Sunday, April 1, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 12 impressions [The Seven Deadly Sins]

Episode 12
"Where Love is Found"

No episode next week :(
Meliodas’s power level really shot up while everyone else didn’t make that much progression. At least not enough to make a difference.
Ban and Elaine seem very happy to see each other again. Although next episode’s title screams death flags for Ban.
I can’t wait for him!

≫Meliodas’s power level really shot up while everyone else didn’t make that much progression. At least not enough to make a difference.
Gil-boy became 10% stronger, it's not like he unlocked Super Saiyan or anything but that's a huge boost.

As I said, it’s not enough to make a difference.

Of course, the Ten Commands have like 100k power each, there's no way Gil-boy can be relevant in this fight.

Wait what, why no episode next week?

It's episode 12 and April season is starting soon xD

Ah, yeah I just learned about it. Midseason break. Fair.

Seeing the tragedy of Ban and Elaine gets me every time.

Its my favourite story within the show. I was half expecting her to attack Ban for being with another woman.

Yandere revived Elaine, oh man I can't wait to see what might happen with her and Ban (after they stop kissing I guess).
That scene after the ED, I have been hyped hard about him, I hope it delivers.

Forget Meliodas, Hawk went through the biggest transformation in this series.

Seriously, turned into dragon pig! What the fuck did Hawk go through to get there??

Hawk ate the dragon who ate Hawk

I love estarossas voice. His voice actor is perfect for the character.

First time we've really heard him talk much, and I agree. It's perfect.

All the pieces are in place and now we're set up for what'll be an extremely fun second half!

Drum roll please...
Elizabeth is the reincarnation if Liz!!!!!
Couldn't they at least give them different names?

Nawh man, destiny is destiny. Can't change that.

Has anyone else just fantasized how Ban and Elaine would fuck, cuz that would be like taking an iPhone 3 charger cord and trying to use it on an iPhone 8. Honestly the size difference just really gets me cracking up. XD😂🤣

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Just the apparent age diference on the kiss scene was already kinda weird. I was about to call the lolice.

Age difference ? Yeah I also think that Ban is too young for Elaine.

We are introduced to the power of the most badass character in the series. Hawk. Just image if something like albeion ate him and then hawk ate him back. He would be OP af.

I cringe Everytime meliodas does a sexual harassment.

Is it sexual harassment if she consents? Not once in the entire series has she ever suggested that what he was doing was inappropriate. Maybe annoying, but not inappropriate.
I'd argue the first time he did it was definitely not OK... but after that, she really ought to say something, or frown, or indicate somehow that she doesn't approve, if she didn't approve... Also note, she explicitly thanked him the first time.

Oh shit, we are about to PRAISE THE SUN in the next episode. For all you anime onlys, you are gonna see the best sin in action.

Best episode yet. i just really love this series. it's so amazing. i'm so hyped for eveything that's coming. God i love this show!


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