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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"I am thou, thou art I"

I think this is my first time watching an anime adaptation with thorough knowledge from the original, it's gonna be so weird not having to navigate through poorly tagged spoilers. My turn to not be an asshole I guess.
Changes I noticed:
  • I recall the arrest being more brutal, but they made up for it during the interrogation
  • Interrogation Lady Niijima's make up was not that noticeable around the eyes was it?
  • Man they are RUSHING through the introduction. I hope this means more time to spend on characters later, and that the pace wont stay this breakneck throughout
  • Want emancipation?
As a sidenote, I must have spent 60 to 80 hours on the game and I'm realizing only now that Sojiro's VA is Kotomine fucking Kirei.
It's worth watching for the music alone, I had a major nostalgia hng when MC was looking for Sojiro's place


Jamaican Blue Mountain: The Blue Mountains of Jamaica have a unique climate and volcanic soil advantageous for growing their famous high-quality coffee. The coffee undergoes a rigorous inspection process and is harvested in small quantities. This produces a rich coffee with a full aroma.

Sojiro unironically made me want to look into enthusiast coffee stuff. Like, I've been drinking my coffee black for a long time but my palate is unrefined. He made it look so damn simple but cool.

Man, I hope they make Ren really snarky. Some of the dialogue options you could pick in the game were glorious.

We need them savage moments lol

My only wish is that they show the "button mashing" option on the train.

Persona 5 music!!

I'm so glad that they keep the soundtrack from the game. It's just soo good

Looking cool, Joker!
Pretty good episode. Ren's awakening and summoning of Arsene was great and hearing the Velvet Room music was of course good. Oh, and Kamoshida just sounds outright unpleasant

I love that victorious grin he makes while transforming. Kinda shows different Ren will be when he's transformed.

I personally liked how they showed the Nav picking up the keywords in Ren and Ryuji’s conversation.

≫Oh, and Kamoshida just sounds outright unpleasant
I played the game with English VA (I know subs > dubs but it's actually really fucking good) and the voice they got for Kamoshida in English paints an entirely different picture compared to his Japanese voice. In English it sounds like he could be a respectable man with something bubbling just below the surface, but his voice here is instantly hateable.

IMO this is one of the cases where the dub is better than the sub. Honestly feel like they nailed the whole cast in game with the English VAs

There are a few Japanese name pronunciations that irked me (especially the last names of characters) but outside of that the English voice-acting is top-tier. I especially liked Morgana, Ann and Ryuji's voicework.

Wew! That was nice! Visuals and animation-wise it's way above Persona 4: Animation, but not as good as Persona 3 Movies, which is still admirable for a TV anime. The direction and the overall style were also on point.
I really enjoy Persona adaptations, since they all do pretty good job actually adapting the source material by knowing what to keep, what to remove, and what to add. I also really like how each adaptation managed to add personality to the protagonist by empathizing the bits of character we could get from their in-game responses. In case of P3 it was Yuki's borderline suicidal indifference, in P4 it was Yu's various weird quirks and his love for his friends and family, and in P5 they're clearly focusing on Ren's strong sense of Justice. Good stuff!
≫It explains how the whole app works, while also explaining how Ren and Ryuji ended up in the Castle in game.
That's actually something the anime may have done better than the game. It took me a bit to realize that Ryuji had accidentally entered the words the first time around when I was playing, whereas this clearly shows what was happening.

≫Wassup, Teach
They could have at least zoomed in on Kawakami

Talking about Kawakami, her dropping the flyer was a nice nod to people knowing more about her and I really liked it.
I just hope it doesn't mean they're not gonna expand on that story and just make a quick reference to it, because, well, you know.

At least they acknowledged Naoto in the anime for once

I'm sorry but who?

The orginal Dectective “Prince “in the Persona universe

Also she's best girl. fight me

The pacing is very fast but the it's good so far. I need to see more of her animated.

theres my best girl :D

I dont see Kawakami anywhere in that.

You see I can't disagree that Tae is top tier. But Kawakami has ascended the waifu realm and has become a mere concept in other girls' eyes.

Was I the only one who thought the pacing was pretty solid. They didn't really skip anything except for a bit more fleshing out of some characters, but for cutting down an opening that was over an hour into 22 minutes, I thought they did a solid job.

Not a bad first episode. Its VERY fast paced honestly, Some little stuff skipped but nothing to bad. I also think Jokers awakening in the game was way better then what the anime showed but I guess thats expected. Hoping for good things next episode

They're trying to cram a 100 hour game into a 2 cour anime so it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. P4tA was similarly paced.

Tbf a lot of that 100 hours is traversing through the palaces and trying to find things to do while those days are ticking. As long as they don't leave out the more important things/people, it wouldn't be too bad. I like this episode a lot.

The first episode was basically the first hour of the game and I liked it, it was a good first episode. I've played the game like 3-4 times at this point, and I read every subtitle for every character in the same voice as the english voice actors and that kinda cements my wanting for an english dub, which might not happen until the anime is over or it might not happen at all.


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