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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Steal it, if you can."

Its weird that Sojiro was ok with Takemi slipping some “strong medicine” to Ren
I can see the writers room being like "How the F do we force these characters to interact with each other with what little time we have..." and this is what we got.
Ahh I can't believe they used ryuji to talk to the gun shop owner instead of having ren build his confidants. Well.
Wait...Morgana let Ren out at 1am???
What kind of parallel universe do I live in?
Pff. So much for dedication to the source material!
Worst adaptation ever!
Excuse me but did that big nose fucker just turn MOTHERFUCKING ARSENE into a blue fuck in a jar.
Also what the fuck did Kamoshida turn into
≫Excuse me but did that big nose fucker just turn MOTHERFUCKING ARSENE into a blue fuck in a jar.
This is pretty much how it works in persona. You always end up fusing your first persona relatively quickly since fusion is how you get better skills and personas.
Yeah but isn't Arsene kind of like Ren's starter pokémon? And that Arsene was like tied to Ren and not just another persona?
Yes. it is. But in P5 you are not bond to play all game with it. It is your personal choice. Not really popular, tho, since it makes your game way harder then it should be.
Starting persona is always returning in the end, so it is not a biggy in P universe to lose you starting pokemon.
Also new persona is also temp. I'm pretty sure it will be fused in the next episode.
In game you are constantly fusing them, so there is alot more to come.

Woah, that final scene was incredibly... out of place?
Yeah i question them pushing Akechi so much so early, feels like a wasted opportunity.
Yeah I’m new and never played the games. Who the hell are all those new people? I hope there’s context before this scene
You'll understand it before the story gets to that point, but I'm hoping they don't do anymore. The story flows better just letting it run.
They used the scene as a way to lead in to the next Palace arc - the dude talking mentions he first took notice of the Phantom Thieves after a certain incident and then the camera pans to the painting on the wall.
However this scene is supposed to take place about 2/3rds into the game so at this point we've only been properly introduced to four of the nine characters shown.
Joker just straight up pulled a gun on Pixi, mugged her, forced her to join him, and later murdered her.
you aren't killing Personas tho, they pretty much make that clear in the game that fusing=/=killing.
They handled Kamoshida's confession scene well and I liked Ann voicing out in the end. This was also a nice touch, showing Shiho and Ann during the credits. Solid episode
Best Doctor and Best Gun dealer make their appearances, I have a feeling that this is how most side characters will go, small introductions and not much else due to time constraints, but I could be wrong.
That OP is fire it really captures the style of Persona and it looks so cool.
That cgi is wonky as hell though

≫That cgi is wonky as hell though
eh. Looks pretty identical to the game if you ask me.
I have a feeling that we are gonna have a takemi social link since she said “to check with her later” and shes too popular with the fans to ignore. I dunno about Daddy Iwai tho.
can someone tell me whats up with the akechi scene? I'm currently on the 4th palace in game so is the anime going to skip everything or can i keep on watching it?
edit: wow I thought I could watch this as I play but looks like it's better if I don't. Thanks guys!
It’s a scene that doesn’t happen until after the 6th-7th palace or so. Big spoiler, no idea why they showed it now
You should probably finish the game before continuing the anime as it looks like it's weaving spoilers throughout the plot
I've never played any Persona game or watched any of the other anime adaptations, going in blind on Persona 5
I'm glad Kamoshida got what he deserved. Seeing him getting wrecked was pretty satisfying. The show did a good job of setting him up as a terrible person right up until he lost. Seriously, his demon form and the way he recovered health was pretty disgusting. And seeing Ann happy at the end when Shiho woke up realy made me happy too.
And about that battle with the demon, it was super fucking weird. And not the CGI, I thought it was fine. It felt stiff, fittingly like a turn-based battle which doesn't translate really well to animation. They could really do with making the fights more into actual anime fights and be less constrained by the game. The soundtrack was 10/10 though
What I really liked was the scene of Ren gaining a new Persona in the Velvet Room. Had a cool vibe to it. Though his new Persona is much less cool than Arsene. And apparently gaining a new Persona like that makes him special, huh? Hope there'll be an explanation why at the end and that it's not some cliche stuff like "he's the chosen one because reasons".
I also liked the preparations. Makes total sense how the model gun turned into a real gun in the cognitive world. And that doctor lady seemed interesting. I love how she was like "here, take this experimental medicine with possible side-effects" and Ren just goes along with it.
I really hope the anime takes some more time to show just Ryuji, Ann, Morgana and Ren hanging out and interacting. I'm liking the bits of it we've seen so far like them deciding the codenames or talking about Ryuji's calling card at the start. And Ren most certainly needs more personality if he's to be a compelling MC. The Kamoshida arc worked for me because of Ryuji and Ann and how I got invested in their "vengeance", the MC himself didn't do much.
And so with ending the first major story arc, I can say I'm really liking this anime and will certainly keep watching. The action scenes are meh at best but I'm enjoying all the rest, the story, the themes, the style, the music and the characters (except maybe Ren who hasn't done much). Also, the new OP is good. I fucking love the OP song and hope for a full version soon.

 I'd complain about the OP containing spoilers for who future party members are but that very last scene outright showed us so I guess the anime has no problem with us knowing. And who's the guy talking to the group? He's in the OP and has been shown with prosecutor woman so I assume he's important. Nice for the story to give me something to look forward to discovering.
In Persona games, it's obvious who becomes party members (they are often put on the box and in marketing), so it's not surprise or big spoiler. As in many things, it's the journey of how and why they join that is interesting, not who does.
And to clarify Jokers specialness, as Morgana points out, it is highly unlikely for a person to be able to use multiple personas. The fact that Joker can is a rare and useful ability as shown here where he can use a personal that is better suited to the fight at hand. There isn't any particular in universe reason why he can, bit from a gamellay persepcrive, fusing and creating new demons/personas is a Hallmark of the SMT franchise and is critical to the gamellay loop to increase your power level and available options in game to counter the enemies.
That said, for a bit more background on Persona lore, the various social links/confidants such as the MC, party members and other NPCs such as the doctor and gun shop owner are assigned tarot cards that represent their relationship with the MC, while the MC is always the Fool. The Fool is associated with making choices, not for being dumb. The fact that MC is the fool is what gives him the multiple persona power.
JUSTICE! That was a nice feeling to see him get what he deserved.
Losing Arsene though...his new Persona looks so much worse :/
Now I'm not a big Ann fan but she looked so cute here!
Really captured that game feeling of looking up a wiki and trying everything to avoid sacrificing Arsene when you get forced to make your first fusion.
Almost as bad as the feeling of looking up a fusion calculator for a certain persona then looking up how to fuse the personas to fuse that persona.
Oh man I'm not a fan of the rushed preparations. Though actually showing Shiho in the hospital was a nice addition.

Also they couldn't bother to spare a few seconds to have kamoshida move up on stage before confessing like in the game?
New OP is rad! I especially love this super badass shot of Sae.

I guess things went I was expecting. One thing that was surprising though, was the inclusion of Demon negotiation and Persona fusion. In P3 and P4 adaptations that stuff just kinda happened in the background and MCs happened to have different Personas at different times. Curious to see if they gonna continue showing that aspect.
So they are doing persona combining huh...interesting.
I thought the episode was good, though I have no clue why they threw that end scene in there.
Cgi Kamoshida looks weird af but that Persona absorbing scene was beautiful.
Honestly the most impressive part of this episode is how they got the fusion formula right. Aresene + Pixie = Agathion
That was a nice episode, nice to see that they managed to make Kamoshida repent for his actions, and Ann's friend is safe too!
The OP changes are nice too, although I was already sold with the great song from the start.
i actually like this episode than 3 episodes before. I like this better than first 4 episode of persona 4 the animation. I like how they intruducing the game system, it just so stupid and i like it, also the OP is so cool!


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