Friday, April 13, 2018

[Megalo Box] Rpisode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"The Man Only Dies Once"

I don't understand a damn word, but I want to get my hands on that hip hop song that was playing around the 11-minute mark.

Rapper's name is Coma-chi. Don't know the song's name.

Username checks out
Now I need the full version lol

The music in this anime is just too Good! This anime really shaping out to be great with the strong track it's on right now

The ED is just amazing.

I know you what you mean, it's been on repeat for the last week.

Honestly the OP is probably the weakest song of the whole thing so far. It's the only one that hasn't gotten me bobbing my head along.

I'm also majorly disappointed by how boring the sequence actually is.
I'm sure the Ashita no Joe fans can find some sort of metaphorical meaning behind it but maybe it'll grow onto me after I've finished/watched half of the series.

I know all them ashita no joe fans must have creamed their pants when Junk dog said he wanted his citizen name to be Joe

I already creamed my pants when Nanbu told him that they are not in a position to have a "tomorrow"

Hell yeah. The Joe part, and the tomorrow talk!
I was also glad to see the Namida Bridge again.

It also made me think of Blade Runner 2049 (as soon as I saw the billboard with "average Joe", actually). I know it's supposed to be an Ashita no Joe reference though.

It might be an Ashita no Joe reference but I'm pretty sure the in-universe reason JD chose that name is because of the billboard.
I mean, they showed it for a reason.

So I'm really glad Joe was completely rekt by Yuri. I'm gonna enjoy seeing Joe get better at what he does rather than be a boring OP boxer whose only competition is at the top.

They've struck a good balance so far. Everyone loves a good underdog story, but without that delicate 'by the skin of your teeth' feeling it falls flat. So I'm happy to see them pull it off so well in the second episode. Also calling himself Joe? Yea, I man-squeed. Dunno if that's a thing, but it is now dammit!

The soundtrack for this show is top fucking notch, the rap insert felt like a something I'd expected to see in a movie, the English signs actually made sense as well.

I don't know if it was a purposely done directing trick, but when JD was trying to pursuade his partner to let him join Megalonia the graffiti on the wall behind him said "Enter if you dare" which really fit the point if the scene.

The sticking point for me now is whether or not this show is able to properly convey Joe's progress (T...T...T...Training Arc!!) because if they don't pull that off, any future Victories, especially against Yuri will feel hollow.

≫I don't if it was a purposely done directing trick, but when JD was trying to pursuade his partner to let him join Megalonia the graffiti on the wall behind him said "Enter if you dare" which really fit the point if the scene.
It was definitely intentional. Its not like they found a random building that happened to have that phrase, they had to actually draw it.

I'm surprised that in a season with Boku no Hero Academia, Steins;Gate, Shokugeki no Soma and SAO returning, the anime I fell in love with is the one I had never heard of.
The music, the setting, the voice acting, the animation it is all done so perfectly it leaves me in awe

Man, others might not like the resolution, but I'm digging this old-anime-feel I'm getting from it. The music, the eyecatches, the gritty atmosphere, it's reminding me a lot of Cowboy Bepop and other anime from around that time.

kinda gives off the samurai champloo vibe too. and the music even more so imo; definitely not the same as nujabes but more towards hip hop/rap. man this show is sick

My favorite show of the season so far. Just oozes style.

This is almost my exact tweet lol

≫"Listen up, guys like us, we don't get to think about tomorrow."
That line made the episode for me, just hearing Not!Danpei tell that to Not!Joe... Damn.

That rap that started when the kid was on the bridge was fire af.
Looks like were getting a tournament arc hell yeah dude
The full ED is also out on youtube

These Champloo/Bebop vibes are gonna make this show of the year for me.

He's a real scumbag, but Nanbu is honestly quite endearing to me for some reason. He stands out from other typical sleazy anime characters and feel kinda genuine.

He's a piece of shit, but it seems there's room to improve with his character. I expect him to receive some development if he's going to be coaching Joe throughout the show.

I definitely think it has to do with the way they wrote his script. He comes off as a sleazeball for the most part, but if you look at the way he talks to JD about accepting their lot in life it honestly sounds like he's trying to convince himself as much as his partner. I don't think he truly likes living the way he does, rather it's simply a means to an end and it definitely helps that he's actually good at it.

I'm thinking that once we find out more about what his debt is all about, we'll get a turning point for his character.

Damn, the visuals are amazing, and the anime itself has a great 80s/90s vibe.
Also, I didn't watch Ashita no Joe (yet), but the moment when the MC dropped "Joe" as his new boxer name was fucking great.
Oh, and the music. Between the OST and that japanese rap song which started the second half on the episode, my ears are definitely pleasured.

You should read the manga.
The Joe anime hasn't really aged that well, and the manga is both the source and faster to read.

I respectfully disagree. I think the first season of Joe has aged decently(mostly thanks to Dezaki's style) and the second season wonderfully. Though the manga is still a great way to experience the story, I think, if you're an anime fan, you should check out the anime first. if you can't handle it being so old then you can always read the manga. I feel there is a lot of merit to experiencing Joe with pacing and a soundtrack and Osamu Dezaki's directing and I personally prefer it.

Oh man, the nods to Ashita no Joe are getting real good. Are they going to train under the bridge as well?

I'm almost certain they will after they showed us that

Well, that was kinda what I expected. And now I already cannot wait for the rematch.

This strikes me as a show that, kind of like A Place Further than the Universe last season, knows exactly what it wants to be and is, so far, doing an excellent job of executing on everything it needs to. I love the soundtrack and the boxing matches have been awesome so far. I hope it keeps it up.

This show captures the ghetto aesthetic so well with it's soundtrack and use of visuals
JD choosing his name as Joe just enabled the Joe fanboy inside of me, this is now the show I'm looking forward to the most this season.

Honestly picked this show up on a whim when I saw the reddit reviews last week and have not ben disappointed at all. I really love the retro music and vibe, a breath of fresh air. Really looking forward to future episodes, probably my most anticipated anime of the season now haha


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