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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Fan Letter"

Didn't know this anime has a new visual
I guess Pito is probably Elsa Kanzaki irl.

She has to be, right? It seems like the only way this can turn out.

It's heavily implied as such, and plot convenience isn't going to destroy this show in anyway, as it's enjoyable for many other things
Inb4 getting bamboozled by the 50 years-old gun-loving light novel author

Watch M be the author.

I thought that too, until the author showed up on the live feed before the Squad Jam started. If he was M, he'd be in the headset.

Doesn't mean the live feed part of him couldn't been a recording play over.

Yeah, could have been. Reading this thread though, I think a better theory is that M is actually a bodyguard for Elsa (Pito).

Assuming Pito is Elsa, would a bodyguard really be allowed to play a VR game while his client is hosting a concert live?

Pito did say that "everyone else that I know are busy on that day", which may mean that she has plenty of bodyguards and can (and only can) spare one of them.

Elsa is probably so well protected that she is isolated, using GGO as a way to make friends. Hence approaching, befriending and mentoring Llenn.

I think M stands for Manager

The manager isn't going to be skipping out on a concert.
Someone being called "M" tends to have a pretty specific connotation in Japan. I'm thinking he's her boyfriend. Or rather, "slave."

M : gives meticulous and detailed tactics for how to kill someone with a knife , including long cuts to the neck and stabbing em in the face
LLEN: ah, nice

That teaching how to kill with a knife was... slightly disturbing. I mean, sure, great information if you're going into a battlefield... but this is a game. You do probably get bonus damage for hitting someone in a vital spot, but I don't think that level of detail was quite necessary.

It is. As you say, hit someone in a spot that would be lethal in real life and you do significantly more damage. For most people, assuming they haven't been heavily focusing on building their END, a wound that would be lethal in RL will be lethal in game. Since LLENN is small and fast, teaching her to strike targets a small and fast person can hit is exactly the way to go.

When Pito mentions the Squad Jam sponsor as "an author who only writes stories about guns", I thought "surely it can't be Sigsawa doing a self-insert?" Since Kino no Tabi can be considered nothing but mainly guns.
And then when he appeared on screen to announce the start of the tournament, his voice sounded very amateur-ish for a voice actor, "surely that must be him in a cameo".
Sure enough, in the credits:
Author Who Writes Nothing But Guns - Sigsawa Keiichi

A little side by side comparison I made between anime Sigsawa and real Sigsawa Keiichi.

I love it when authors make fun of themselves in their own work. It always makes me smile.


This should be the team's name instead of LM

Llenn kawaii as fuck.

I really hope M's bag is empty and it's going to be used to store llenn in.

I mean, it doesn't have to be empty now for that. It can be emptied later :)

Strat idea: She hides in his bag, he goes down and she is hidden in the bag. The last team keeps seeing his corpse as the leader and being alive on scan so they keep shooting it thinking it's a bug or something, and then when the 10 minutes are up and his body dissapears BOOM she's right there.
This is an idea not a spoiler btw

How very meta

You also get accurate gun portrayal and trigger discipline from every character.
Nothing ticks off someone who's been trained to handle a gun more than seeing characters rest their finger on the trigger all the time.

I really like LLEN and Pito's friendship, it makes things more interesting that she's very possibly Kanzaki Elsa. LLEN continues to be very fun to watch

Ok, now I need a P-chan keychain in my life

good news you can buy it!

Orders Closed

Karen Stitch!

I love that not only she has a pink P90 keychain, she also has a toy P90 in her room XD

This episode was great! We get to see how LLENN ended up joining the Squad Jam and how she met M. And holy fuck! M is one scary dude. Pito wasn't kidding when she said he thinks like a criminal. His knife lecture was spot on. My guess is that M is probably a Yakuza member IRL.

Also there's no doubt Pito is Kanzaki and the reason she couldn't go isn't because of a wedding but because of her concert that Karen and her friend tried to enter.

I'm really curious when do the school girls get involved with Karen. In the last scene in Episode 1 we see them having tea and cookies in her house.

Unfortunately she would also cut her hair before/around the time she meets them since we saw her having short hair at the end of episode 1.
I really love her long hair and I don't want it to change :(

We are finally getting back to the match!!! HYPE!
And there is no way Pito is not that Elsa singer, looking forward to what will happen once LLENN learns about it.

Pito conveniently busy on the day with 'a friend's wedding', and LLENN writing a fan letter that described her short, pink character in scrutinizing detail, as well as naming the game she plays so there is no way it could be misinterpreted...
I'll be pleasantly surprised if she isn't the singer though.


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