Thursday, April 5, 2018

[Tokyo Ghoul:re] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Those Who Hunt: START"

ED is super comfy at least.

I also like how Urie is the only one not wearing shorts and t-shirt. Really shows how distant he is.

I'm waiting for Urie to become the best character in :re.

I cant be the only one who really enjoyed it despite having read the manga.I'm still salty over root A but this season looks great.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that episode so much, fuck the people hating on it cause of a grudge on root A.

The first few episodes of the first anime were also promising, look how that turned out.

I thought the 1st season was decent overall with an amazing ending. It's the 2nd season where things just falls apart.

I loved the episode. OP is perfect except for that one thing that legit spoils a pretty important moment. I am especially happy with the way they include Uries inner monologue.

I thought the OP was kinda awful tbh. It's mostly all the characters taking their turns at dramatic side profiles, which is something you see in way too many shounen OPs. Music is good though. I also really liked the first episode as a whole.

Yeah, I really love the music, but the visuals are just not all that great. The whole thing is a little generic, but the flashy LED eyeballs and somewhat "awkward" movement tip it from "bland but not bland enough to hit skip" to "leave it playing in the background because the song is 10/10, but set the phone facedown on a table."

That was actually massively impressive compared to what I was expecting. The art and animation are way above the last two seasons and the OP is great, TG might finally be getting somewhat of a decent adaptation.

People seem to be pissed that it’s only 12 episodes. What were they expecting though; the anime will adapt up until the end of the rosewald arc. That’s actually quite a good place to stop; the only problem being that 24 episodes to reach that is too long and drawn out while 12 episodes is to short and rushed. I don’t even blame pierrot for the 12 episode count; it’s simply the industry standard of 12 or 24 episodes. And suffice to say, those specific episode counts don’t work for every series.

24 episodes to conclude the Rose arc wouldn't actually be too long and drown out at all.
Besides that, Pierrot did a good job on this first episode. They got most of the important points right, although some great manga scenes felt a bit rushed.

I agree, they did a good job. I just checked out Chibi reviews on Twitter and he’s simply nagging and complaining about every little thing. He basically came into the episode wanting to hate it. Also, I think a lot of upcoming anime in the next few years will be majority 12 episodes considering most of the animation studios in japan are booked till the year 2021......holy shit.

The opening feels like a huge spoiler lol.

It is extremely packed full of spoilers that are meant to be not obvious until they happen

so many characters that aren't supposed to be revealed until their "surprise" moment are shown in the op like it's nothing..

For the love of God, go read the Tokyo Ghoul original manga if you haven't already. Root A fucked the story so much, they had to drop the Root A storyline and return to the canon. Example: This is a glimpse of what the fight with Arima in the final episode of the previous season should have looked like.

And just let me remind you. This fight happened for about 2.5 chapters.
The last fight of the manga and you get the MC being skull fucked by the business end of a lance for 3 weeks straight.

≫last fight of the manga
The last fight was Arima against Owl, which makes this even better. The MC dies and this wasn't even the last fight. Chapter 142 was absolutely masterful.

You're right! I had forgotten that.
Kaneki gets killed and then the manga just moves on. Ishida's always been stone-cold when it comes to emotional torture.

Everyone's saying the animation was great, but... really? I found it to be horrifyingly stiff, especially compared to the original art style of the manga. Haise's entrance was kind of half-assed and the camera angles were so static. Honestly, I was hoping for something much better.

Thank you, I thought the same, the animation felt it didn't have any impact and was stiff as you said and that Mado punch was meh too

Hinami & Aogiri!!! I'm loving where this is going

I thought it was great. The OP was amazing. On par with Unravel maybe, but thats my opinion. The pacing was kinda fast, but i still very much enjoyed it. I loved seeing all the Q’s animated and have voices and judging by the OP i’m pretty sure they’re disregarding Root A. This is looking good this time around! I’m excited for the rest of the season. I always love me some Urie and Haise.
Edit: I also highly recommend if you haven’t to read the manga! they are ignoring what happened in Root A and believe me if you love Tokyo Ghoul, then you’ll probably love the manga!


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