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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Protocol of the Two-sided Gospel: X-Day Protocol"

when you look in the EPISODE 3 discussion thread and people are still asking why kurisu is dead

I feel like we didn't beat the dead horse enough asking people to watch episode 23b before Steins;Gate 0.

I agree, it isn't necessary at all. Just depends on how well someone is at reading between the lines I suppose. It took maybe half of the first episode of S;G 0 for things to fall into place, and had I have recently rewatched the original I could see it making sense much faster.

It really comes down to being some people are really incapable of understanding plot unless it is spoon fed to them, and a lot of anime tends to do just that, further conditioning them to not really think about what they're watching.

I love how the AI Kurisu gets Okabe to react this episode, especially when she was listening in the background.
≫But he's a dude
I just had an entire flashback of the first season's 1st episode.

≫But he's a dude
That 3 second pause had me laughing like crazy xD

It was funny how the professor didn't flinch at all when he learn he's a dude.

He's already made his decision.

Haha, i love Leskinen.
First he invites himself and Maho to the party, and afterwards spends the afternoon photographing Maho dressed up as santa.

It was all a plot to get Rukako photos indirectly (Which obviously has the best outfit). A master schemer indeed.

Fun Fact: In the VN Mayuri doesn't have Santa costumes ready for Maho and Nae, she and her cosplay-buddies were looking forward for the "Mini-santa konbi" next year. I guess the director really wanted his smol legal-aged Santa.

This scene made me suspect that he likes em young.

Did somebody say.... party?
I fucking love this professor guy.

Did Ferris and Suzuha always know each other? I don't remember that from the main story. Weird flashbacks are also never good vibes.
Sad Mayuri and the return of PTSD Okabe, why is life so cruel?

≫Did Ferris and Suzuha always know each other? I don't remember that from the main story.

Well, it's been half a year since 23b, and Ferris said that she's been renting the top floors of the radio building (I assume that's to keep the time machine hidden), so they've probably naturally had interaction before now.

≫Did Ferris and Suzuha always know each other? I don't remember that from the main story

She's known most of the lab mems for years in the future as she was growing up, yeah. That's why she calls them 'Big Sis Rumi' or 'Big Sis Mayuri' even though she's older.

I just can't keep a straight face whenever listening to Leskinen's Japanese/English regardless of the emotion in the scene. RINTARO
Edit: Also the "PARTEEEEEHHH" From Leskinen freaked me out D:

Wait till we get to the "shaman" part xD

That last scream was heartbreaking, and is it me, or is the animation much better this episode? (fluid)

Yeah this was the first episode where I had no qualms with the directing or animation. Seems like this is shaping up to be the adaptation we deserve.

Love how Professor immediately falls for the trap lol. Hes turning out to be one of my favorite additions to the characters.
Maho in the santa costume was too much for me.

His reaction too.
"Oh he is a guy?, doesn't matter!"

"He is a guy? Better prepare my camera"

The but he's a guy brought back so many amazing memories!! Man I love this show so much already. Next episode seems like it is going to be interesting. I wonder how long before he starts jumping world lines again.

This version shouldnt be able to jump world lines because Okabe dismantled the microwave and ibn5100 and tossed out his phone. If you recall the end of episode 22, he mentions he makes sure no one can build the PhoneWave again.
Hes stuck here for better or worse.

Okabe needed that wake up call from Maho. He was clearly starting to fall into that pit where he thinks that Amadeus is Kurisu especially since it's starting to say things the real Kurisu would have. And poor Mayuri... I thought her line in the opening was really sad but that last scene? Ouch.

And what just happened there at the end? Is he going to start jumping world lines again? Oh god this is going to get messy again. Okabe doesn't need more things to fuck with his head. :|

I don't think the idea that they're different is as straightforward as Maho presents it. Some schools of philosophical thought would certainly contend that a sufficiently accurate mind upload is the person.

Personally, I am of the opinion that a sufficiently advanced AI is just as much of a real person as a human being. If a human being's mind were copied into an AI, the human and the AI would be the same person.

For an instant, that is. As soon as the briefest period of time passes, the two have turned into different people. The differences in experience cause them to drift apart, and turns each of them into a person of their own. The fact that one is an AI causes a greater difference in those experiences, but the same would occur if it were a fully human body as well.

AI Kurisu is not the same as Human Kurisu. She is not the same as the Kurisu whose memories were used to create her, and she is even less the Kurisu who met Okabe on the Alpha wordline.

She is, however, a Kurisu. She is not and should not be treated as a replacement for the Kurisu who died, but I still believe that she should be treated as one would a human being. As a person of her own.

Its just the trauma and remembering the reality that Kurisu is dead in this Alpha worldline, by his own hands nonetheless, plus the added baggage of all the stuff he remembers from the beta and most likely the not-shown Omega world lines catching up to him.

Other way around, 0 is in the beta world line beyond Deviation 1.0. The alpha line is where the first season took place most of the time.

Okabe is getting really obsessed with Amadeus. Talking to her in between classes, right before a group date, carrying her around town, even slipping out in the middle of a party with friends just to talk to her. But he won't share her existence with any of his friends.

I think at some level he has to realize that his behaviour is really unhealthy, but he can't stop himself. Like an addict.

Which makes perfect sense.
For the first time in a very long time, he was able to forget what happened and actually be happy.
Of course, once reality sets back in, it will just be that much worse, as we have seen at the end of this episode.
Amadeus is not a solution to Okabe's suffering. It's just going to prolong it.

The first half was so relaxing, hilarious and wholesome (god bless Mayushii) that I knew something just had to happen towards the end. Being Okabe truly is suffering.

On a sidenote, it's pretty wild how Steins;Gate is such an amazing franchise that even a show with an alternate plot is brilliant.

I hate being reminded that Kurisu is dead and it was going so well the conversation at the end until he broke down

Same, I honestly felt like Okabe in that moment. I was so enjoying their conversation and then when she snatched the phone away I was like “NOOO! Why did you stop Kurisu and-“

Then when she reminded us Kurisu is dead my heart dropped a little. Please Maho, just let me live in this dream where she isn’t!


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