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[Megalo Box] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"Let's Dance with Death" / "I'd Rather Boogie with That Babe Than Dance with the Reaper."

"Good to see you again, Coach Nanbu"

Did we see him previously or something?

hes most likely a guy he trained previously or maybe even the guy who knocked his eye out

I could be wrong but i think it was implied in an earlier ep that the gangsters took it for not paying his debt on time

How fucking badass!!
edit: woah and there goes 3/7 fights? 4 more to go, if all goes as planned?

And that theme man... Everything is so hype and yet the events flow naturally and the plot is excuted with utmost care. This might be the new anime of the season for me.

There's no question that this is one of the top anime - but I think it'll be too difficult to say this will be the anime of the season when there's both Steins;Gate 0 and Boku no Hero Academia running in this season - especially with BNHA adapting the best arc.

Japanese rapping while random black wolves / dogs float around is the definition of hype

I dont know how it works. But it just does. I love that OP

I was looking forward to having a tech head aspect to the punch-ups (especially after episode 1 where Nanbu pulls the overheated battery out of the gear), but you can't deny the rule of cool and going gearless is definitely leaning hard into that. Yuri represents everything gear stands for and Joe fighting his way up through the ranks without one will be a big embarrassment for Megalonia and the company running it.

But is Joe really going to keep fighting gearless ? The coach did say that the first 3 matches were to get attention (hence fighting without gear) and that Joe would then get 2 "real" matches. Seeing as how they went from fighting guys who weren't even in the top 100 to a match against the 17th, it would make sense for Joe to try to get some gear so he can give all he's got.

He has to stay gearless. His whole appeal as a boxer is the novelty in fighting him. That's his gimmick and it's what is allowing him to climb so rapidly. If he gains a gear then he becomes "Normal" Joe which isn't appealing or special.

I didn't expect a fighting/training montage to happen this early in the show, but given the length of the season, it makes more sense. They're probably going to make these next few fights more interesting, especially since Joe's next opponent was a student of Nanbu.

"Gearless" Joe is a cool name tbh.
That team name tho, Team Nowhere. I like the meaning of it. Starting from the bottom and from nowhere coming in strong through the ranks.

They have a few small things like "Team Nowhere" if you haven't noticed. For example, in the second episode before he has chosen Joe for his name, there was a billboard that said something like "Not for your average Joe!" for a housing ad, and for the affiliation in the leader board for this episode, it says, "no belonging". I doubt these things are mere coincidences.

I love this anime.

Yeah man, it just has a charm that I've never felt before.

This show is just overflowing with style. The character design, art style, voice acting, sound design, all capped by a killer soundtrack. I love it. Still, I think this has been the weakest episode so far (still really strong though). The pacing seemed a little off IMO

≫I think this has been the weakest episode so far

Really? I disagree completely. I was completely invested in the fight, and it felt completely fine that they brushed over the next two.
This has probably been my favorite episode so far, personally.

I'm with you, that pacing was off. The fight was great, but then suddenly this giant montage. If its anyone's fault, its the damn animation industry in japan. Lets just underpay everyone, so the only series coming out these days are twelve episodes in length.

I actually liked that they skipped the fights, since they were basically just joe doing some power ranking.

The madman! He actually fought without a gear! He's going to be at a huge disadvantage though once he fights someone who can actually hit him. Blocking a blow without a gear is no joke as we saw from this episode.

Fuck me this is AOTS. Jesus how can something be this hype. I found myself being more excited to see new Megalo Box episodes than Hero Academia.

The best fight so far in MHA should be happening around when this ends, so it'll be interesting to see which fight gets the most hype from people watching both :D

Gearless Joe, holy shit. I appreciate that they showed that even an absolute madman like him can shit his pants when it matters the most instead of immediately having him dominate everyone. This show is amazing.
Also, I need that OST. And that OP. And especially that ED.

"Gearless Joe" eh, really badass, and it does make perfect sense, this would take in huge uprising star fame, this massive company need to sell the tickets for not just the actual stadium but the tv cost, the licencee etc, later merchandises and so on right so a sudden massive rising gearless guy would drive them, given that the plan is hard to actually do in another issue.

The fight was really nice as Joe (Junkdog) had to deal with fear of fighting, the fear of getting punched and injured etc.

Shark having fins on his gear was a nice touch :)

It feels do that sure its a disadvantage not having gear overall, but man it has to heavy walking around with most of those gears so at least Joe´s foot work and general avoidance should be way better.

Next week it looks like they are gonna fight Nanbus old disciple I guess, so hes gonna fight similar to Joe + gear so ---- trouble.

I am glad they basically skipped over those 2 fights, makes for much better pacing. Good stuff
Sachio best boy!

I love that the people who worked on this were dedicated to making it stylish as hell and absolutely badass, I love every second of every episode, nothing seems wasted. Not rushed either, just great pacing.

I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about the kid after last episode, but he grew on me. Also, this episode's fight was probably my favorite of the show so far. Given how the fights have just been getting better as the show goes on, I am very excited for the next fight with #17.

This show is just too good.


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