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[Toji no Miko] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"Hero of the Next Generation"

My theory stands correct most likely, according to japanese legend Tagitsu-hime(Yukari) is part of a group consist of 3 “Hime”/goddesses. And in the op song Yukari standing in middle of a few scene is actually depicted like a goddess, together with other 2 entities beside her. Secondly what seem to be another faction with the 2 corrupted school headmistress. Seems like a possible multiple opponents in this second half of the series.

I wonder if we are going to get the other two as antagonists this time, or the big bad is going to be called Benzaiten :P

Well, finally, the second cour of Toji no Miko has started.
Overall, it was a really nice episode, seeing how the girls have been doing from the past 4 months. Didn't expect them pairing Kanami and Sayaka, but they bounced well enough in my opinion of each other.

I honestly liked how tragic the music was when Kaoru was complaining about her rights :P it was hilarious.

The new girls are totally going to get involved somehow in the story, with Ayumu being the focus, since she appears not only in the OP but also in the official art for the second cour.
It is nice to see Suzuka actually taking the opportunity to take out her aradama side out of her. 4 months in this process... that's a lot of time for she, she surely is going to feel the rust of not being able to pick the sword and practice.

Now, with the attacks and the hooded figure that steals the noro collected... I don't think the hooded figure is Maki Shidou, especially since in the ED both Maki and the hooded figure appear clearly defined at two different times, so I'm going to thrown in my wish and say that this hooded figure is somehow Yume, or the aradama that was inside her.

I wouldn't know how that would work, but c'mon, we need the complete fight between Yume and Kanami, especially now that Kanami is in a distant place that no one else is, I believe Yume is the only one who could actually face and beat Kanami, even if Kanami goes into Minato mode. Either way, I'll not get my hopes up, but if it actually is Yume... give her the redemption arc she deserves, please.

Either way, it was a good start for the second cour, the setup was good too. Not without faults, but good. I just hope that the sword fights at least keep the quality they had in the first cour, we interesting choreography and that sweet fast action. Also, please, more Toji vs Toji, while I get the aradamas are an important part of the story, seeing them fighting aradamas it isn't as interesting :)

Ah, I'm happy to see this idiot again. Can't wait to see more of her and Eren's shenanigans.

I'm all excited all over again!

I like this brief time skip and continuation. It feels awesome for some reason. I like how Kanami and the others got lots of recognition and they're basically famous amongst other Toji. You don't see that often in anime series...
The things Sayaka said about Kanami being OP physically hurt me... I thought they were getting along better but it seems like there will be some more drama between those girls.
I was afraid Hiyoyon was going to retire as a Toji... Good thing she's back! Gojou dialect is a music to my ears...

I love those brief scenes with Kanami and her Mom. They're both so cool in those dreams I get hyped every time Kanami goes to sleep. Hearing that Kanami's Mom didn't posses her during that final fight was quite a shock. It means that Kanami is really overpowered but can't handle that power consciously. I like the idea, especially how strong Kanami is even now. You go, girl!

If Kanami won the fight by herself,I don't know how strong the last boss of this season has to be, or Kanami will be the last boss.

I am still hoping for the Minato vs Kanami showdown.

How is Takatsu not in custody somewhere? How stupid are they to just let her walk away?

Internal fighting within the Administration. She didn't really do anything illegal (or they don't want it to go public), and she also seems to have a faction that supports her.
That said, she needed some help to get her current project going, so I assumed that she lost a significant amount of authority.
I kinda wish we had a cleared picture of the different factions here. It seems that there are at least four different ones, including three managed by the different heads of schools. I guess it will come with time.

I hope to see the game translated one day. There seem to be a lot of info and plots there too.

Well, if the BanG Dream mobile game got localized there's hope for Toji no Miko maybe?

The direction for Hiyori's character wasn't something I'd expect that they'd do. I hope that it gets explored more because it's refreshing to see that kind of development.

Can't see anything good in their future. Especially the girl not in the OP...

Please... pretty please, don't hurt the side characters.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way about this two. They kinda have that "red shirt" vibe on them. I hope I'm wrong though.

Kaoru's rant was 10/10 editing
Sayaka is still super gay
It's only been a couple of weeks but I've really missed Toji no Miko and its sharp script of surprisingly deep characters.
So we first check in with our favourite swordy girls and find out that they're all in different places. There's a dripping melancholy to the feeling, especially regarding splitting Mai and Sayaka up and Hiyonon outright quitting - though it's probably good for Ellen and Kaoru to have a small break since they seemed attached at the hip.
That little moment where Kanami's mum possessed her is actually weighing on the win/lose binary thought process. Somewhat unsurprising, but it's good to see her still having a nice relationshi with her dream-mum despite that feeling of failure.
Multiple schools are corrupt this time? Need some backstory here! Though it's cool to see how the aradama-users have diverged, with Kaoru throwing some serious shade at the non-present Maki while Suzuka doubts its her (let's be honest, the hooded figure is too short).

≫(let's be honest, the hooded figure is too short).
Plot twist! it is female Robin from Fire Emblem! :P crosspromoting Fire Emblem with Toji no Miko game.

One problem with the masked Toji being Shidou, wouldn't they recognize her okatana?

They asked that, but they had no record of it. I wouldn't be surprised if there are "black market" okatana or Okatana that are made outside of the Miko Administration.

Or a very old Okatana, way before the Administration started to gather them, lost to time until now.

They can craft a new one, so it can be a new okatana that still waiting to get registry but got stole instead. Or someone have skill secretly craft new okatana for her.

This is Ominous.
Also I was quite sure that the method Tagitsu used to escape her banishment was elite guards. I was thinking their uses to her were back up bodies/anchors. Seems like I am wrong.

≫This is Ominous.
Half the OP was super ominous. I fear this show might go full magical girl.


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