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[Toji no Miko] Episode 15 impressions [Katana Maidens]

Episode 15
"Slothful Person's Honor"

Kaoru was so damn hilarious in this episode. Just when I thought I couldn't adore her more. :)

Looks like they're really setting up coexistence with aradama hard this season. I'm pretty much expecting the finale to come to a more peaceful resolution than last cour at this point. Still, I remain keenly interested in seeing how the various factions clash ideologically.

This was a nice, chill episode. Looking forward to the gang getting back together next week!

It is kinda impressive just how strong actual character stuff is in the show. Second cour has been doing a really good job mixing and matching character pairings and bringing out really unique character interactions.

This time around we have Kaoru and Sayaka, who couldn't be more different! It was super fun seeing her a bit less trollish side and be a surprisingly competent mentor figure to Sayaka. There was still plenty of trolling though. This is actually what I really love about Kaoru. She has unique rapport with pretty much everyone and it's really cool. Her and director's interactions are the best.

≫She has unique rapport with pretty much everyone and it's really cool

I think that's actually the strength of Toji no Miko - every character has strong chemistry with each other. That's pretty much why this show works in each character department, because they all genuinely compliment each other. It's really impressive how well this has been pulled off.

It was really nice to have an episode focused on Kaoru, especially with other characters outside the main group that allow her to express her personality more. Her "lazy" persona was pretty clear, but her actual character and beliefs were a bit hard to show through the interactions with the main cast, and also because in the first cour their mission was significantly more serious.

On the other hand, we can see in this episode how she behaves normally, keeps the group together, and understand other characters. I think she really needed a serious-type comedic partner to shine.

(Of course her reactions to the president, Hiyori and Kanami are pretty great as well.)

I really want to prprprprprprpr Kaoru's delicious nape

Other than that, kinda find it funny how she really likes provoking Hiyori, especially the chest part even though both of them really aren't that much different. If not, she's smaller :'D
But dam, Yume... Are they really telling to us to stop clinging to hope already?

≫If not, she's smaller
If Nene's instincts are to be believed though, she'll eventually grow considering how much it likes her. Hiyori isn't as lucky though.

That was the best episode of the show right here.

It was so damn fun to see Kaoru, the chief officer, Sayaka, Nene and the other toji there interact. Wonderful fun and Sayaka learning more about how to be more relaxed.

I had fun all the way through, great episode.

You know? I really liked the episode. It is still more setting up, but it actually added some layers to a couple of characters in the story that I actually didn't expect them to have, nor that the Gokumi would go for.

It makes me wonder now, why does Maki is following Princess? What are her motives, what is driving her to do so? At first I was thinking that maybe it was that she and Suzuka were working together to bring down another faction or something along those lines, but there's a very personal reason why Maki is following Princess now, and Yume is involved in it somehow, since Maki is having doubts, instead of going all in full power on Princess. The theory that Princess may be Yume gains power, although it may very well be that Maki is confusing Princess with Yume, since, if the other theory is true, there's another hooded figure in the OP that wears a white hood that can also very well be Yume. Maki confused them both because both are overtaken by their respective aradama. It is what I think, and so Maki is following Princess instead of Yume. Both things are equally possible at this point.

I really liked Kaoru's jokes this episode, and her interactions with Sayaka were pretty nice. That joke about how Sayaka has a better chest-related future that Hiyoyon was just pure genius and gold, and what sealed it was that she actually posted it on their chat-app. Just wow.

Regarding the fight scene... I'm finding strange that they are actually going for 2D now. I dunno why, but I honestly think that their CGI fights are way better, but it is still early to talk since we don't know if they are going to use CGI later on or if they are going to put out better 2D fight scenes as the cour goes on, which is what kinda happened in the first cour, the first CGI fights were kinda just ok, fancy but nothing major, then it took a bit of a dip, and then little by little kept building up until the awesome fights we see by the end of the cour, starting about Ep. 8-9 with Yume's raid of Mokusa's base.

I dig it. Hope that next episode we get to see the, I believe, white hooded Yume, or at least one of the other two figures that appears alongside Princess in the OP.

≫The theory that Princess may be Yume gains power

It might be the explanation, but if that's the case, I also think this episode showed us clearly that Yume is not coming back.

The Princess might be using Yume's body, that's a possibility. If so, at least Yomi and Maki would know it. And they were both shown with tokens of Yume, which I think is a way to show their mourning.

After all, the aradama taking over Yume's body after she died was always a popular theory.
If the other figure, rather, is Yume... Well, I don't believe it, even though I'd like that. Actually now I have some doubts. Why must I hope...

Yeah, I was expecting that too, that Yume proper will not come back, only her body with the aradama controlling it.

I totally and completely feel yah. Why must I hope... Until the other figure is accounted for, we will not know, though I really liked that Maki and Yomi had things that belonged to Yume as if to remember her. It was pretty touching :)

I love the interactions between the characters. It's so refreshing and entertaining.
I'm glad Sayaka is getting some character development. She got the least attention in matter as a protagonist so far.
I can't wait when the team will get back together.

That was about as good as you could have expected from an episode when you learn the focus was on Kaoru
It was hilarious
It hit the sweet spot of not taking things seriously but having a backbone of meaning that everything just fell into place. As if those struggling to get over the previous Best Girl weren't hurting enough, we even visited her grave in the episode we get given her replacement. Damn.
The phonecalls throughout this episode were top notch comedy.

Holy hell Kaoru is making a surprise play for the title of best girl.

Really enjoyed this episode! Kaoru is just great, and the scene at the end when they were talking on the phone with the director was just great.
And Maki doesn't seem to be one of the bad guys right now

Pretty amazing episode, given that it subverted my expectations without doing entirely random stuff. I expected a jealousy arc for Kaoru as per usual, but she wasn't ugly jealous and was pretty aware of herself and of the bound between her and Nene. She wasn't upset that Nene was with Sayaka, because she knew that their friendship is bigger than that and she wasn't at any point nasty to Sayaka.
Kudos for avoiding the obvious drama and character arc.

Kaoru the old man teaches the new kid Sayaka new and fun things.
Fun episode though.

The intrateam interactions were pretty good this ep, I hope we get more of that. And Kaoru was great.

So a few things about this episode I really liked and wanted to comment on.

So, was Shidou Maki trying to steal the Noro so the princess couldn't feed? That seemed like the most logical explanation of why they were both there at the same time, AND fought.

Kouru was adorable, like always, and this episode really showed how well the characters are actually developing. Have we ever gotten an explanation on why she has cat-ears?

On top of Kouru being adorable, her interactions with the director made me laugh nearly every time. DASH!

≫So, was Shidou Maki trying to steal the Noro so the princess couldn't feed? That seemed like the most logical explanation of why they were both there at the same time, AND fought.

The most logical explanation to me seems to be she isn't trying to steal it at all. She's tracking her and arriving too late. Because she's also going around in a hood they assume maki is the one stealing the stuff.

≫So, was Shidou Maki trying to steal the Noro so the princess couldn't feed?

My money is on there being another big Aradama-in-human form, and I have a hunch that this one made a pact with Maki that if they got them enough Noro that they'd bring Yume back. That's uh... nothing but a hunch, but I'm pretty sure the OP, several visuals and the lore this is based on confirm that there is indeed a 3rd big Aradama.

≫I have a hunch that this one made a pact with Maki that if they got them enough Noro that they'd bring Yume back.

This is actually a really good guess, but I have to wonder, again, what happened since supposedly it was Suzuka who handled Yume's remains.
I will give it one more little spin, and of course the 3rd big bad aradama is deceiving Maki. She doesn't have Yume, but Maki doesn't know this, neither Suzuka does. I mean, why would the 3rd big bad aradama would keep to its promise of bringing back Yume instead of just going out to eat Noro like Princess is actually doing? seems a bit of a stretch.
I know there is still fault with my logic, but what you suggested may very well be possible.

Lovely episode. This one hit the spot! 10/10

We need a non-serious episode sometimes and this was great. Even the music was on point. The jokes were 10/10. There were too many good jokes to mention but I really liked Kaoru calling up our main heroine and then hanging up on her right away lmao. Sayaka is so adorable and pairs up really well with Kaoru/Nene. Her VA sounds sooo cute. Then there were serious reveals on the end so it wasn't all "pointless." So I'm guessing Yume has been possessed by some ultimate Aradama princess...

Still my most underrated show of the year. This show has great character building


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