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[Shokugeki no Soma S3 Toutsuki Ressha-hen] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Advancement Exam"


Erina looking like a three course meal this episode. ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

yes, you got damn right. ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
Manga vs. Anime

The anime dared to switch the side that the door opens on??? Dropped.

literally unwatchable

I've never really been on board the Erina train (way too much tsun, not nearly enough dere). This episode, however, may have changed that. For all the blatant fanservice in the show, her sitting in Yukihira's room in that nightgown was by far the most effective on me. I am all sorts of hot and bothered right now.

But was soma's dish delicious? WILL WE EVER TRULY KNOW???

Erina is being smart. If she doesn't tell him anything he will keep trying to cook for her forever

God Tongue craves the Yukihira Specialties, unless it's squid tentacles with peanut butter.

Man, I ship Erina's God Tongue and Souma's Dish so hard. It hurts.

Remember Saiba's line from all the way back in Ep. 2
The trick to becoming a good chef... is to meet a woman you want to devote all your cooking too.
All aboard the Sorina ship.

I love how Saiba and Senzaemon basically started the ship since they brought them together. Like, Saiba sent Soma to Totsuki both as a favour to Senzaemon (in order to save Erina) and so he can grow as a cook (and find that particular inspiration - Erina). And even though he has yet to realize it, Soma immediately found the woman he'd devote all his cooking to.
I'm almost certain this series will end with Erina telling Soma that she's always found his meals delicious. It'd be the perfect finale and the payoff would be huge. It's beautiful long-term storytelling.

The fun thing is is that the manga is still being released. Not over yet!

I'm still gonna live in my alternate reality in which Megumi is the love interest, thank you.

While I can understand why you like Megumi, in the end, she isn't someone that would push Soma to become better, unlike Erina.

Fast forward to seventy years in the future. Souma's married Erina, inherited Tostuki's throne, and become one of the foremost chefs in the world famous for his innovative dishes - but despite pouring his entire life's effort into making Erina acknowledge his cooking, she hasn't admitted to it being delicious even once.
Souma's now lying on his sickbed, surrounded by friends and family who know he doesn't have long. Erina has his hands in hers, a soft smile on her lips as she reminisces the long and happy lives they spent together, and how funny the circumstances of their first meeting was. Anything to keep the desolating sadness at bay; she knew Souma didn't want to see her sad.
As she watched him draw his last, bedraggled breaths, she steeled herself. She drew close to Souma's ear and whispered, "You know what? Your cooking was delicious. All of it."
Souma smiled - that smug, cocksure grin, for one last time. "Glad you liked it."

Oh okay well I guess I'm crying

Erina keeps getting attacked by mini Yukihiras - NSFW
Smol hungry Erina is cute
Erina's speech at the end to rally the PSD is nice and watching her rediscover her passion for cooking was also a sweet moment. Love how Soma can be from considerate to jerky in the blink of an eye to mess with her. Erina sensei next week!

Btw did you see one of the last scenes in the ED when those four are running? Few seconds where Erina starts eyeing Souma, it's time to set sail yet again

Erina was the best this episode, from her embarrassed stomach growl, to loli sundress, to her great speech!
Erina-sama enjoyed the food!

That OP, we train anime now boys.

I was half expecting to see a train drift. Also, they are not even trying to hide that this is really a battle anime instead of a cooking anime.

Cooking is a battlefield bro

Man, this episode makes me remember why I love Shokugeki no Souma! Sure, the animation is clearly not at the quality that it used to be, but watching this anime puts a big smile on my face. Contrasting Erina from the beginning of the series to now, and seeing her backstory with Joichiro is sooooo heartwarming, and it really shows how Erina is different from just a basic tsundere. A fantastic episode to start this cour off on.
Honestly, I kinda wish this was the finale episode of the last cour instead of the match with the first seat.

First episode back and it's like we never left the hype train in the first place!
Plus, smol Erina is just too precious for this world.
Also this face is my highlight from the ep...

Ah was looking for that face. Knew I’d find it

so we are calling it this super long name and not just episode 13 of season 3? Like they had a break on now its back on season 3 right, as its still called San sara, the third plate? Instead of like season 4 episode 1.
Anyway great episode with Souma trying to finally by acknowledge by Erina. You gotta love how classic Shokugeki no Souma style this scene is a young girl going in her nightgown to the room of the boy she likes (but is tsundere so not like she admits it) with all blushed out red cheeks, one would think it some romance show, maybe even some Ecchi HOHO. BUUUT no its a cooking anime, and its all about how can make good food or something.
Well he manages to undress her with his eggs. because awesome foodgams....and yeah cooking anime there is no undertone at all with this scene.
Man I have missed this anime, just constant comedy and great scene.

ERINA AWAKENED!!! This was a great start to this season and this episode put a smile on my face as always. Man I love this series so much. On a side note, the OP is cool, but I like the ED a bit more. To me the OP visuals don't fully do the show justice. The OP once again had a shot where we're shown all the characters, which I think we've had in all 5 so far. Wouldn't have minded a change in that reagrd lol.
All who want to see Erina sensei next week, FOLLOW ME!

So many funny moments on this episode. Smol Erina is cute as always.


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