Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[Overlord II] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
The Ultimate Trump Card

Damn I'm a little disappointed that they skipped my favorite part when Nabe was fighting 3 of the Pleiades. Seeing Lupus' horrible acting and Nabe's deadpan deliveries animated would have been awesome:
“Take my lightning!” The lightning spell lashed out, striking one of the maids.
“Guwaaaa-su~” The maid making the incredibly fake cry of pain was blown away like she was jumping by herself, until she vanished into the distance.
“Eiiiii~” The drill-haired maid threw her knives. They travelled in a lazy arc and struck Nabe's body.
“Kyaa—!” As Nabe let out a deadpan cry of pain, she followed after the maid that had been blown away.
They can't include everything! A faithful adaptation is always going to leave bits out...
Actually was looking forward to this bit the most. It's disappointing that they excluded what would have been like a minute or two of absolute highlight of this episode.
But well, I got Entoma hissing so there's that.
Shealtear looked dope
Right? Loved her outfit.
She had to step up her game in order to not lose the title of Best Vampire
Is that even a spoiler anymore? Last episode confirmed for anime only viewers that evil eye wasn't human. Her removing her mask and showing her face this episode seems like confirmation on what she is IMO. Seems super obvious to me, but I guess I've read the LN idk.
As an anime only viewer the spoilers were all over the place well before this episode aired. I doubt anyone who browses this subreddit didn't already know in advance.
Alpha: No dear, stop that. We're not here for that right now.
Entoma: But murder :c
In the LN(just stuff they left out, no spoilers), Entoma was actually really mad about Evileye killing her lip bug.
Whether it was just a flare of the fan translation or actually a thing, when Entoma was asked about why she was so mad at Evileye, she replied, "tHaT bITCh StolE mY vOIce". I found it so much more funny how they portray Entoma's real voice in the LN compared to the gargly overlay thing they give her in the anime.
kyaaaaa Evileye a cute.
And Renner is nightmare-inducing what the fuck.
Mask Off. So cute!
Evileye is the cutest! and Renner is bwehh.
Finally we get to see Brain's secret hidden nailclipping technique. And its super effective.
This episode was so good, I'm really gonna miss this anime... Jircniv and Flueder at the end. S3 maybe? Madhouse Please?
Edit: S3 confirmed for this summer. Has Madhouse gone MAD?
That blonde guy just reminds me so much of Fate's Gilgamesh...
Hell them giving such a teaser at the end of the episode I feel like we can keep our hopes up for an eventual S3.
All of the arrogance, half the success.
Well, he's actually pretty fucking successful in his own country. Which I guess does mean half the success now that I think about it.
That ending scene has my hopes up so high, I can't handle this much excitement!!!
They tease us with Zesshi on Episode 1, and now they show Fludder and Jircniv.
God why do they have to torture us like this
There was no reason for them to include either of the teases if they had any intention of ending the adaptation at S2. Neither added relevance to the plot covered by S2 and both could have easily been shoved into episode 1 of a S3.
Either this is some VERY cautious future-proofing or they're actively pulling for a S3.
Edit: apparently S3 is confirmed.

Brain going all out to cut the fingernail off was one of my favorite parts in the LN, this man got so happy.
I liked how they showed off the last 2 people. It was a lot less vague then season 1 ending so i'm hoping we get Season 3.

Fluder looked so good, those eyebrows are an actual manifestation of my mental image of him.

≫Brain going all out to cut the fingernail off was one of my favorite parts in the LN, this man got so happy.
Yup, same here. Probably the only scene which tops it for me is something similar in volume 9.

Evileye was so focused on her battle with Yuri and CZ, like... ``I will fight you two WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE!!´´
Meanwhile Nabe is having tea with her sisters hahaha

I wish they did include the goofy play fighting from the LNs.

Instead they went with Nabe's intelligence getting roasted.

Well, based on reading through the first couple of LNs and her actions in the anime... Nabe really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Jircniv looking like he's about to open the Gate of Babylon.

Ains is such a dork. I love it.


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