Friday, April 6, 2018

[Megalo Box] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Buy or Die?"

From all the first episodes I have seen until now, this is the best one. I am interested how this will work out.

Also that soundtrack is amazing, including that ED. Damn.

I agree, that ED was super catchy. For anyone who wants to listen to it more, it is on spotify btw.

Getting a Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo vibe from this show ... love the old school look.
A damn shame many people will dismiss it because of boxing.

I actually started watching it because of the boxing. Hajime no Ippo was one of my favorites.

Also I’m getting Akira and Original Ghost in the Shell vibes based on style.

Well, TMS did make Akira. That doesn't have to do with anything. Just a fun coincidence.

That bike scene on the highway reminded me of Akira immediately.
I miss this style of animation so much.

When I first heard about the show I was scared because it was being promoted as a 50th anniversary Joe project, I freaking love Ashita no Joe so much.
After seeing the first episode I must say it was actually pretty good, the 4 characters are totally look-a-likes from the original series, which felt nostalgic. The animation and OST were also very good!
So the first episode already ends with a cliffhanger, but Yuri will probably win easily anyways, nonetheless still excited for the next episode! Go Junk Dog!

I haven't seen the series but I picked up the first movie from Discotek and watched it a few days ago and am glad I did! Hoping the rest of the series gets licensed still but There are definitely a lot of similarities.

My guess is Junk Dog's real name is Joe but we won't find out till the last episode

This guy looks like adult Sokka who gave up politics for a more straightforward lifestyle.

Tbh a lot of the characters here gave me flashes of 'Legend of Korra' characters, like the betting seller at the underground ring especially.
Not a bad thing just fun to note.

They're not attempting to look like anime character designs, all of them have different facial dimensions and skin tones, like people. Avatar did the same.

Wow, this art style is a huge breath of fresh air. Why doesn't anime try looking like this more? Reminds me a lot of older classic series such as Cowboy bebop, Michiko & Hatchin and Samurai champloo.

Well it is a tribute to an anime from 1970, Ashita no Joe.

I haven't watched it yet. I need to try getting into 70's anime, but always find the audio off putting. It always sound muffled or compressed. Which is actually a bigger problem/hurdle than animation.

lets see where this show goes, looks pretty interesting after episode 1

He's either going to get btfo by Yuri, or Yuri's handlers are going to come in and stop the match before it reaches a conclusive end. He'll have to join Megalonia for a rematch. I think repair shop owner guy will help him get citizenship, or maybe the company will let him join after seeing the Yuri fight.

i was thinking the same thing! since they introduced yuri with this much effort there is no way of him beating yuri in their first fight. I think the fight will be even or yuri will be slightly dominating and just when our mc pulls himself together going for a counter attack the fight will be stopped...

Dude that was fucking sick. Decided to watch it solely after seeing a post and hearing it's ED, and it did not disappoint.
The setting is cool, main character is cool, the music is cool, dammit everything is sick!
Really excited to follow this one.

I wasn't expecting anything from this show but now I am hyped asf for the rest

Maybe in terms of the premise it is saying "don't think about it, just enjoy the kickass robot boxing" but I'd would say it has a more going on thematically than just cool fights.
Perhaps the whole idea of ambition and rising up from nothing to do something great isn't the most original theme but I think it's being done well with interesting characters and dialogue so far and to chalk it up as a "don't think about it" show just because the premise unrealistic is doing it a disservice.
For the premise of Gurren Lagann you have to "not think about it" because it gets ridiculous as hell but I would definitely argue that Gurren Lagann has more to offer than just cool fights and amazing action.

Like, damn! This was very good. And very well put together. That's some great art direction and animation, love it!

I really liked this. It felt like I was watching an an anime made 20-30 years ago. Just in general the style of this show is perfect. Can’t wait for next week.

The art looks like it's been really upscaled and is rather fuzzy. While the actual quality of the illustration is good, the way it's been processed and brought to the screen is a little distracting.

It seems to be an issue with Crunchyroll's quality. After watching it on Crunchyroll. I downloaded the episode in highest quality out online and it was much better. Just another example of legal streams offering a worse product?

No, it's an intentional effect.

This episode was great!


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