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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Epigraph of the Closed Curve: Closed Epigraph"

fun useless info : (In the Visual novel) during the seminar, Maho says that the 3d model of amadeus was designed by dreamworks studio ( so thats the reason for CGI kurisu i guess)
edit: cgi kurisu is because the phone version has a lower quality than the computer version(obviously) The cgi is really not that bad anyway
Only dreamworks can make Kurisu appear as smug as she needs to be.
And sulk as a tsundere should be

Amadeus is a mobile tsundere, huh? I need that app in my life.
≫Hey boyyyyyyyyyyy, what's up??
My heart skipped a beat when I heard it. <3 Leskimeme!
The cult of Leskinen welcomes all!
I can't believe Okabe made so much progress in English in just a few days.
The Engrish is strong with this one.
It's soooo cooooool. Son of a bitch!
Okabe don't fall for the AI.
Also when is he going to add his memories in, I thought that'd be the first thing they do.
dont put your dick in computer
But what if that computer has Kurisu's memories/personality?
Unzips furiously
 Maho is one of those people who barely organizes her desktop
It's not unorganized it's just messy organization!
What an episode. I almost cried.
This show is gonna fuckin wreck me isn't it.

The nostalgia of knowing Kurisu was such a character... If you think serious about it, it's incredibly hard for Okabe to deal with Kurisu again after everything they lived together in the past. Crying at the end of the episode was the least he could do. I'm impressed with the show so far, the vibes from the former are great.
I almost cried several times this episode. When she first appeared, when he called her Christina, when she gave him snark about ignoring her calls, when she went tsundere on him before hanging up...
sigh this anime is going to be emotionally taxing on me.
That moment in the OP when Okabe and Kurisu reach out for each other but miss was the most heartbreaking thing I saw today. I might even like this OP the most out them all.
Yeah that was masterful directing. And he not only misses, but falls into an abyss after... does not bode well for the future...

Hououin Kyouma was clearly starting to leak out when he Okabe started yelling at AI Kurisu. Also it's clearly obvious that having an AI copy of Kurisu around is not going to help him. I am curious though what the gang will think of it when they discover Amadeus. It looks like Mayuuri kinda heard their conversation at that last scene.
≫I am curious though what the gang will think of it when they discover Amadeus.

The only person i expect to think anything of it would be Suzuha as she at least understands who Kurisu is even if she never met her personally. But Daru and Mayuri wont remember Kurisu. Mayuri might have faint memories of her but we will see if anything comes from that. But otherwise, the only person of the bunch in this world line who met Kurisu was Okabe. Not even Mayuri met her in this world line.
Mayuri is aware of something being missing. I feel like she'll quickly accept the explanation.
Daru probably will too. I mean, he's aware of time travel. I think them understanding why Okabe has been so distant may help them move on maybe
Damn. When Okabe arrived to that facility to check out Amadeus, that OST brought the feels of 40-hours worth of playing the VN. I'm so excited I can hardly wait another week. This is amazing and the directing is genuinely breathtaking. All those sighs and pauses when Okabe speaks just add more to the mood.
Watching Okabe like this is absolutely heartbreaking.
And i just realized: If this story is to fit in with the original S;G he can't really win, can he? He is only capable of succeding in the original S;G because he gets fucked by fate in this one, right?

Unfortunately S;G0 is the darkest timeline.

But at the end of darkness is a light to a shining future...we just have to wait 21 more weeks (assuming no breaks) to reach it. And then of course I’ll be re-watching episode 24 of the original ASAP for my happy ending.
I gotta say, Okabe's VA is doing a marvellous job. In all the scenes where Amadeus (Kurisu) showed up, I could FEEL his pain and suffering as he interacted with her. Mad scientists have hearts too! ;_;
Mamoru miyano is one of the best.
This show is so hype. Its just as good as the original
Oh god, I almost died when Okabe started yelling Christina; those fun, old days of the gang before things went to shit are starting to creep in. Nothing about this feels cheap or tacky, it's working perfectly.
And this OP and ED are straight fire. Absolutely loving them.
I loved that they used the old soundtrack when Okabe’s goofy antics started. Good times.
Best ED of the season
favorite part is when Mayuri was staring at all of the revolving Hououin Kyouma's that were slowly breaking down. the scenery also looked similar to that random flashback from the first season where it was just Okabe and Mayuri in some desolate land
Christ that was emotional. I purposefully refused to look up anything about this show, and I'm so glad I did.
Seeing Okabe's reaction to Kurisu made me tear up, god it's good to have Steins Gate back.


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