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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Jeanne d'Arc Rises"

Soma vs Hayama Round 3! Get hype!
The long awaited revenge match is here.

That was an amazing surprise... I don't remember if it was mentioned before that Hayama joined the Elite Ten. I hope their match will be in the next episode.

It wasn't. Soma at one point wondered why Hayama wasn't fighting in a Shokugeki for the Shiomi reseach group, but that and the fact that Hayama hasn't been with the rebels have been the only clues.

What happened to you, Hayama.
Dude's looking intense.

Hayama wants that super punch Jun gave Soma

I forgot, what was Juns problem with Somas dad?

He used her as a disgusting food taste tester

My reaction to all of them just hanging out and having fun.
Edit: Oh shit, that after credits scene!!! So... does the Elite 10 now has 11 members? I am dumb.

I mean 3 of them got kicked out. Kuga, Isshiki, and Megishima all lost their seats. It’s not unfounded that Azami would pick new members.

Gah seeing Erina change and befriend everyone is just an amazing sight <3
The rebels vs the Elite 10 though...not sure how they're going to pull this one off but oh boy am I looking forward to seeing it!!

It was, wasn't it. And this beautiful smile!

I just wish she had spoken with Nikumi or give her a hug or something.

What the fuck happened? Did he lose his Shokugeki against Central or is the Elite 10 threatening Jun somehow? Why switch sides suddenly? What the fuck is going on? He totally looks like someone who's been lured to the dark side. T_T
In other news though, Mito was adorable this episode <3

≫is the Elite 10 threatening Jun somehow
That's got to be it right? If there's something they can use to make Akira to throw away his morals it's to threaten the most important person to him.

It totally is. First thing that came to mind to me. My prediction is he got roped into it and is working out a way to save her, and Soma will help somehow.

I was wondering where the fuck he’s been this whole time. We get to see everyone interacting with one another except him. Man, I’m disappointed in him. This means we probably won’t be able to enjoy a spin-off slapstick sitcom of him, Ryo and Yukihira together :(

She's so cute for some reason

Mere eye bags cannot sour the purest cinnamon role

Eye bags make everything cuter!

Ryo Kurokiba truly is the cutest girl in Shokugeki no Souma.

We need more ponytail Megumi.

Yes we do. Much more.

Hmm, it seems like Erina > Hayama >= Ryo/Souma > rest of the rebels.

It's odd because Erina is the 10th seat, but how much of that is her bloodline and god tongue titles rather than skill. Not too say she isn't leagues and bounds better than most, we just do not know her capability compared to the other elite ten.

In order to test Erina, you'd basically have too pit her against the others in the Elite Ten. Not that plot screams of realism, but it would be odd to have too use your trump card in order to defeat rebels. Shows weakness on the part of Central.

To be fair, Central's true ideology is that only the best of the best should be leading the forefront of cooking and concocting new recipes, while the ones below them should just be mindlessly following in the path of the elites. If anything, having the Elite Ten go against the Rebels would be the only way for Central to prove themselves since the Elite Ten are the ones who directly embody Central's ideals.

Erina never really tried to climb up the E10. She was given the seat by her grandfather because of her contributions and her skills during middle school, the earliest anyone's ever gotten a seat

Rindou's thighs! Hnnnnng!

I swear I have a thing for redheads...
If it wasn't for the screentime that the Nakiris and Megumi get, Sakaki and Rindou would be my best girls easily.

Definitely. I'm sad as hell that Sakaki and Rindou don't have any or many doujins since they're so lovable!

This show never fails to get me hyped.
Good to see Takumi finally showing up Soma.

What I really like is how Souma doesn't get up tight about the interruptions and thunder stealing like you'd expect. He kinda just stays quietly surprised.

First of all be SURE to check after the ending for new elite 10 member!!!

Also - Man this ending is really growing on me I freaking love this song.

So rebels are now split apart and likely only Souma group is the good shet, as both the opening and ending keeps just focusing on how good these 4 kids are - Souma, Erina, Megumin and Aldini.

I wish I lived in their world do, eating that ice cream from a local w.e stand and its like OMG BEST ICE CREEEAMUUU EVER WHAT IS IT MADE OFF!!!!

Like where ever they eat its always the best thing ever.

Second part was far superior, cute nikumi and other situations, where first part was pretty much last week again, old crank cheats but fails.

Also Rindou senpai is now a full form vampire?

Thank god JC staff was fast with this part of arc, it was really boring in the manga

I for one am glad this train arc is going so fast - I found it slow and draggy in the manga. Happy to get to the good stuff later on. Epic new chapter of the manga this week, for those reading that as well!

Oh no! It's Hayama, but he's all evil now!
This season is amazing though. Erina has turned full dere. The blossoming has occurred, and it's beautiful. I didn't even like her that much before.


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