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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2

"You have to hand-feed P-chan plenty of enemy blood"
"Yeah! I'll do my best to kill!"
Good stuff
I'm a little sad that they left LLENN's internal monologues out for the anime adaptation because there's some hilarious ones in the novel but this scene was still great.
In the novel when she said that she'd do her best to kill she immediately backtracked in her head and thought that anyone saying that IRL would probably be reported to the authorities, lol.
≫I'm a little sad that they left [...] internal monologues out for the anime adaptation
I mean, that pretty much sums up my entire experience with SAO so far =T
That scene was still funny because you're still seeing a bubbly girl in pink cheerfully agree to crush her enemies, see them driven before her and hear the lamentations of their wimmen.
I just kind of rolled my eyes when they decided to "touch tips" and snarkily noted that LLEN's P90 is mostly constructed of polymers. So there's only that little bit of steel out the front end of her weapon. The whole scene is a little bit too silly to take at face value.
I don't know if it's deliberate, but it characterizes Pito as being a little too invested into her roleplay as a bushi ninja warrior superstar.
Karen's reaction to her GGO avatar was the same as mine! Short and Cute
Purely cute
This is a cute girl!
This specific frame can be easily photoshopped into a Megumin explosion reaction and it wouldn't feel out of place at all. I love LLENN's reactions and faces!
Why did you come here, dung beetle?
Llen: To become a cute girl
10/10 reason
Show’s great so far. Llen’s very likeable. I like how she already has a moniker “Pink Devil”
I think a few of us can relate to becoming a cute girl.
Do you have psychopathic tendencies?
Join GGO today and murder to your hearts content!
Don't wuss out! Join today! Use VR to hone your skills!
I can hear the legislators spinning up their pens now. /s
Well considering Australian legislators were trying to get Fortnite banned...
The Australian government's relationship with video games is like a brain damaged chimpanzee trying to put out a fire with its own farts
She makes her avatar completely pink so that she can be cute, but accidentally discovers she can camouflage herself in the desert and murder other players. Excellent.
You would almost say she was "lucky".
And that she has the "Pink" Devil's luck...
So, MC joined VR world because she was too tall IRL
Played a serious FPS game because her character was cute
Bought a pink costume so she could be even cuter
End up being a legend for camping in a pink desert
≫a pink desert
You mean a normal desert. Salmon pink was amazingly effective during the Africa campaign of WWII and in Operation Desert Storm.
Oh wow, based on what I've seen I didn't expect Pito to be the cool onee-san type. Not complaining though. Caring Onee-sans are the best and I'm kinda curious to see what kind of person she is IRL.
I'm still confused about the no-customization in so many MMOs. Like, okay, I can see that happening in one or two niche games, but for every single MMO to not have a custom character creation tool is just baffling to me.
≫I'm kinda curious to see what kind of person she is IRL.
I was hoping she'd be the singer but that comment on music has me doubting.
I was thinking she's llenns IRL friend, SAO being unoriginal and going with the leafa situation again.
but thinking about it
She doesn't listen to much music..because she makes the music.
ultra rich girl and has a new gun every day?
yep, i'm with you on the music girl.
Also, this would make sense for why Pito didn't show up for the Squad Jam in the first episode. LLENN said that she only showed up because she couldn't get tickets to the concert. If Pito is the performer of said concert, then the reason Pito was too busy to show up is pretty self explanatory~
Well remember SAO changed all thier avatars to look like them IRL.
ALO had the random appearance based on some various voodoo.
Akithito Kayaba made SAO then that Sugou guy copied the old data to make ALO, so it seems likely that the random look might have been there in the old system.
The Seed is basiclly Kayaba's final game core that is also compatible with ALO and SAO both, and probably was something he started before the SAO stuff happened.
So it is possible with all the new games being made from The Seed, that the random character system carried over with the package and no ones really bothered to mess with it.
Just my guess.
≫I'm still confused about the no-customization in so many MMOs. Like, okay, I can see that happening in one or two niche games, but for every single MMO to not have a custom character creation tool is just baffling to me.
So, imagine the current gacha trend, and rise of micro-transactions, and consider this more of a prediction of how developers might want to squeeze players out of every possible yen they can by further limiting customization options behind micro-transactions.
That explanation doesn't really hold though. If devs are trying to milk, then just buying a loli model would avoid the reroll marathon.
Kanzaki Elsa has her own site.
Wow, that amount of dedication is legit amazing. While reading the novel I was wondering how Elsa's songs would sound like and hearing the song in the anime made me extremely happy.
I hope we get to hear a few more of her tracks during the anime's airing.
Her voices sounds a lot like Aimer ln the anime song
That tutorial NPC was awesome, a true savage made her lines.
When someone finally honestly asks you about something you're interested in.
That tiny flash of Czech goodness.
They were pretty much obliged to repeat the GGO mechanics infodump that already happened once in SAO 2, but seeing the game's actual tutorial was a nice touch that fit well into the universe. Snarky tutorials are the best tutorials.
Having the putative ultimate outcome involve a friendly rivalry is a nice change from all of the earlier death and killing, even if it's a game with a lot of death and killing.
Wow that Pink costume wasn't all for show. It provided some sort of camo as well!
But that Sony headphones product placement. XD
I was surprised to see the huge SONY logo on their headphones but they also did it in Ordinal Scale so it didn't feel too out of place.
Fun fact: The bird appearing onscreen behind RL Karen in the opening is a Pitohui, one of the few species birds that are poisonous.
I never even considered the existance of a poisonous bird... Thanks for the TIL.
Honestly didn't expect LLENN to be a casual PKer. Guess that should go with the focus of GGO and all, even if she's a cute little dung beetle. Would have been hilarious if she just shot Pito down the moment she lowered her handgun.
I think it was mostly she running into people during her PVE training, and remembering that the tutorial NPC told her to never speak to them and just shoot on sight.
I guess GGO community doesn't actually follow what the NPC said and players actually talk to each other in fields, which makes LLENN look like an evil PKer in the eyes of the community.
I REALLY don't want Pito to be evil or betray LLEN, please don't do that!!!
Was actually really nice seeing how Karen got into it and actually want to see more of her real life, she's adorable.
I'd bet LLEN is doing the tournament to beat Pito (who'd probably also competing). So they'll fight but theres probably not gonna be a betrayal.
The OP and ED for this show are both so great, I've been having a hard time deciding my favorite. I'm leaning slightly towards the OP because of the song, but slightly towards the ED for its MV.
What about you guys? Do you like the OP or ED more?
I like the ED more because of the heart melting visuals, seeing a playful Karen just can't be topped.
Both of them are good but I'll need to watch the show some more before one or the other really grows on me

・Picks pink for her clothes because it's cute
・Accidentally discovers that pink is suitable camo in desert environments
・Basically claims the desert as her territory and PKs everyone that enters it
OMG I'm really loving her character more and more now! That montage of her jumping to different VRMMOs was hilarious! And Pito is pretty cool!She acts like a very caring onee-san too! I really hope she isn't the show's bad guy though.

Playing a game to become a cute girl - that's about every male gamer ever...
Very solid backstory. And we got Hikasa Youko!
I'm really into VR so this anime just hits all the right spots, can't wait for the next episode.
Nice character development this EP, really liked Pitohui's and LLENN's chemistry. But man, I really hope we get more action, especially in Squad Jams. That first episode was really fun so I hope it sticks to the action it promised.
I loved the exposure I got to LLENN in Fatal Bullet, so seeing more of her in the SAO alternative anime is great :)


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