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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"Let's take back what's dear to you."

Alright, so I'm apparently the only person who's never played a Persona game or watched the other anime adaptations, going in blind on Persona 5.
I'm liking it so far.
I'm getting that the theme is "fighting people who abuse power" with the teacher Kamoshida and the guy who got Ren on probation, I like that theme. They really made the teacher into a hateable character, with him physically (and possibly sexually) abusing the students without them being able to do anything. I feel for anyone in that position, it sucks being "in the right" and still get shat on. Ryuji's story was specially sad to know about, he really has a lot of reason to be fucking pissed.

And we got introduced to a talking cat. I always love talking cats and I liked this one too. Judging from the OP and ED he'll be joining the "main party" so I can look forward to more scenes with him. I do wonder what he is and what his role will be other than exposition machine.
That fight scene was so weird. You can tell they tried really hard to replicate a special move from the game and it ended kinda soon. The problem is that so far it leaves the powers of our characters with their Personas very vague. They can... style their foes to death, I guess?
Really digging the soundtrack, specially the OP. And that police woman who is interrogating Ren is fucking hot.
That's my thoughts for now, I assume next week we'll be seeing Ann's awakening.

They can... style their foes to death, I guess?
Welcome to Persona 5, where you style your way to victory.
And yeah, that animation of the (All Out) Attack was awful compared to the original.
≫The problem is that so far it leaves the powers of our characters with their Personas very vague. They can... style their foes to death, I guess?
I doubt they'll explain this in the anime, since it's a more detailed look into battle mechanics. Their foes (Shadows) have elemental weaknesses, and if these weaknesses are exploited, the Shadows get knocked down. Ren's persona uses dark-elemental attacks, Ryuji uses electric, and Morgana uses wind. Once all of the Shadows in the battle are knocked down, the party can perform an "All-Out Attack," which is basically the stylish attack that they tried to replicate in the anime. In the game, it basically does really high damage to all foes, usually killing them all.
≫police woman
≫fucking hot
Her in-game artwork is hotter, IMO.
The Persona battles are basically Pokemon battles.
but with merciless difficulty!
≫Really digging the soundtrack, specially the OP. And that police woman who is interrogating Ren is fucking hot.
That's Persona Music for you. After you finish the anime and are spoiler-free, I recommend searching the in-game music. It's great. And yea, detective lady is amazing. She's probably the second-best looking anime girl in a suit:
Their Persona abilities are that they are Pokemon. Ren's is curse type, Ryuji's is electric type and Morgana's is wind type. The special attack they did at the end is that when you hit an enemy with their weakness they get knocked down and when all enemies are knocked down you get a bonus attack that does a lot of damage. I very much doubt any of this will matter for the anime.
Finally a decent shot of best sensei
I’m reminded of how Kamoshida is the perfect first antagonist for them because of how deplorable he is and how he threatens their immediate surroundings.
Also, Last Surprise hype! ED sounds very good too.
For a second I legit thought that link would be kamoshida
Kawaiikami is best girl <3
Can we talk about that random ass 3d character walking away (~9:30) when Ren and the teacher were talking?
Believe it or not, that was actually a reference to the video game Persona 5, which has lots of random ass 3d characters walking around. /s
Yeah. That little bit of cg was weird. Probably wanted to make the school feel more lively but didnt want to waste the time on an actual animation.
I almost forgot how much I hate Kamoshida. The game has some great villains, but he elicited a special amount of contempt from me simply because I’m aiming to become a teacher myself. But oh well, you sick fuck, I can’t wait to see you get yours in the next few weeks. And I will be cheering when you do. 😁
Yeah, I'm a teacher as well so this arc really ticked me off.
Compared to the first episode i was slightly disappointed.
Mostly because of pacing, animation and how the all-out attack looked. And because maybe i've got a little bit too much hype.
BUT The sassy line at the end was awesome.
And i'd really like it if we saw a bit more of shiho compared to the game.
I love that little glimpse of best girl, Makoto they showed there
Man of culture detected
thats a weird way to spell Haru
I was worried about the Protagonist being too silent, but they're really adding and improving on his character. That ending scene with Ryuji where he calls him Sakamoto and the music fades, that was hilarious lol
I just couldn't stop grinning when that All-out attack sequence came. Ahh I wanna play P5 again right now!
This feels very gamey which makes sense since it's from a game but didn't think they'd go that much into it, guess it feels nostalgic in a way for players.
Loving the persona transform scenes, hoping the rest are as cool!
All right once again, direct any questions you have at me and I’ll answer them as best I can!

OP’s visuals were ass but song was good, same goes for ED.

So yeah Ren’s Thief outfit is mostly based on Oprah and Masquerade parties, as well as taking inspiration from good ol’ Lupin. Morganams is based on Cat Burglars and Bandits, with his Persona Zorro obviously being in reference to the titular character. Ryuji’s outfit is based on Modern day thugs as well as pirates, and his persona Captain Kidd is based on the pirate William Kidd.

Fun fact, Kidd, while accused of Piracy and killed, is wildly believed by historians to be innocent. This goes with Ryuji being considered a bad person by many when he’s actually quite nice.
I didn't know Oprah threw parties associated with a certain kind of fashion. Very informative! 
I thought Ryuji's outfit was a homage to Skull Man, from the dude who created Kamen Rider. The red scarf was a dead giveaway for me.
I really love the anime original soundtrack they added. Really gives the anime adaptation its own charm.
I'm just watching for the two best girls, Makoto and Haru.
You're a person of great taste. Both of my favorite girls
Kamoshida is such a hateable piece of shit so far. I can’t wait to see him get taken down.
The awakening scene was badass. I love the awakenings in persona 5.


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