Monday, April 23, 2018

[Megalo Box] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
 "Gear is Dead" / "You're Just Crying Sour Grapes. Machines Don't Breathe to Begin With."

this anime is incredible.

It's become my favorite of the season for me. I miss this old school vibe and the soundtrack is great.

I love the kids character designs, they're unique and give off a really old school vibe. Also, the way they integrated these new characters was well paced and Executed with perfection.

Idk how megalo keeps getting better, but I sure hope it maintains this great path.

Edit: forgot to mention that I like how Nanbu isn't just some scammer and actually seems to have real experience/talent when it comes to Megalo boxing. He also might have some sort of dark past, judging from the way he was acting around people in the boxing Registry area. Hopefully we see his story soon.

i totally agree. This series has yet to disappoint.

A man only dies once, the hype never does

Apparently his motorcycle doesn't die either

Trainer idea is going to be fighting without gear tomorrow to get attention? Can't remember if the anime said anything about not being allowed to fight without one.

I think Joe said in episode 1 that you can't megalobox without gear.

You're right. He said he could take the guy in the first fight with no gear, but he has to wear it to comply with the rules.

You could just wear a piece of aluminum and pretend that it's gear

Tape a couple broomsticks to his arms, slap a dustpan to his back, good to go!

I still can't get over how good that ending song is


Best ED this season

This shot man...

I love that kind of shot to death. David vs Goliath, and if it's executed well it sells the scene soooooo well.

Is it too early for me to declare Joe best boy of the season?
I love his design and personality. All those smiles, damn. And now I guess he's an older-brother figure (the kids and extra designs are cool too, that oldish feel).

Fangirling aside, I really love this entire show's aesthetics and bgs. Despite being a bit of a scumbag the coach has his own charm too. I don't know, this entire type of story and tropes in general have a special charm. I'm enjoying it a lot.

no, its never to early to declare best boy/girl, so i'm going ahead and do it Joe is best boy

He reminds me of Akira from Devilman a lot.

I am waiting for Lord Blum to voice JD when (I hope) it airs on toonami. One of the clues to the three new shows was "feels right in the pocket".

Gez Joe you really don't take care of that bike. The fight was really well done though I did not expect that to happen to the Gear. Thought the new kids were going to be more annoying but they turn out to be alright. Also judging by the beginning it looks like Nanbu has some history with professional Megalo Boxing.

I’m guessing ex fighter turned underworld trainer.

I'm predicting ex fighter that was involved with gambling/rigging fights as a fighter, which would somewhat explain why he's so good at it now.

They're not pulling any punches with showing how down and dirty the slums are. Street urchin thieves stealing and fencing junk to get totally-not-drugs for a bit of respite in their shitty lives.
Now to see what crazy scheme they have in mind to get a Gear before tomorrow.

What I like is that they're not even doing the "totally-not-drugs" thing. They gave it a name so specifically vague that it loops right around to being very distinct and specific. They described it as making them forget their worries for a short time. And the kids look absolutely drugged out.

The fact that the leader was making sure they got theirs first further emphasizes that point, as he is acting as their caretaker and ensures they get their escape before he does.

When they were in the car talking, interesting proverb that was hanging up, "Dios aprieta pero no ahoga." Translation would be God squeezes you but does not drown you.

Better translation would be, "God holds you tight but does not Strangle." Thought that it was pretty neat considering how later we see Joe hold Sachio in his arms whereas he was quite literally being strangled by Potemkin.

This show has a really strong start, I hope they can maintain the pace of the show since it's only 13 episodes.

I hope you mispelled and meant only 130 episodes.

Seriously, how are you suppose to fit 5 beginning fights, entering the tournament, and getting to the champ in 10 ep?

Doubt he gets to Yuri in 10 episodes. Probably (hopefully) will be another season.

People working as directors should be taking notes. This is the proper way to "paint a new landscape" instead of having a soapbox character blurting out facts about this world.

I think that scene of the kids working as a group to steal the cameras and get some "stimulants" to forget how crappy the life on slums are, speaks a lot with just a few minutes of footage. And it does it in a manner that looks brightful and careless, but you still get the idea how depresing life can get when you're down.

The crucifix with the legend "Dios aprieta pero no ahorca" is very common say in all Latin America when you're hitting rock bottom and there's this feeling of no way out, it gives hope and puts things in perspective. And it does blend in so well with the rundown town where Joe and his manager will be training for the Megalomania.

I loved Sachio and his young group of misfits. I never expect the introduction of children to this kind of show, but it does give it a twist and I'm quite interested where this will be going and the urge of Sachio to get to the Megalomania.

The sparring match of Joe and Nanbu was great. It shows up that even though Nanbu is low life that gets by rigging fights, knows very well this sport and gives proper advice to Joe about his weaknesses in the ring.

I’m loving where this show is going. If the setting and hype stays this way, I’ll probably use this show as my “beginner friendly” show for my friends and family members who haven’t seen anime before.

One of those really rare ones where the directing just makes the world feel so alive somehow. I'm really really liking this so far!

Also i was starting to roll my eyes when they showed the prototype at first, i was thinking "oh so obvious, of course he's somehow gonna break his current one and the kids will steal it for him or something" But instead they surprised me and wrecked that prototype too!

The kids are fucking great, i did not expect them including some slum kids in here. So good.
Also holy shit at that short fight, THE HYPE!

I've been waiting for this all week, can't wait!


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