Sunday, April 15, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"Farewell, My Beloved Thief"

Ban with the cheesy kung-fu noises XD
I'm not liking the new OP so much, pretty rare since I'm usually hype for it when a new one comes.

I like the new one but it sounds much calmer and less intense than the first one which seems odd to me considering things are just heating up

Yeah i agree, the first opening was one of the best hype opening ive ever seen, it just got you so ready for the episode. While the new opening song is great, it just doesnt match the intensity that GranRodeo and Flow gave. I would have liked it more if they switched the openings, but what can you do.

can't contain the hype for next week

They are going to get absolutely FUCKED.

Next week is gonna be good...
At least, I hope it's the next one.

Ban though, he's holding his own.
Kind of.

≫At least, I hope it's the next one.
A long time we've waited, but soon. Soon!

It's certainly next week. Given the title and preview.

Jericho continues being absolutely amazing this season.
This was such a sweet smile.
Fight was rushed which was a little disappointing. It was still cool seeing Galan being turned into a punching bag again.
Fraudrin got destroyed really easily!
That preview had me fanboying.

I don't think the Galan fight was rushed at all tbh. It was just as brief in the manga.
The Anime as a whole just moves very quickly, which often makes for some janky pacing here and there (the Diane episode was pretty horrible in that regard, for example)

Another solid episode. Ban taking on the two demons was nicely animated. Jericho proving once again why she's best girl. Can't wait to see the next manga content animated


Man what a bizarre fight at the end, wasn't expecting that in any way. Just a random question but were we supposed to know the Pleiades of the Azure Sky from the previous season?
Next episode looks like it's going to be awesome.

The Pleiades are new characters. We saw Wayeo and two other members, Deathpierce and Doged, in the first(?) episode of this season tho. They confronted the sins during that little ceremony.

OMG I FREAKING LOVED THAT ZHIVAGO SOUL SWAP, wow and I could not see it coming at all.
Best episode in the season?
I am super bias as Ban is my favorite character but this was really awesome,
First of all it was a great battle to see Galand getting owned again right away lol, hes is exactly like I said in my review the push over worf now, Ban easily smacked him around after stealing his powers.
And than Ban gets easily owned by the love attack pressure lol.
Overall IS Ban the nicest man ever? Hes letting Elaine abuse him quite a lot right, undead in love with an enraged undead :) Loving it.
Jericho is as always super cute with her jelly rages, her confronting Elaine was a really good part and afterwards seeing her sulking is so dam funny even do you feel sorry for her.

14 is the best episode. No spoilers.

The ending song has a nice vibe to it. Also 1 more episode!

I'm team jericho all the way.
next episode guys!!!

I already miss the old ed, but this new one has nice visuals.

Damn, Ban, pretty impressive to hamper 2 demons in one hit.
Ah, I'm so excited for next week's episode!

I really appreciate that it isn't just "Meliodas goes around a kicks ass while the sins cheer him on/help against minor demons." For some reason I never considered that Ban would be a match for at least a sin or two due to his ability to steal power so now I feel silly.

I also appreciate that powers just work for the most part, none of this "I'm a demon 100% stronger than all of you combined so your lovey powers and mana multiplier powers don't work on me" bullshit. Seems like those knights with weirdly unique powers are going to be the most useful against the commandments while combat powers like Gil's are going to fall flat for sure.

Well, Ban got the favorable matchup vs Galan because he seems like a melee/physical type, so stealing his phycial power is super effective against him, plus physical attacks are pretty ineffective against Ban. The mage girl on the other hand rekt him easily.

The hype is growing and will soon peak at noon next week.


Holy shit Ban's powerful
Fraudrin's fight wasn't one-sided like i thought it would be considering he's a commandment. Guess there is a reason for it

No, he's not. He can steal other's powers but there's a limit. Had that fight lasted any longer, he would have lost.

Good point. It was still fun to watch though.

New OP and ED, both look pretty good. Seeing bans dad sacrifice himself was really moving. Pouting Jericho is best Jericho. Also looks like the last member of the seven deadly sins is finally going to make his appearance.


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