Sunday, April 8, 2018

[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Squad Jam"

thats some impressive bunny hopping and p90 spray control

Didn't you know? P90 has less movement inaccuracy than most guns

For the brief period I played CSGO, P90 was my weapon of choice for that reason.

It's all you need in the lower ranks

Can we talk about how scummy it is to have a smaller hitbox and super-speed? That shit is broken af, it's like oddjob on crack!!!
Why would anyone even bother playing as normal characters if loli / shota characters are that much mor op?

Character models are random and cannot be changed once created.
From GGO in SAOII Episode 1, we learn that STR stat dumps > AGI, which is what LLENN has.
I think the logical conclusion is AGI is pretty good if you get lucky on the character generation, but otherwise it is preferable to dump into STR.

Sword Art Online: Battle Royal

No wonder it became the most popular VR game after SAO

Well just look at the popularity of fortnite and players unknown right now.

when you think Battle Royale's popularity would only stick to games

Not like Battle Royale was only popular in games. I mean, the name literally originates from a manga and anime with Battle Royale topic, Juuni Taisen, Magical Girl Raising Project, Mirai Nikki, Fate/Stay Night, Btooom!, and so on are and were pretty popular even before.

≫I mean, the name literally originates from a manga and anime with Battle Royale topic
Really? I thought it came from the popular 90s book and live action movie that The Hunger Games ripped off.

Right, the novel was the original. For some reason I thought all this time it was the manga. Thanks for correcting!

Yo for a second I thought the army guys were the little kids LMAO

Me too! I was about to burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of one of the most badass "pro" teams in the tournament were a bunch of lolis having a LAN party or something.

Lol. There's a team called trash in the list.🤣

You're all stupid, they're going to be looking for army guys.

I love that the minute the game started that's the first thing they addressed though. XD Shows that at least they're aware of what they're doing. Also if there was a game like GGO and it allows you to dye your outfit outrageous colors you'll definitely see characters like LLENN around.

I imagine it being bright pink is the drawback for the speed boost. You get greater speed, but in return you're extra visible. That's why it looks like a rabbit

Probably not, pink is an actual camo color, just not used very much because it’s only good in the early morning or something.

In the desert actually. The particular shade of pink used by the SAS is intended to completely absorb the bluish light of the moon and stars at night to reduce your visibility to others.

Hey, look, your waifu is ranked in Gun Gale Online

Lower than I expected.

She called her P90 “P-chan”
I’m sold already

I'm still laughing. I'm gonna have way more fun this evening when I'll be playing Siege with friends.

Ok, I'm going to be using P90s from any FPS game I play from now on lol

Remember to always call them P-chan, then.

the SAO franchise has really been amazing a their release timings its almost scary, with SAO 1 riding on the Rift hype and Ordinal Scale with pokemon GO. now theres this with PUBG and Fortnite gaining massive popularity .

The craziest part about this is that the writing's done years BEFORE something gets wildly popular.
~2 years ago in this case.
To be fair, ARMA was a thing before this novel was written, and Ingress was before Ordinal Scale. But it's still really cool how stuff ends up becoming massively popular.

Wow i actually enjoyed this episode way too much. I loved everything about the episode. Love how we got strait into the action. The characters made a great first impression, especially the little bunny girl. Her using a little p-90 called P-chan, just so fucking cute.
Loved them explaining the tactics. As a person who loves playing battle royal games, i could totally see me sitting in their shoes. If it continues this rout, exploring the battle royal game genre, i could see this anime becoming VERY popular, especially with the hype with battle royal games.
I just really hope it doesn't do a 180 and we get some unnecessarily long "character development", or any kind of stupid drama.


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