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[Toji no Miko] Episode 14 impressions

Episode 14
"Family Scene"

Sending Kaoru on 9 hour expeditions.
Jokes aside, some family moments with Mai and Ellen. And another Hime has appeared which isn't Maki leaving us hanging as to next episode we might get some insight on the trio back in Kamakura.

Ellen is such a good girl!

That part about her and her family is so adorable. She has such a cute family experience. I love how much it contrasts with other members of the cast, with everybody having a really unique family affair.

I don't know why I noticed it more than usual, but dear the art in this episode was a bit sloppy. I noticed quite a few main-character derp face slides.

Still, it was a really nice episode. The idea that Noro is lonely is... amusing but I'll roll with it. I feel like there's no doubt anymore about who the Hooded Figure is, but now we know there's two! And the little POST CREDIT showed her big ol' white hair and... I'm not keeping track of the different schools, but the uniform of the girl from last episode who was fangirling over Kanami and wanted to chat with her in the dorm. AKA, none of the main schools represented in our main girls.

≫but now we know there's two!
Oh, but if we see in the OP, we get to see that there are three in total! :P
The third one appears alongside Maki in a hoodie, wears a hood that is white, and is pretty short compared to Maki. It has orangeish? hair.

I cant be the only one who thinks the Toji are like the Jedi.
Once a historic figure in the past and heroes to all, but in the present they are feared and criticised (lets just hope the Tojis fate isnt identical to the Jedi as at the end of the clone wars there was that whole order 66 buisness...)

So sad this show is highly underrated.

This episode had some serious amounts of outsourcing going on. I'm fine with it but some people won't even consider a show like that. Although it shows up in almost everything so they're just gonna be mad all the time.

I wouldn't have thought, but Ellen in a frilly pink dress looks quite adorable. Too bad she had to cut it.

So the Noro is just lonely... ok x)
And could it be that this princess at the end was Yume???

Maybe she incubated her, and Yume dying made the body free for the princess. Remember when she fought Ellen and Kaoru and said "You, don't come out". At that time it seemed to be the aradama, but it could also be whatever the princess is, rising up to protect the host body.

I was looking back at the way Yume fought and how the intruder fought and the styles don't match. Yume's style is quick, involves al ot of jumping and quick strikes dancing closely around the enemy, while the intruder had slower, but concentrated hits with wide movements, by e.g. jumping back a lot to prepare a new strike.

I think this is quite important since they just in this episode identified Shidou by her style.

It definitely looked like Yume, and I'm honestly hoping it isn't. I liked Yume's character too much to go down and be the final big bad.
That being said, maybe if the aradama took complete control with 'previous' experience, it would have it's own fighting style?
Have we seen Maki (the right hand woman of the princess) recently?

Must say, that OP while it looks harmless, if you look closely, is quite... ominous. I mean, Hime, which we saw at the end of the episode, appears inside Kanami's dream where the memory of Minato is. Just... interesting.

The episode itself, I liked it quite a bit. It grounds the characters of Mai and Ellen a bit more and gives them more characterization, which they didn't need, BUT can only and will work only in their favor. It was really grounded and I liked the episode for it.

Now, we only need a bit more characterization for Kaoru and Sayaka, which Sayaka already is starting to get with her comment on how she can't reach Kanami no matter what in the previous episode. I wonder if Sayaka will feel lured to be completed as the president of Takatsu had in mind if only to gather enough power to face Kanami going serious in a duel.

And of course, the Noro of course feels lonely :P. Jokes aside, I thought that only huge amounts of Noro could spawn minds like Tagitsu and Nene, but if even the smallest amounts can do it too, so maybe the notion that Noro is bad is going to be challenged here this season. I also liked the conclusion reached by Friedman, since putting Noro on shrines seems to me like is kicking the can down the line, instead of getting a reliable solution to the aradamas, so I liked that scene when they are experimenting by reuniting Noro and Tamahagane steel together.

I found it interesting in the fight scene that they didn't used CGI... paint me surprised, but I think it is understandable, since it is pretty short too. Even so, it was pretty smooth and had sweet moves included there to, so I'm pretty happy with what we got.

In other matters, I think we have been shown how strong Maki is, taking on an aradama like the one we saw in the first episode of this season, all by herself, without S - armor or anything. I believe that we were just shown this in order to have a clear picture of the "power levels" of each person, since Kanami had Sayaka and used S - armor in order to deal with the same type of aradama. Not saying that Kanami alone can't handle it, I believe that if she enters Minato mode she can do it also without the S - armor, but I think this scene was just to ground Kanami's Minato mode from the perspective that is overpowered. Remember guys, she is still Kanami even in Minato mode, not Minato herself.

Other than that, the princess has shining hair, which is a touch I liked. There are some users here that are saying that she looks like Yume, but if we look closely, I don't think she is. Now, there is some semblance, and I believe she is as short as Yume is, if we compare her height with Yomi's, so the fact that maybe it is the aradama that was inside her taking control over the body it is possible, especially if we take into account that four months have passed and surely an aradama will not mind, in this case, her appearance, which would lead to her hair being larger and probably someone else putting it differently from how Yume's tied up her hair being also possible.

Still, that would lead to the big question that needs to be answered if this is true: What the heck with Suzuka then, if the body wasn't clearly disposed as she said that she would do? This fact is the wall that this possibility needs to overcome in order to make me buy that Princess is actually Yume, which she could be, but right now it doesn't look like it is possible...

Although I would be happy if Yume is back, even if she is or the other two people being controlled by aradama are the big bad.

We also need to note that in the OP, there appears a third hooded figure. No, it is not like there are three characters with hoodies, one, which is Princess, appears without hoodie, and the other one is Maki, which we confirmed this episode. Alongside Maki, in the OP, in the same shot, there is also another character with a kinda? white hood, which if Yume somehow comes back, I think it is more possible that she comes back as this hooded figure, since she fits even better the height requirement, although the color of the hair is different, which would led me to believe that the aradama inside her nevertheless took control of her body too.

Using tamahagane steel and Noro to draw nigh unlimited energy from the netherworld...
Sounds a lot like DOOM.
Kanami and Hiyori will slip into the netherworld and together they will become the Doomslayer!

Years later, Hiyori wakes up again, completely buffed, to slay demons/aradamas once again.

And her mission? To find and free the fabled warrior Kanami the unbreakable, who was imprisoned for eternity between worlds.

Not gunna lie, but the ED grew on me a lot.
Still curious to see what direction this show is going in the second half. 2 set up episodes have to mean something big right?

≫Still curious to see what direction this show is going in the second half. 2 set up episodes have to mean something big right?
If we see the ED and this episode and draw some conclusions, I think it is pretty safe to bet that the big bad are going to be the three figures we see, one of them being the Princess.

Stop fucking around with Noro guys, it didn't end well before and won't do any different now.
Why the hell does the Ayonkouji academy regime still exist? Isn't it obvious for the others where the "inside job" might be coming from?

Not quite, Ayanokouji in the game gave me very different vibes.

What a cute and wholesome episode <3

I feel like every episode gets better. The story is really interesting. It used to be cute girls vs cute girls and monsters but now it has the mystery component.Like why are the monster fragments so emo and aggressive?

Well I’m glad we got the family issues out of the way in one episode. We can only be so far from the girls all being reunited at this rate.

I like the OP quite a bit, but the best part of this epsiode was Ellen in her pink dress.

That scene after credits got me pretty excited... Man, this show just keeps on giving...

Welcome back, Yume!

This was a pretty nice "feel good" episode


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