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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 14
"Onward on the Totsuki Train"

These fools, group some of the finest first years together including 4 of the Autumn election finalists and expect them to fail?
These Central test examiners are like Saturday morning cartoon villains.

≫group some of the finest first years together including 4 of the Autumn election finalist together and expect them to fail?
It took, what, almost the whole 5 days of the moon banquet for 3 Autumn election finalists to properly work together and bring out a suitable dish? The thought is not exactly unprecedented.

Well you had 3 incredibly strong willed people (2 if Kurokiba doesn't have his headband on) trying to push what they want. Hell, Hayama didn't event want to be part of a group in the first place.

There were literal stars in her eyes

I loved Erina's eyes in that scene.
Beautiful eyes are a way to win my heart.

Everything about that scene was starry beautiful

It's that scene that confirm Souma x Erina for me (yeah i want that to happen, especially when you see how they interact later in the manga)

This is a great week for Sorina fans. My heart is at ease

All according to Grandpa Nakiri’s keikaku.

Nay, this is actually Azami's plan to mix bloodlines with saiba-senpai

There goes Soma unknowingly thawing the frozen heart of the Ice Queen.

It thawed faster than the fish.

With an unintended assist from Megumi with the warm tea.
That ship has sunk hard and fast..

Well they've emitted that "just friends" vibe more so than a romantic one. Plus Megumi is a strong independent woman who don't need no man making weird shit like peanut butter squid.

Agreed. I like Megumi, but it reallllly doesn't look like a ship sitting in the writer's harbor, so to speak. I can appreciate when someone realizes that not every woman has to be more than just a friend


From hating his guts to "I don't mind so much" Soma even managed to make her giggle! That's huuuge improvement between them!

yeah, too bad it's probably only going to happen in a time skip or something like that. Like it always does.
But the ship has definitely left the port.

That's Tsundere for "I love you."

≫From hating his guts to "I don't mind so much"
this is why you always gotta invest in the tsundere early. if done right the payoff is so good

That last scene was so beautiful. And he had her giggling!
Gah my heart
Next week Knight Erina!

≫Knight Erina
One of my favourite shokugeki manga spreads

"Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga"

I liked that lights going off part the moment Soma entered Erina's room. The anime staff is shipping those two really hard lol.

Two Sorina scenes in one ep, Ship going full steam ahead

oh yeah, they're filling up that last frame in the OP!
The starry sky scene! Utsukushi


tfw Erina-sensei will never punish you

I need her in my life.


I've been waiting three seasons for Erina to warm up to Souma. I'm so glad it's finally happening. And it's so wholesome too :)

Oh my god, if i wouldn't be hype already for this series, Erina would single handedly carry this season! She's doing so much for the team to repay them for having her see the light.
This is awesome.

Wow this episode was a BLAST! Gah I love the them vs the world moments and seeing them kick ass. Wish we could have seen how the other groups got out of their round 1 too though!
Also the teams!! Love when we get to see team ups we don't usually get to see, even better when they get to show off their strengths.

I wish to be punished by Erina-sensei and Hisako

I waited so long for that night sky scene and when I finally got it, it was beautiful. I couldn't help but shout a little out of excitement :D. Our boy made her giggle too, talk about progress!
Erina sensei is too good for this world, we're not worthy of her voluptuous lessons :(

ITT: everyone talking about how hot Erina is and no actual plot discussion
Personally I wish they’d gone into the dish a bit better, because I’m curious how and what they did to deliver the dish so fast to the Central lady. One of my favorite parts of this show is the dish creations and the different skills and techniques. However, I’m aware that it’s more important right now as the second episode to keep the show moving to the really good parts, which I look forward too. I like how Erina learning that Yukihara is the son of her idol has changed her perception a bit, that scene where it shows him and his dad is a nice touch.

Teacher Erina showing the way!
That freaking foodgasm, that woman saw what true quality.
Erina looks so happy since everyone is around her n_n

I love this show so much.
Can't remember the last time I actually had tingles in my belly when watching a show. Gorgeous final scene.

God I love this series. This season only reinforces that fact. When the first episode came out I wasn't sure but the second season hit it home. By showing off our bad ass cooks ability to work together and making my favorite ship sail! I can't wait for what the rest of this season has in store!


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