Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 3 impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 3
"Magical Girl - Another"

"I love Saki! In a sexual way!"
Just within the first few minutes they murder the cliches of subtext; then proceed to bury them over the course of the episode. :D
This is a perfect Monday morning show. Puts me in a great mood to start the rest of my week.

The flashback was a bit too long and I kind of expected something funnier to happen at the end of it. I liked the song they were singing though, that was a heartwarming moment.
I love how there's no room for misunderstandings, everyone is being blunt about their feelings.

A lil to blunt. Someone was worried about getting pounded

That such a brazen travesty of a show chose to do its flashback with such loving care makes it all the more hilarious.
Lahk Forrest sayd, laff’s a bawx a chocklits.

I love how they themselves acknowledge that there are plot threads left dangling...
That aside, the math for the oppai though...


They actually did the proper Kenshiro "ATATATATATA" at this part XD

As silly as this show is, their childhood backstory is actually pretty cute! They could've gone super goofy with it but I kinda appreciate that it was a bit serious.

≫They actually did the proper Kenshiro "ATATATATATA" at this part XD
"Omae wa mou shindeiru".

I'm going to get pounded


This show is pretty funny I'm enjoying it a lot. "I love Saki! In a sexual way!" was pure gold, I appreciate them not beating around the bush.
While imo the flashback was a too long it got to me. I feel for Sakuyo. Growing up liking girls I remember being in her exact position - I was jealous when girls I liked paid more attention to the boys, but as a kid I couldn't exactly figure out why I felt that way, and I also learned from family I shouldnt feel that way about my best friend. Poor Sakuyo it sucks :(

Is mohiro a disney princess or something?

No. Nintendo.
His second job is being Princess Peach.

Best Girl has entered the fray.

That’s waifu material right there

These two girls sure grew up, huh?

My pecs are ready for more handsome magical girl shenanigans!

So, Mumen Rider has gone evil!

The out of nowhere Kamen Rider reference.

Two more girls in the OP? I can't wait.

Based on the preview, looks like they show up next episode.

Saki is so bad at singing. It's really endearing though.

Another good episide of Mahou JoJo Ore. Sorry, Shoujo*

Saiki Saikyo This NTR I'd 100 percent Support.

Mohiro expressed a lot of emotions as a kid that it makes me think that someone sealed his feelings away or something...

No subtext , instead they give us the real one-sided girl to girl attraction here, Best Yuri Yaoi of the season.

This show is fun. I'm still not 100% if this Yuri or Yaoi but I dig it.

Is this a new genre?


I totally expected some funny punch line for the flashback but that was actually great and feelsy. Very cute.
Funny ass episode nevertheless, the best for now.

Although I appreciated the flashback I feel that it was a bit too long.

Mohiro has no idea what's going on but he still just nods agreement. He's a good brother.

Wow, they're really not in a hurry with this story, are they? So little actually ... happened this episode, and even the camera cuts seemed to be lingering for longer than they needed to. They're really stretching this out.
Oh well, at least the OP song is catchy as fuck. FIGHT FOR YOU, FIGHT FOR LOVE!
That endcard though.

This show is so great, this is definitely my early AOTS next to Hinamatsuri.


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