Monday, April 30, 2018

[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Death Game"

Those last 2 minutes were quite baffling to say the least.

This has got to be Pito's mess because M seems to just be following someone's orders and the only connection M has in this show is with Pito. Though our Pink Devil managed to avoid that quite spectacularly and look like a badass while doing so (and a top-tier comment face when seeing M cry).

Man what fun this show has been thus far.

"M - if you kill LLENN now, I'll give you head IRL. -Pitou".

Pito either wanted Llenn to die for some reason on the letter, and/or it's part of some plan.

Pito probably commanded M to kill LLEN after 1 hour and if he failed then something would happen to him IRL, its a very drastic change for M. I also think Pito lied about the whole wedding thing, going back at the episodes and how we had this scene of Karen writing to Elza, Pito's thoughts about music and also how she comes to GGO to vent out. It makes me think that Pito is actually the singer that had the concert the same day as the event. Maybe its why we see her as some sort of sadist in the opening.

If that was Pito (which I assume is the case), I hope she had a good reason and didn't mean to be cruel to LLENN. Otherwise that would break my heart.

Yeah that's sorta out of pito's character, I now think she just wanted "M" to do something in real life at 3:00 PM, which makes "M" already behind schedule and only the leader can resign which makes him want to kill llenn

This show is so fucking funny. Seeing a pink loli go on a killing spree every week is already hilarious enough but this was something else. From LLENN-chan shooting the ever-living fuck out of that poor sod (even though a headshot would've sufficed) to the usually-super-serious M-san losing his shit and begging her not to kill him.

let's be honest M was being fake af with that acting and it clearly worked on llenn

sprays him with P-chan at 900 RPM

Thought for a second she'd reload and empty another magazine on him.

When someone isn't exactly who you think they are
I love how nonchalant LLEN can be, humming in the battlefield

Those 24min went FAST
Can't wait for next week.

IKR!! Gime those hour long episodes please.

This show seems to be the one with the fastest pace.

Probably it's just me since I assumed they were over with the first squad jam during the first episode, since they had a post game scene during episode 1.

Also, the pacing of this episode was a bit slower of any of the other episodes, but it's probably them covering the professional squad fight again while giving us a hard cliff hanger that's triggering me.

You came to the wrong game motherfucker.

"I will fucking murder you, and when I'm done murdering you I'll murder your corpse, repeatedly"

I mean, it's what she did to that other guy.

Man this is like watching PUBG:The anime. The scene where LLENN is running around singing happily and the guy tryharding in her team reminded me of playing duos with my gf... lol

And it even have an awesome feature that I wish any BR game has, that is the scaning. Really putting a new kind of mind game on top of already guessing where's everyone else by introducing anti camping and baiting at the same time

Yeah it's actually pretty cool! Maybe more in-line with Fortnite than pubg that goes for the semi-realism angle.

Holy shit lady squad!
edit: what the fuck, M?

So the all lady enemy team is the little girls that she always walks past in the real world right? They wasted time showing the full squad so I feel like it has to be them.

That would be hilarious if it was. Didn't it show them all at LLENN's appartment in the first episode? Definitely seems possible.

There's something very uniquely enjoyable about watching an adorable moe girl in all pink with little ears on her hat running around mowing people down in a BR gun game. The dichotomy of being so adorable and being in this dystopian free for all death game is like, idk, charmingly fun/funny. The show has this bizarre tone of being serious about the game but Llenn just being LLenn keeps it from taking itself too seriously and it makes for a very real sense of what playing serious games is like. People are tryharding, but its just a fun game. Idk its just super enjoyable

LLENN's gap moe is absolutely incredible. You've got her irl appearance and character contrasted with her in game persona. Irl she's tall, seemingly shy, doesn't have friends, not known at all for anything, doesn't think she's cute, etc. In game she's tiny, absolutely adorable, dresses in hot pink, has in game friends (or I guess friend, maybe 2 now?), has a lot of notority for being a PKer, respected if not feared a little.

Then you have LLENN's appearance juxtaposed with what she says and does. Her design is the epitome of cute and innocent. Then she says things like "I'll do my best to kill!" or just absolutely wasting someome like she did in today's episode. It's incredible, and absurd, and I love it.

That was... unexpected of M.

Hm. Considering how he says "I don't want to die", maybe he's an SAO survivor and thus takes the concept of dying in a game a bit more seriously than most people would? Or maybe he's been through a near-death experience in the real world or something. Many possible explanations. Of course, it could also just be him pretending, like others have pointed out here.

Still, very unexpected.

I think you're reading too much into this, from Llenn's reaction and how hilarious the whole thing seems, the actual reason maybe more comedic than serious.

LLENN = Lovable Loli Everyone Now Needs
M turning his gun on LLENN was a surprise, but that fucking backfired for him.

I love how LLENN goes from adorable to badass. And while badass she remains adorable.

I don't know why, but LLEN humming was sweet.

And we're back where we began the journey.

I really liked how M aimed actually in a way the crosshair was off the target to account for wind and them moving. It was pretty cool that they explained how it's usually simplified and why that is okay to be that way since it's a game and because realistic aim would just be a lot of misses.

But hollap at the ending. Glad LLENN managed to save herself.

It's ok, we forgive you!

As long as I could look at her cute face while she says sorry I'd forgive her for emptying as many magazines as she liked into my dead body.

I’m loving this new spin-off can’t wait for Alicization. What a great year to be a SAO fan.

P-chan has no mercy. Kawaii


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