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[Toji no Miko] Episode 16 impressions

Episode 16
"Audience in the Prison"

Man it's really picking up isn't it. Seeing Yukari in the submarine though.. that was cool. When they met Takiri I was expecting them to meet Yukari but that was something else entirely.

I don't get traitor director though. Her schtick is supposed to be her obsession over Yukari. When/why did it change to Princess Tagitsu?

I'm worried for the girl who really likes Kanami. Seem's she's about to get caught up in something bad, seeing as she was on the top of that list of toji candidates the traitor director was interested in.

≫When/why did it change to Princess Tagitsu?

Maybe she always knew that Princess Tagitsu was controlling Yukari? And was always a loyal follower of her all the way back to shortly after her getting possessed? And just kept up the Yukari-sama AMG! schtick because she couldn't really go around and praise Tagitsu right?

The stuff she did with Noro and all that doesn't strike me as someone who wasn't aware of the true person controlling the Toji back then.

Alternatively she might think Princess Tagitsu is actually Yukari and simply goes by the name of Princess Tagitsu since she ousted. Think this is less likely than my other theory though.

Now that was an intense episode.

I really like the struggle that Kanami is going through. "We were supposed to win back then, why the hell are we still fighting?!"

I'm curious about Princess's personality split. I guess one part is the same as her old self, concerned with collecting Noro and getting stronger. Second part seems to be a bit more wise and arrogant, but not necessarily hostile. Will the final part show Princess's kinder side that seeks peace with humans?

Also glad to see that Yukari is still in the game and now that she's free from Princess's influence she's assisting her sister.

Lol my Jedi theory is starting to work out pretty well. The hooded Toji are Sith lords practicing the dark side of the sword.
Edit. And on top of that, those soth lords just raided the Toji Temple. EXECUTE ORDER 66

Katana Friday is finally here!

Pretty interesting episode. We know there are three princesses now (though I'm pretty sure we've only seen two so far outside of the OP/ED) plus Tagitsu and Takiri seem to have different objectives. This revelation, along with finding out that Yukari is still alive, certainly makes things interesting. Also, Tagitsu is cute! CUTE!

All in all, pretty good this week. This is still (IMO) the most consistently great anime that I'm watching out of what's currently airing. Darling, Precure, and Black Clover have occasionally had higher highs, but they're not as consistently entertaining as Katana Maidens is.

≫This revelation, along with finding out that Yukari is still alive, certainly makes things interesting.
We could say now that Yukari is, kinda, the mother of the three princesses.

Poor Yukari having to deal with three teenage daughters who won't listen to her. Good thing their aunt is helping.

≫Tagitsu is cute!

Cute but still wants to cut down anyone in her path, what a waste.
I wonder what happened to those guys with assault rifles. Maybe the protocol was to fall back and let the Toji deal with aradama-related threats to avoid heavy losses (which would make sense, although many anime don't care about heavy losses), but it would have been nice to see it mentioned.

Yup just like the 3 Hime from Japanese legend but with different origin setting lol, I bet they will fuse together in the end and become Amaterasu.

Yukari is still alive.
People don't die in this show. Which means the chances that Yume is alive somewhere grows larger.

Fang = Best Hime confirmed.

They really teased us with the third Princess. They just mentioned she exists and gave nothing else other than they "have" her somehow somewhere. Might be setting up a big twist around her.

She reminds me of the Abyss from KanColle.

I can't wait to see what happens next now that Yukari is with the good guys!

Looks like Yukari is back next week

This was very interesting, not only are there lots of Princesses, but Yukari isn't an predisposed as they wanted us to believe (although that was slightly predictable).
I don't get what that crazy headteachers deal is, first she was Yukaris fan girl now she's switched over to Tagietsu. What's her endgame?

≫What's her endgame?
Probably she doesn't know that Yukari is alive, and is going forward with what she believes Yukari wanted.

Which is to create a superior human/toji (infested with Noro). That's why that other girl still hangs out with her and I think she considers Sayaka a fluke.

The thing I'm most interested is this technique Kanami uses against Tagitsu that the show has been building up to. It's the second time she strikes Tagitsu, who claims to be able to see everything.

That entire scene with Takirihime was frightening.

I feel like she was staying there because there's nothing bad about it, but she can basically make child's play out of destroying every single living thing inside the Ministry of Defense building. She also talked down Akane with only a few chosen words: in a nutshell, Akane isn't the one in charge in that room so she shouldn't be calling the shots. Akane was standing before a literal god, after all. I won't blame her for almost collapsing after that meeting with Takirihime.

Moving on, I feel like Tagitsuhime is the weakest of the three himes, and that's the reason why she had to gain strength personally and do a lot of lifting of her own while Takirihime is having a Presidential Suite over at the Ministry of Defense HQ and Ichikishimahime hasn't gone under the radar. The only reason why Tagitsuhime is a threat is because Takirihime deemed her as a destructive figure. In comparison, Takirihime seemed like the political kind of god, while Ichikishimahime is the revolutionary (in the aspect of pushing progress) kind of god.

Also, I wonder what is going on about Yukina looking for "candidates"? She's still into that "miracle drug" thing, huh. Man, that hysterical obaa-san is doing something crazy again.

And the story goes underway!

It was overall a pretty fun episode, if a bit tense too. It was nice to see Takako and the other one appear, but honestly they should've hold a bit more and better their ground, not being beaten in one second like before. Either way, this is a nitpick from me.

It was nice to see everybody together again, and it was truly a surprise that it was Sayaka's birthday. I dunno, generally the characters that are like Sayaka have their birthdays as unknown, since usually that information is lost, so I found a bit surprising that Sayaka had a normal birthday like anyone else.
I still will not understand why they have changed the fight scenes into 2D, when in CG they were pretty great on its own. Either way, this fight scene between Tagitsu and the girls has been the better one until now in 2D.

Again, Tagitsu says she can see everything, but then she takes a hit from Kanami. But not only her this time around! Maki also managed to deliver a hit too. Though, I must say, Chidori must be a special kind of Okatana, since we see that Tagitsu is still with Chidori's cut in the next scene with President Takatsu. It wasn't clear enough though how they conveyed the injury, but for Tagitsu, Chidori and Hiyori's Okatana must be special in some way. She said it so before in the first cour, but now I think it is clear that it is in a supernatural way, instead of Tagitsu just being grumpy because these two Okatanas beated her all those years ago.

Story wise, I didn't expected that Tagitsu actually split into three. I like the designs that now Tagitsu and Takiri have, they even gave Tagitsu a little fang xD I just couldn't believe it.

I must say, Takiri looks a lot like that special character that sometimes appear in movies where high tech is involved, that one that knows everything but does nothing besides give information to the main cast. She looks like an "one-san" that enjoys looking down on you and call you trash with the most sophisticated language possible... while having all the reasons and ways to back up her claims :P

Ichikishima must be the little girl that appears in the OP, the one that has her mouth covered and in another shot her face and Hiyori's appear split in half and together. I wonder what personality will she have, most surely must be one that is somewhat paceful, if the main cast already has her too, besides Takiri.

There's the other thing too, now they will need to change Takiri's location too. The Ministry of Defense isn't a safe place anymore.

Other than that, I find it pretty amusing that Origami Yukari is still alive. I wonder how did she do it? Is it related to Kanami stopping Hiyori from going all the way into the Netherworld? Certainly I would like answers to this one, I truly didn't expect her to come back...

And, hey, talking about coming back, now there's only one door left for Yume to come back, if she does so of course. That door would be the character in the white hood that appears in the OP. We can see her and rule out that this character is Princess Ichikishima, since this character doesn't have her mouth covered like Princess Ichikishima does. That, and that she is about as small compared to Maki to how Yume was small compared to her, and this character in the white hood is the only door left open for Yume to come back... I say back, but must say, that back may very well be the aradama in Yume having taken control over her body. Until we get confirmation on who is this white hooded character, the door is left open.

How Yukari is alive is pretty obvious though. Hiyori never reached the fifth layer fully after all.
I already suspected that she was actually alive when Akane was talking about it in an earlier episode.

I agree. Surely next episode when we will have the reveal (if I'm correct, basing my assumption on the preview for the next episode) we will have this explanation.

When the series was fresh, I predicted that Kanami and Hyori would have a Naruto vs Sasuke-like fight in the future. I am glad they didn't. I really liked how their friendship was displayed this episode.
I also really like the "new" Himes' character design. That orange-white combo looks really cool.

I have never identified harder with Hiyori than today. CHOCO MINT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE TOOTHPASTE FOR FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE!!!!!!

It's really nice that Maki isn't being blamed for everything Tagitsu-hime is doing. Totally thought that would end up happening.

Also those thigh shots on the defeated Toji O_O

Welp there goes theory that the hooded figure is Yume possessed. So far we've only seen the two Princess. I wonder where they're keeping the 3rd one.

There's still a door open, there's still hope!. There's a third character in the OP that is wearing a white hood that may be still Yume, or the aradama that was inside her.

I think it is safe to say that that character is Ichikishima hime, since we can see Ichikishima hime in the OP, and she has her mouth covered, while this character in the white hood doesn't have her mouth covered.


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