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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 14 impressions [The Seven Deadly Sins]

Episode 14
"Master of the Sun"


Escanor is the greatest of all.


All the hype that the manga readers built up... it was easily surpassed!

I'm thinking I wanna read the manga now. has the anime adapted the manga well enough that I can start where this episode ended?

All you really have to do is read the side story with the vampires and then you can jump in IMO. That's where manga readers really saw Escanor for the first time.

"Make your decision while I'm still a feminist"
He did not even touch her. He rekt her by words and by being there.
In fact all he did was slice galand in half once. So much damage with so little effort.
How befitting for the Sin of Pride.

"Yeah I hit him once but specifically avoided killing him. Then they both died. Weird huh."

The thing is he wasn't lying because galands curse would activate.

Well, how does the curse work exactly? Do the words have to be true or do you just have to believe them? If he's an avatar of pride, then he'd likely believe any kind of statement of superiority, even if it wasn't necessarily true.

I feel its more you have to believe them to be true e.g. diane when she said she had never faced galand

So much respect to Jericho!
We finally have Escanor’s introduction! RIP comments asking when he is appearing.
The man really does embody pride.

I fuckin love Jericho!
Ban is honestly making the wrong choice in waifus here.

Even Ban chooses lolis.

With Elaine's "I love you" comment, I'm just waiting for a threesome route that'll never happen here...
I was ambivalent about Jericho earlier, but the last couple episodes in particular has catapulted her as the best girl in the series.

Jericho is simply best girl.

The hype for Escanor sure as hell delivered, holy fuck that was amazing.
Galand chose the wrong enemy and ended up getting petrified by his own power after trying to run away from the challenge, that's how freaking badass that man is, and he wasn't even full power yet.
Anyways, Escanor definitely stole this episode, but Jericho also deserves some appreciation, she was so cool protecting Ban and Elaine in the first half of the episode!
This second cour is looking so promising, I can't wait to watch more.

Perfect choice of comment faces, given that Sugita plays both roles. And man did he ever knock Escanor out of the park.

Both sides of Escanor perfectly embodies Gin-san's itty bitty voice when he's trying to run away from a problem and his voice when trying to swindle someone out of their money. Such a perfect casting. On a random note, I'd thought his character in Wotakoi this season would've suited Tatsuhisa Suzuki (who plays Ban) better.

While y'all are praising the sun I'm just here staring at this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Note, however, that the reason you got to stare at that in the first place was because of Escanor.
And therefore...

She was pretty hot in that scene.

Anime only viewer, finally I get to praise the sun with you guys!

They've delivered on the hype!
My boii Escanor is here, praise the Sun \[T]/

Escanor's so fucking ripped he has an 8-pack and his muscles have muscles. The first gif is crazy with how quick it is. PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/

That second gif is some of the best imagery I've ever seen in anime

Sugita Tomokazu, you make a great work on voice acting.
I love the voice of weak Escanor

Finally Lord Escanor is here, and with that sweet sweet Sugita voice Kreygasm
Also that Melascula booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ALSO Jericho BEST GIRL

Gintoki, Joseph Joestar, Katakuri, and now Escanor. What a god

loved sugita as escanor


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