Sunday, April 1, 2018

[Märchen Mädchen] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"The Moon Flower Blooms Twice"

It's sadly unfortunate that the OP theme is called 'My Uncompleted Story'.



So I guess this is technically the final episode and it's going to be up to the producers if they're going to put out Episode 11 and 12? I would've at least want to finish this. Why even show the preview if we're not getting the finished product? :|

Well USA has ancient history of its own with plenty of tales and myths - but it's not fun talking about genocide that destroyed it so it's better to pretend nothing happened before colonization :)

Asking the same here, what ended up happening with the last two episodes? Last i heard AT-X was still airing them.
She is great. Wish we had gotten her earlier.
And no idea what American fairytales i was expecting... but this is hilarious.

≫And no idea what American fairytales i was expecting
Something like this?

Does Paul Bunyan count? Or John Henry, the guy who hammered a tunnel through a mountain to beat a steam-powered hammer and died? Or do tall tales not count as fairy tales?
I do love that Santa Claus' weapons are just a bunch of guns and bazookas 'cuz 'Murica! It kind of reminded me of Edd's World with Zanta Claws.

Yo, a John Henry Origin woulda been great. More interesting than Santa if you ask me.

≫And no idea what American fairytales i was expecting... but this is hilarious.
She's the Santa from Futurama.

She is great. Wish we had gotten her earlier.
I can't believe they hid best girl from us for so long.

Now I just realized that while I like Hazuki and most of the other girls (especially the russian school), I don't actually have a best girl in this show. This is sad.

Well, RIP In Peace, Maerchen Maedchen. I really like this idea of rewriting the stories. Too bad we probably won't get to see where it goes. This show was pretty good with it's humor.

That crack at America having no original stories.
I love this show.

It's weird because we kind of do have our own myths, it's just that Jonny Apple Seed is the only one anyone seems to know.
(Like seriously I was looking these up and that was the only one I recognized)

Makes sense as America is a baby compared to the other countries.

Sure but a lot of older European legends aren't much older than America. Cinderella is originally from 1634, like Puritans were over here by then.
Most of our myths aren't even stories, they're just stuff like "hey Sasquatch might be a thing."

≫Cinderella is originally from 1634
The first literary version is, but just like the Grimm tales, it's just a transcription of much older spoken stories.

Still looks bad, but nowhere near the dumpster fire of last week.

I mean comparing it to last week episode this one feels like it was made by kyo ani

I'm inclined to agree.

Since this looks a lot better than 9, it's quite clear that they left episode 9 to die and concentrate their efforts on episode 10 when they took that 2 week break.

I died laughing at the "America has no original history, therefore they steal from others to make it their own" part.
But anyways, RIP Maerchen Maedchen. The animation got better on this episode. But it's sad i'll never get to see what happens next.

Well... this episode definitely stepped up the quality. The faces of the characters need a little work but this is a lot better. I am glad that more characters are starting to forge their own path in life.


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