Wednesday, April 25, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 4 impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 4
"Magical Girl - Versus Cyborg"  

That panty shot, though.


Holy shit I can't breath what a episode. Btw the ED art is pretty amazing.

This is basically how to solve the problem of unrequited love in many animes.

God bless the screenwriter blasting through these tropes at galactic speed

They are adapting a manga... It's not the screenwriter that's blasting through the tropes it was the mangaka.

Black clover managed to go through it's boring tropes at the slowest speed possible

You are comparing a show with 50 episodes to one with 12 where the show with 50 episodes has been, for weeks, stated to stretch content where if they had followed the manga, like a certain 12 episode show we're talking about, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Heck Mahou Soujo Ore is actually adding content in the anime that wasn't in the manga, so they are doing the same thing but Ore is doing it better, up until now, because they aren't streatching out the content.

The reason I said that it's the mangaka that blasted through the tropes is because to people that have no clue about the manga the laurels would fall on the screenwriter when it shouldn't, at least not for this. In BCs case the screenwriters are the ones at fault for the crap pacing, not the mangaka.

So Batman Appears ---

Lonely and wants no friends with a utility belt and awesome martial arts. He knows Sakis mom it seems, that might come into play later

Than we get the 2 other idol girls which wish we got more screen time of, is one of them all tsundere over Saki ? I think so.

Everyone can also understand Mohiro san for some reason.

I wonder if the magical girl staff/mace will unleash a super attack once it's devoured enough blood?

I lost count of the number of times I facepalmed during the episode. This show is really silly, but I mean that in a good sort of way. Is Cyborg Fujimoto meant to be a parody of sentai heroes?

Nope it's Kamen Rider.

Tis' really just turn your brain off and have a chuckle. Just goes a million miles an hour, which for a show of this kind, is a good thing. I find that OP catchy as hell too.
That was a very nice boat also.

Does anyone else find this to be the most addicting OP this season? I'm hooked on it.

At least they still use ultra violence to defeat the ripped Dogs? No fucking clue what they are
Dunno, this episode didnt really flash me, but I guess they at least were able to "progress" the love triangle

That nice boat reference though...

So what's the deal with Hyoue anyway? Is he evil or something?

I like to imagine he's just trying to set his bro up with the main character by giving them an excuse to interact with each other but he, like, happens to be a demon and that's just how they do things.
Throw minions at it until the problem is solved.

I love the backgroundmusic in this episode

The Nice Boat was the best part of the episode. I wonder if the show will ever re-reach the heights of the first two eps.

really like the ending art alot

the last two minutes were the funniest part of the whole thing, i just want an anime about Fujimoto Ichigo the Cyborg now

This show is a riot lol. Cracks me up.


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