Thursday, April 5, 2018

[Tachibanakan To Lie Angle] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"New Life!"

≫3:30 minutes long
Comeon guys, there are pure gag anime that are longer than this...
You only need that amount of time for the greatest anime episode ever
Still one of the most unexpected things I’ve ever seen in a anime.
Nyanko days was about the same duration, and it was like crack. We were so hooked up every week

Yeah, but this is, unlike Nyanko Days, not a 4-koma adaptation.

They could've done what sakamoto desu ga or takagi-san did. Put multiple stories into one 24min episode.

not from this studio , this studio mostly makes short ep shows

The thing is that they shouldn't have to. The first chapter is 60 pages long, this episode only adapts half of it and removed a lot of pages. This is just plain lazy.

Yeah this is pretty disappointing. It's way too short. This episode only about half of the first chapter. Seems like this is more of a Manga series promo than proper adaptation. For reference: the Manga currently has 25 English translated chapters.

Thankfully, the rest of the chapters are half the length of the first one and even less so after episode 2 there's a good chance of adapting at least a full chapter at a time.
Edit: I was wrong. Most of the chapters are almost 40 or more pages so never mind, we're fucked.

it comes and it goes, this was not even the full first chapter wich serves as the introduction to the setting.

Every shitty harem and it’s brother gets 12 full episodes, why can’t this one? :’(

I'm sorry why is this only 3 minutes? I thought this was a full length!
It looks promising but that was waaaaay too short! T_T

On one hand, gay fang girls without underwear... but on the other hand... three and a half minutes...

Too short. Feels like they cut this just when it started... Eh, gonna put it as On-Hold and just binge it when it ends. This is not enough to justify weakly airing.

That wasn't terrible,but it'd be so much better at atleast 12 min format,similar to Dagashi kashi S2.It barely had time to even introduce our main characters.

I'm game for the concept, but this format isn't working out for an anime.
I'll add the manga to my list and be dropping this.

Instead of watching this little promo thing, I'd recommend reading Merryhachi's manga. There's basically only one full episode worth of footage here in total.
Manga is quite different, with plenty of pages on each chapter.

Sounds like a fun place to live, Yoriko hugs are clearly the best hugs.

I always find it kind of confusing that these short shows often look so cheap.
I know they get a proportionally smaller budget, but surely they have more time available than the number of still frames here would indicate?

Short animes get even more hellish schedule with a even more limited budget. Basically in this industry, an advantage (like shorts or no action/SoL) becomes quickly a reason to reduce the time of production.

This looks as fun as I was expecting but it's way too fucking short and it's censored to boot. What a shame.

Really been looking forward to this one ever since I read that it would become an anime. I've been reading the manga for quite a while now and never thought it would actually get an adaption.
I figured it would be short but I was hoping for 7-12 minutes. 3 minutes might be enough for a 4koma but this isn't one, and I don't think it really works well for it, it's hardly enough time to tell anything.

Apart from that though, this first episode does give a good taste of what the rest of the series is like. It's pretty much the old-school standard harem protagonist meets a bunch of girls, lots of ecchi stuff happens, various typical tropes etc. except that the MC is a girl and it's all pure yuri and I absolutely love it (how no one else has come up with this idea I don't know).
So I really hope it will be able to properly adapt the manga despite it's short length because I greatly enjoy it.

On a scale of 1-10(with 10 being straight hentai) how lewd would you rate the manga?

To Love-Ru levels of lewd.

A shame it is only 3 minutes long but it is as good as I expected... which is not saying much but it has cute girls being gay and that is enough for me!
Edit: I wonder if BDs will be uncensored...


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