki was tearing and not Haise

He made some really weird noises there when he got kicked in the chest constantly...

lol exactly! I was like am I hearing things? then I listened to that part multiple times and it only gets funnier xD

It honestly makes more sense with the visuals from the manga. Those kicks were pretty brutal, but the animation didn't really capture how much impact they were supposed to have.

So Haise is gonna have to figure out how to control Kaneki. Because just contact with his past sets him off.

If so, why doesn’t 1. drinking the coffee 2. meeting Touka Doesn’t set him off? (I’m an Anime only :P)

Could be adrenaline related, being in a fight + memories triggered it, while drinking coffee and seeing Touka just made him sad.

I'd avoid cute coffee shop girls if I was kaneki. Remember what happened last time?

Haise doesn't, that's for sure

haise is about to risk it all lol

What a solid episode. The pacing was definitely improved in this episode though I dont expect it to remain consistent throughout the season with how much they'll cover. I love the little flashbacks when Haise remembers Nishiki. They weren't in the manga but I think it's a nice little addition. I can't wait to get my hands on the song that plays during Haise meeting Touka. The soundtrack in this show is always so great.
Small Nitpick: When Haise says "I'm happy" he does not touch his chin with his left hand like he does in the manga. To those that don't read the manga or follow it closely, this probably sounds like a very trivial complaint but it does actually mean a lot in terms of his character. Still a very solid episode though.
Next episode is the introduction of best "girl" it seems. I cant wait

Yeah I was disappointed the chin touching was cut out

Chin touch and showing him sobbing alone after Urie calls him a ghoul were both cut out. Just little things that give us a more rounded picture of Haise's true psyche. Disappointing, but understandable.

Honestly that kinda stuff makes me think that they don’t understand the characterization of Haise. It’s small, but important and the omission worries me somewhat. Would love to be wrong tho

why those 24 mins felt like seconds, omg i need more :'(

Lmao that preview, "We are going to become women". Can't wait for the next episode.

This is end of the episode scene in the manga
I feel like touka looked much better there, her design is amazing.

They kinda left her design similar to the first season as opposed to a lighter shade of blue like in the re manga right

Yea it's much similar to first season. I like the manga version because it really different and she looks more mature. Anime version ain't bad tho.

Artwork from Ishida Sui(the author of Tokyo Ghoul) this week:
Birthday artwork for Amon
Also we've gotten past Volume 1 now so here's the cover for that

That ending was fantastic
I'm liking this one a lot more than the original and root a, it seems better paced overall

Tokyo Ghoul:re
Cafe Called :re
beginning of this episode where kaneki takes over was pretty nice
Touka meeting Haise was just woah

Seeing Touka bought a big smile to my face.

Touka best girl has made her appearance!
edit: spellinnggs

I thought for sure that meeting Touka would trigger Kaneki's personality.
Also cool to see Ayato taking on his sisters previous alias as rabbit.

I think the biggest trigger is non-visual. Nishima calls him Kaneki, and he instinctively refers to him as Nishima thus starting the flashbacks. You also have anteiku-style coffee get him giddy just from the smell.
Meanwhile Nishima's kagune doesn't trigger him, and Touka's face only makes him think "wow she's so pretty."

I love that Best Girl Touka's back, but anyone else feel slightly disappointed that her hair still looks the same? I could understand it not being dyed like it was in the manga, but I was hoping at least the style would be kept.

  • Great episode, that coffeshop scene was particularly heart-warming.
  • Pierrot back at it again with the censorship. Nishio's special kicks were a lot more savage in the manga. Why would they censor that but show Haise/Kaneki impaling Nishio?
  • Looks like Haise got some subconscious inspiration from Tsukiyama.
  • The sound effect used when the testicle was being squished was absolutely hilarious. POP!
  • Touka is as pretty as always, though again, I like her fluffy manga version slightly more.
  • Glad that the soundtrack is still as good as it was in Root A.

  • That TouKen reunion ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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