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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
 "A beautiful rose has thorns!"

Holy shit Ren introducting himself to takamaki was hilarious

I can't get over the all out attacks lol. They looks so fucking bad that it's actually comical.

All we can hope is that they improve the smoothness in BD release, but generally the combat didn't translate very well into anime form.

They need to change the in between frames where the gang is hitting the shadow into something else, then end with the same pose as in the game but flashier, that could work. In this state everything is so stiff and bland at tbe same time

It's nearly impossible to do the combat correctly imo. There just isn't enough time to show off all the cool mechanics of the combat from the game when you only got less than 10 hours of anime time to tell a 100+ hour game (I'm guessing around 30-40 hours of pure story time if you take out all the game play stuff?).

But yes the AOAs look like garbage compare to the game, like is it actually hard to just copy pasta the AOAs from the game? They copied the map directly from the game, so why not do it these as well.

Because of the details in animation is lacking. Smack talk all you like about 30fps games, but it's still higher than what an anime could possibly do and P5 was animated beautifully. P5A on the other hand displayed AOAs at like 12fps while lacking details in each frames, making it look incredibly cheap by comparison

There're so many way to do cool/flashy finisher with anime, they just didn't bother to create a new one or at the very least a new perspective

They seem like pokemon battles. Morgana resembles meowth in some sense.

Morgana is voiced by Pikachu.

Surely you mean Pikachu's voice actor.
Otherwise, TIL Pikachu is real and pursuing a career in voice acting.

Man, if they portray the rest of the antagonists as well as Kamoshida it's going to be fantastic, the Shiho scenes have been so in depth and powerful, they've actually made me hate him more than i did in the game which is something i never thought I'd say.

Also maybe it's just me but the all out attack animation looked a bit better, still not ideal though, the story is where it's shining for sure and the combat scenes aren't too great.

My friend used to believe that nothing can travel faster than light...
...then I showed him this episode of P5A.

I'm a newcomer with no previous persona experience at all, and I felt like this episode was easier to follow than the first episode. So far I'm getting a good feel for the characters we've been shown so far.

The first episode was the only one that was difficult for me to follow. Both 2 and 3 have been fine. I’m sure there’s some details I’m missing having not played the game, but I can at least get the gist of what’s going on.
This has definitely been motivating me to get a PS4 for Persona tho.

Wow they actually showed Shiho jumping. In the game we only hear the thud of her fall.

If there's anything they got right it's how they can still make me hate Kamoshida even more. The same frustration and anger that I felt during that scene in his office while playing the game is the same in this episode.

They're really breezing past through Kamoshida's palace. Then again it makes sense for the Phantom Thieves to sneak and not get spotted. I just wished they showed us at least one stealth attack but instead of leading into a battle it's a one hit kill.

Anne's transformation and her killing the Phantom Anne with Kamoshida's sword is a nice addition!

I like the battle but I hope they really improve the animation for the All Out Attack. Scrolling past everyone and showing Anne posing was nice though.

And so the core members of the Phantom Thieves are finally together! I really just hope the incoming boss fight next week will be a lot better than the battle animations we've seen so far.

I totally agree with you, they did manage to make Kamoshida even more hateable.

I've never played any Persona game or watched any of the other anime adaptations, going in blind on Persona 5
I'm glad that the writers didn't shy away from more dark stuff. I was really shocked when Shiho actually jumped from the roof. To get to that point I can't imagine what Kamoshida has been doing to her and all other students. Fuck that guy, I look forward to our main characters making him pay for hs crimes. Thought I couldn't hate him more after hearing what he did to Ryuji but blackmailing Ann with her friend like that and taking his anger out on students then trying to get those 3 expelled is truly disgusting. Haven't felt this much hate for a character in quite a while.
I'm loving Morgana, turns out that regardless of what she says, she is an actual cat! and a cute cat at that. I hope she gets developed into more than just cute exposition machine. Another character that I'm liking is Ryuji, he's so goofy and likable. Actually, the main character is the one I'm not entirely sold on yet. I feel bad for him for having gotten into this probation situation and the shit he's getting in school but he needs to show a bit more personality.
And we got to see what I assume is the final member of the starting party, Ann, get her Persona. The awakening was cool like the other two times (still liking that soundtrack). The battle that ensued was a bit better than the last one though. So with their Personas our characters can do more than just look cool and actually throw fire and lightning at enemies. That All-out attack was certainly better than the last time, it was longer and less sudden and I think it worked well enough even if it's still a bit weird.
My favorite thing so far? This prosecutor woman's hairstyle. How can she look so damn good?

I'll second you on the prosecutor lady. She's a fox.
I think Amamiya is pretty decent though. He just seems pretty shy and deadpan (like when he introduced himself to Ann).

≫I'm loving Morgana, turns out that regardless of what she says, she is an actual cat!
Morgana's actually a dude.
And yes, Sae is amazing.

One little detail that I really liked during the Ann awakening fight was that everyone used the respective Weakness of the shadows they were fighting. I.e. Agi on the mini boss, Zio on the Horse, Bullet on the Pixie

Ann's awakening was nice, and we got to see her finishing. I feel for Shiho. Her entire storyline was touching and I hope we get to see it in entirety in the anime as well

I can’t wait for first timers to hear “Blooming Villain”.
Having played multiple playthroughs with both dub and sub voices, I still find the sub Kamoshida better. He just sounds like a natural goddamn scumbag.
I found Kamoshida’s palace one of the longer ones on my first run, so this rushing through kind of irks me XD
The P4A felt similarly paced, so I’m not TOO bothered - just glad to get more Persona fix

There were some interesting differences between this and the game.
  • First Ann knows that Ryuji and Ren are doing something against Kamoshida and wants in on it. They say no and she follows them in anyway. They force her to leave the metaverse, but she had aquired the app and gets back in again. She gets caught and then gets her persona just like in the anime
  • They leave the palace after Ann gets her persona and the infiltration route is secured during the next entries into the palace.
  • This is pretty minor but when Mishima tells Shiho to meet Kamoshida they are in a hallway and not the gym

At least they seem to be on track to condense 80+ hours into 12. The whole palace infiltration was done in a few minutes. I'm guessing the adaptation is more of a celebration for fans than a way to hook in newcomers, but I'm curious how people who didn't play the game are responding. I'd imagine it would be difficult to get as invested in the characters.

But nice to see the animation for the all-out attack improved, but that finishing scene still leaves a bit to be desired.

Haven't played the game, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I quite like that it has a mix of comedy and dark elements (especially with Shiho's attempted suicide), and I like the colours of the show, I get Kekkai Sensen vibes from it. I'm also really liking the voice acting, but I assume that they're the same VA's as the game? The pacing seems fine, though I would have liked the palace infiltration to be a little longer but I'm not too fussy on that. Overall I rate it a solid 8-9/10, it definitely has lots of potential and I look forward to more.

Yeah same Japanese VA's, who knows what they're planning for the dub though (if at all). But I'm glad new people are enjoying it. The game was my GOTY last year (in a year of amazing games) and I want as many people to experience it as possible. Kekkai Sensen is also an underappreciated favorite of mine, so cheers. Both series have tons of style and have a great eccentric cast.

Man, everyone saying this is a bad adaptation and having never played the game I'm over here enjoying it. Wish I had time and a PlayStation then I'd probably play it if it's that much better than this.

The story, music, and characters/character designs are very good. So I'd imagine many non-games people would enjoy the anime, despite being choppy and fast-paced. The story has many twists and turns to keep everyone entertained.

Man i love being able to rewatch this awesome story again.
The all out attack was better than last week but it didnt have that sound effect after the pose.
I also love the lead off to the ending theme but i cant help but think of the result screen music when i see it haha

Aside from what has already been said about the anime so far (janky animation on fights and fast pacing) I'm really enjoying it so far. I especially love hearing a happy Okabe from Ryuji as opposed to sad Okabe.
Also I realy hope they're gonna play Life Will Change next episode.

It's weird how this anime is great for everything but the combat scenes. Ah well, I'll still watch it.

Newcomer here. That was interesting, so far I'm enjoying it and the pacing seems fine, while I didn't understand anything the first episode, 2 and 3 were much better. Also I agree those fights look terrible, the animation in general isn't too good, but I don't mind it too much so far.

I played the game in English. This is really nice to see in Japanese. Honestly, I think that the anime is giving the characters personalities in a way different manner than the game. I like it!

Ugh, Kamoshida is the worst.

This is my first time watching an anime adaptation of Persona, despite being a massive fan of the series. While I can say that it IS entertaining, I don't feel that it's very effective as an adaptation. The pacing feels so fast and it honestly makes me just want to replay the game. I'm going to stick with it, but I guess I ultimately don't see the purpose of a show like this.


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