Thursday, April 12, 2018

[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Missing Link of the Annihilator: Absolute Zero"

There was something kinda sad about how distant Okabe has become from his friends. I feel bad for Mayuri, she's too kind. I'm also digging the legal loli! Overall I loved the first episode! These week waits will kill me

When she said "You're like a normie now" on the subway I felt really bad for her. It's good that Okabe is being productive with his life but at the same time completely rejecting the Kyouma part of himself isn't who he really is.

Freaking normies
Honestly, Okabe seems pretty broken at this point. His whole college life seems more like a masquerade. Seeing @channeler, even if as an AI, will no doubt be the final straw. Time for the Legal Loli, who will no doubt be waifu, to snap Okabe out of it.

‘Legal loli for the win’

One of the best things in the original were the accurate "@channel" and otaku culture references, so it's good/entertaining to see that appear again in 0.

The dub of the movie dropped a Reddit reference. Kurisu even said "Upvote."

The movie finally got a dub? SteinsGate is one of the only things I watch dubbed but I love it. I played the VN so I like the subs too.
Space Dandy and MushiShi are also must dubs for me

I have to watch the dub version now

Steins;Gate has one of the best dubs out there. Tatum is an expert.

Steins;Gate was the first anime to introduce me to otaku/weeb culture, but nowadays catgirls, traps, 2D little sisters, and legal lolis don't faze me.

Same here. Didn't know anything about otaku, Akihabara, maids, chuuni, waifus.
And looking back, it's kind of strange I just enjoyed it right off the bat, accepting everything without any question.

All the makeovers and Daru is still just... Daru.

Can't improve on perfection.

Daru is like the universe, constantly expanding.

He is wearing fingerless gloves and a suspender-belt combo because why not.

Most people didn't even notice, because the essence of Daru is overwhelming.

It is kind of unsettling to see Okabe behave so... ordinarily.
Great episode though, I am really hyped for this!

He looks so broken. He seemed like the most unbreakable character ever crafted. Feel so bad for the mother fucker.

And that's why I love SG0 so much despite its flaws.
I like the way they handle Okabes issues. Okabe seems humanized. I have never felt so bad for a fictional character than I did playing SG0s visual novel. I also like how Okabe seems to his friends. I won't get into that as I'm sure the show will cover it.
We also have to remember going forward. To the rest of the world it looks like Okabe literally turned emo and depressed randomly one day. No one has any true idea on what he's been through. So Noone can truly help him

The fuck have the girls been eating since S1?

Also, I love this gremlin.

Moeka always had them big, Mayushi was younger back then so it both makes sense

You realize it's only been a few months time-wise in the anime, right?

"You won't believe how she doubled her cup size in ONLY 4 MONTHS. CLICK HERE to know the revolutionary method everybody is talking about"

Wow, just wow.
That nostalgic feeling you get when you see your favourite characters again after so many years.
The soundtracks, art style and the chemistry between the lab members are just perfect, reminding me why I fell in love with this series.

The moment the Steins;Gate osts starts playing I instantly got goosebumps.
Edit: Just realized that they started playing "Messenger" at the end of the episode.

It's great to see everyone again, but seeing Okabe dressed in all black without his lab coat and not chuuni feels so wrong.

That name drop into Amadeus playing was fantastic

Hell yeah it was. It's like a movie name dropping itself before it's title sequence. Plus the song is badass. I wonder if it's the full-time ED or just for this episode.

I'm guessing it was only for this episode. Amadeus will probably use as an insert song only. But goddamn I really like the song. I was screaming like and idiot when that song starts to play

Well, there's been a fair amount of controversy over the choice of staff, particularly director, for this anime. I'd say we're off to a pretty strong start though.
Some of the scenes here were very good, particularly the mental breakdown, which was very effective and creative. Clearly, the directing style of S;G is being copied, with many claustrophobic crops and angles, although I definitely felt a quality drop in some dialogue focused scenes (in the animation, not the writing). They also upped the pace significantly but got everything across clearly and effectively, hopefully this is true about the rest of the series.
Many classics of the OST are back, which is great! Is Amadeus officially the ED now? I love it but it's not as chilling as the original ED.
I have high hopes now.

Wow what a start. The whole time I couldn't believe I was watching more Steins Gate, and how good it was. In terms of tone, atmosphere, music, Okabe's characterisation, reintroducing the older characters and establishing the new ones, it was all perfect. I was worried about the new director, but the direction in this was stellar. Can't wait for next week.

That PTSD scene was incredibly well done. I’m very hopeful that this adaption will live up to the VN.

I really liked how the first scene in this anime was almost lifted directly from Drama CD Beta. The "Hikoboshi" refers to Japan's Tanabata legend, and the stars of Vega & Altair. The stars are a recurring motif throughout Mayuri's characterization, and I think including that little twang of regret was very important.
The way they've chosen to portray Okabe's PTSD is great. He's ostensibly trying to act himself but he's visibly and tonally off, and his nightmare sequence was also excellent, much better than the flashing image we see in the VN.
Overall, very well-paced. The episode followed the structure of the epigraph manga rather than the VN chapter 1, and I think it served its purpose well.
On a sub terminology front, I'm disappointed that they're still using "Ruka" over "Luka", but I won't split hairs. "Too-too-roo" is inexcusable, though. The line about an artificial intelligence with a "heart" was a little bit of a dodgy translation, while 心 can be interpreted as "heart", the best term for it here would've been "soul".

Holy shit, when it broke into playing Amadeus i got hype. I'm already looking forward to the coming weeks

A pretty good episode 1.Maho senpai is more cute than she is in the game.

I can't believe this day has come. Finally more Steins;Gate.


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