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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 15 impressions

Episode 15
"A Bloodcurdling Confession"

The problem with this show is that once you see Escanor, all you want to see is more of him. xD
Still, pretty good episode.

Sure, but same goes for Meliodas and Ban. This show is really strong in character department.

That's what I'm expecting on this episode.
I thought Escanor will be finally united with the other 7DS, but I only gott disappointed. :(

Diane's ass shots :) Is that cat permanently stuck to Arthur? That's cute though.
I always thought Gother was fishy as fuck, but I certainly never expect that reveal. Wonder how powerful he would be when he remember who he is.

≫I always thought Gother was fishy as fuck, but I certainly never expect that reveal. Wonder how powerful he would be when he remember who he is.

I thought he was like... spoilers... a human doll or something? Was he a commandment, too? For someone whose social ineptitude makes most redditors look like Casanova, he sure does have a lot going on.
Apparently, everybody's on the ten commandments now. Better go double check I'm not accidentally one of them.

Gowther being Commandment was a random twist.
Some good foreshadowing with the bit involving Denzel.

My question about that is wasn't he lowkey confirmed to be from the goddess clan back in season 1?
When him and Meliodas have that little talk how every sin of the group at the time is from a different clan/race. This made clear at the time that Gowther is not human and with Meliodas being a demon I thought there was only Goddess left, but now I have questions...

It was shown early in the season that he’s a puppet.

Yes, but he can be a Demon converted into a puppet or a Goddess converted into a puppet.
What even exactly is a goddess? The Horn apparently was a Goddess from the goddess clan and it definetly wasn't just a horn.
The Goddess theme still fits with puppet, however the tenth commandment membership doesn't.

You're missing the point. Your assumption was that because it was stated he wasn't human, he had to be a part of the goddess clan.

But with his reveal that he's a puppet, he meets your statement without having to be a goddess. Nothing ever indicated he was a goddess, just that he wasn't human.

He could have been half-dog too. Or a werewolf, or any of the other living things in the world that are not humans.

You might be getting confused with the fact that it mentioned something about the major clans being represented but that statement wasn't meant to include demons or goddesses. Remember that at the time the Seven Deadly Sins were formed, demons and goddesses weren't running around anymore.

I can only think of 2 possibilities, either Meliodas didnt know about Gowther or you dont have to be a demon to be part of the 10 commandments

Yeah, or maybe I'm just overthinking it and it just meant that Gowther was not a human, but I recall them specifically mentioning either clan or race and afaik there is no puppet clan or race.
I've already tried to find the scene but coulnd't.

Was expecting Fraudrin to say Meliodas was one of the original 10 commandments. Would have made sense that he's so strong. Nice twist that it's Gowther. Wonder if Merlin and Meliodas know about this or not.

Can't wait for the memory-loss Diane arc to be over with. Although it is tied to Gowther, I can't help but think it's boring. I'm guessing we'll see her new dancing skills be useful at the fight tournament.

Good episode!

She will fight that giant that created the dance for sure

Seriously annoyed they didn't simply kill Dreyfus. Like he is someone who is planning on wiping out all other species. There's no good reason for giving him a fighting chance. It's even more stupid because he says he wants to proove that humans can bring down demons. Simply tricking him and then killing him would have brought him down. And on the other hand, if they want to proove they want to take one down in combat, then why severly weaken him? They kinda went a strange middle ground between the two which simply makes no sense.

I know they want to keep him alive for some showdown with his friend down the line, but I feel it was seriously badly executed.

Worst episode of the season by far. God when it ended I was literally like "That's it?" Diane and Matrona are not interesting and the two kids being slightly injured, yet the only way they can be healed is by fighting in a tournament where one wish can be granted... Come on you can do better then that. I like Dianes indirect training, but I honestly I can't stand matrona and this memory loss thing is annoying as fuck. Worst arc of the entire series next to how much of a piece of shit King has been. Kind of annoyed how the creator made such compelling and likable characters into what they are now.

Have to comment again, after watching the episode I was so anxious to comment on this thread because the episode was awful. Characters I don't care about, being as retarded as they can be. Motivations being all over the place and random as Matrona being a main character with her random ass motivations. I don't think I can reiterate how much I hated this episode compared to how awesome the last couple episodes were. Ban, Elaine and Jericho are amazing. Escanor introduction is probably one of the highlights of the entire series and Meliodas power up was so on point. Where the fuck did the creator go wrong?!

This was my least favorite and most forgettable bit of the manga; so much so that I had forgotten about it until Matrona showed up in the OP/ending bit last week. I understand why you need to develop the characters, yadda yadda, but her childlike naivete and actions are grating to me. Hopefully it doesn't feel as long as the manga story did, but the sooner this is over, the better IMO!

Man did not see that twist with Gowther, I would have expected it to be Meliodas. Gez did Matrona made sure that demon was dead.

I think that everyone expected it to be Meliodas, that's why it was twist.

For anime onlys confused by the thing with gowther. You will get an answer but I don't think it'll happen this season depending how quickly they pace things. Just know even more twists are coming and you might not get an answer unless you read the manga. Or if this gets a season 3.

gowther was the strongest of the 10? did i get that right?

Not really, he just meant he was part of the 10 commandments

This episode dint really gave me that much impact not really a fan of Diane. My favorite is Ban and Elaine and the love triangle of Jericho.

I Don’t care what people say, I liked this episode. We got reveals in this episode. And I don’t see why people feel the need to compare this to MHA, like seriously what’s the point?

So in Nanatsu no Taizai 2 out of 7 members are demons' elite. Funny.


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