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[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 1 & 2 impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 1
"Magical Girl - Transform"

Episode 2
"Magical Girl - Ore"

Shit... I think I'm going to unironically enjoy this...

I know, right? I put this on my PTW because of the absurd premise, but so far they are hitting all the marks for a hilariously self-aware magical girl parody.

The scene of her eating that gigantic dessert while running had me in stitches. Even worse when in episode 2 she's eating a bowl of fish and rice, which was actually just a photo because apparently drawing it was too much work XD.
I think in the second episode it was supposed to be chazuke, which makes it even more ridiculous, since that's not an easy thing to run with.

I enjoyed this more than I expected to. Once Saki and Sakuyo sung that horridly lackluster rip off of the Cutie Honey theme, I was all in.
I also got a kick out of how they kill yōma with conventional weaponry. Saki really should have gone for the handgun, tho'. Unlimited bullets in an easily concealed weapon is OP.

I dunno, I definitely enjoyed her him her beating everything to a bloody pulp with a magical girl rod.

Ok, this was weirdly hilarious. The production is really low effort and the pacing can be a bit weird (what was up with those two overly long singing scenes?) but the jokes land. Seeing a magical girl bludgeon enemies to death with her rod, complete with blood and gore and pixelated mountain of corpses, made my day. Also that contract that denies Magical World liability for physical or emotional damages XD.
I'm confused about Mihuru, does he just not speak at all? Even when he supposedly "spoke" it was subtitled, Saki understood him but no discernible sound came out. And it seems pretty obvious he's actually gay, being attracted more to the Ore form than to regular Saki XD.

≫Also that contract that denies Magical World liability for physical or emotional damages XD.
That contract would be very useful for many magical mascots from other shows

I'm not sure if this is Yuri or yaoi

Probably both.

This season is starting well! The animation isn't the greatest, but the VAs are doing a great job at bringing life to it.
I could definitely see myself binging that show. Too bad we have to wait two weeks for the next episode.
End cards. I'm surprised at how grim they are. I wonder if the show is going to take a darker turn later on.

≫I wonder if the show is going to take a darker turn later on.
I hope it does. I mean, it'll absolutely be satire of the magical girl deconstruction trend that's been popular for a while, but I really hope they play it as straight as they possibly can while suppressing all their giggles.

this reminds me of superhero comics,when after a major deconstruction people begin to copy by... deconstructing the deconstruction haha the best part is the counter revolutions starts when someone does,well, a new version of the thing that was satirized in the first place

That somehow managed to be even more insane than i thought it would be. Top grade visual gags and a nice level of satire. Only hope that they manage to keep it fresh over the whole length of the show.
Also that was a nice boat.

As soon as they said "we're going to be forced to show scenes of nature instead" I called the nice boat. The next second it showed up. It was a beautiful nice boat :')

So I don’t really know how to describe what I’ve just watched, especially after that tentacle scene.
These two episodes were pretty fun to watch. And Im afraid I will actually like this anime.

Been waiting for this since it was first announced and it's what I expected it to be: hilarious. It's not the first show I've watched about magical guys (the other would be Earth Defense Club), but it's definitely the funnier of the two. Lots of meta and self-aware jokes and poking at the magical girl tropes, along with some really good voice acting especially from Ayaka Ohashi and Kaito Ishikawa. I think this is going to become one of my favourites for the season.

If you haven't seen Ore Twintail ni Narimasu, I highly suggest watching it

Already watched that, Twintails is more of a gender bender than having guys parade around in magical girl outfits. In fact, there's a little of both in this show so I'm happy.

Yep, this was dumb fun as expected. Thumbs up!
This scene in the ED is... interesting.
And art-style of the endcards is pretty cool!

≫This scene in the ED is... interesting.
Well, that sure is a unique take on yuri.

That scene in the ending seems to have been taken out from the CR epaiodes, I wonder why

This was completely absurd, and I loved every minute of it.
Comedy of the season, I'm calling it now.

I can't believe they made a nice boat reference. I'm going to love the hell out of this show.

It's just as stupid as I thought it would be...I love it!

A monster that makes the world black-and-white is something that Powerpuff Girls have done, sets up expectations nicely.
Running with bread in your mouth have gone a long way...
Bloody realistic fighting? Instant Madoka successor right here. They have dream-sequence prologue, "make a contract with me" and everything. 

I wonder if it will go One Punch Man route and actually have dramatic high-stakes battles later on, not just comedic routines.

I don't think it's gonna be a Madoka successor. Madoka was a lot more focused on trying to be philosophical and deep. This made her beat the monster to a pulp because it was funny. Which I 100% appreciate.

That's the joke.jpg

This was everything I expected it to be....and more.

I just love how absurd this anime is! To be honest at first I thought I wasn't going to like this and it was going to be like Cute High Earth Defense Club Love but I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised!

Every joke they made managed to make me laugh out loud that I had to bury my face into my pillow as to not to disturb the other people in my apartment. Seriously! I don't think Pop Team Epic made me laugh this hard!

We'll see if they can keep up with this momentum though. I can see how the joke might start getting stale later on but as long as they keep everything at super ridiculous levels I think I will definitely stick with this.

Also Sakuyo best girl! I love her deadpan reactions XD

"I don't think Pop Team Epic made me laugh this hard"
Totally same. I watched the last episode just before starting Mahou Shoujo Ore and it only made me giggle a little. While watching those two new freshly baked episodes though I was howling with laughter for 50. Straight. Minutes. This absurd hit's right in my sense of humour honestly XD
Edit: fixin typos

Oh yes. This will do nicely.


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