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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 4 impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 4
"The Successor and the Transfer Student"

The more I watch this show,the more I wish the main character was Yatsumura rather than Asagiri,it would certainly make up for a more entertaining story than what's currently happening.

Same, the whole shy-super good dont want to harm anyone MC in magical girl anime trope is getting rather dull, i hope Asagiri will grow as charachter and be emotionally stable and strong, but i doubt it - also if Yatsumura dies fairly on i feel like it's going to cause all Asagiri's growth so far to come undone

≫shy-super good dont want to harm anyone MC

That gives me a crazy idea! Why not make a mahou shoujo anime directed at 8-12 girls full of harmless fun, power of friendship, harmony and fluffy mascots? That would be like the ultimate deconstruction of the genre.

Did Sarina has fang before this episode? i don't know but somehow her fang really distract the hell out of me throughout the episode
edit: also i know the brother is a scum but damn i really love his character lol can't wait to see him more and how he ended

Same. I can't remember if she had it before but it was distracting me whenever I saw it

She did not. A little weird how they suddenly put that in, whatever though I embrace this change.

I think they were put in just to represent her character change, although its a really weird decision to make. I'm more focused on her fang now more than her giant scar.

I thought it was to represent her change as well, only then she had it during the flashbacks. Either way, the fang just means she is going to win.

Damn the Admin is creepy, especially that side shot and the unsettlingly jittery movements. Quite what it's game plan is I don't know, depends whether it's the cause of the tempest or is using the girls to survive it.

That neck scar is pretty cool though. For all the shit they put Aya through, I kinda wish her vocal cords had been damaged.

Aya is such a precious cinnamon roll in the worst possible universe to be a cinnamon roll in. Every time she smiles, like when the teacher says she's changed, my heart aches a little knowing she's still got a ton of shit to go through before being happy, if she ever gets that at all.

She was getting really close to the ending it all at the beginning of the series, but in a weird way, the Magical Girl Site saved her. She was lucky enough to be part of a universe where magic is real and she could make a friend and that's beautiful, if a bit twisted.
She really is a precious.

And now her bully is a magical girl with a thirst for revenge on a higher level than Yastumura’s... Dammit, I just want her to be happy for all the crap she’s gone through.

Huh... I did not expect that to be the reason why Sarina and her friends were bullying Aya. It was pretty obvious that Sarina was already targeting Aya from the start but I didn't expect that the trigger was by Aya herself for not thanking Sarina after she was nice to her.

Still that doesn't justify them bullying her. If Sarina really wanted to befriend Aya she would've been a lot more patient with her. I mean looking at how Sarina's eyes during those scenes, I wasn't sure if she was being sincere or was just toying with Aya.

Even though she's pretty much twisted because of her wanting revenge , Nijimi genuinely wants to be friends with Aya and Tsuyu. Which sucks since it looks like Sarina will turn her against them since she has strong evidence that they're taking care of Shioi and is hiding it from her.

And Tsuyu is hardcore. Didn't expect her to be keeping her parent's murderer alive and tortured. Looking at those tubes it looks like she's been giving him the classic "eating your own excrement" torture, but instead of piping it down his mouth it's directly through his throat. Yikes.

Sarina was absolutely not ever being sincere. It was only ever about her getting her ego stroked and when she wasn't getting it, she lashed out to get some sort of twisted satisfaction
She's fucking scum and I'm disgusted she's still alive in this shit show

Yeah, pretty much just a classic bully. The moment she laid eyes on Asagiri she smelled blood in the water and figured she'd have some fun with her.

≫Still that doesn't justify them bullying her.

I don't think there is really ever a good reason for bullying. They almost always are petty and pointless. Even real life bullying usually happens from people being different be it in looks, attitude, or actions. So maybe they could have wrote it in a way that was a bit less shallow but it wouldn't differ that much.

・That scene in the hospital room was very unsettling, Nana's a great character. Also it's interesting that she chooses one person to have the hunter role.

・I'm a little worried for Yatsumura and Aya now that Nijimi knows where Shioi is.

・Their teacher was surprisingly lively this episode, guess he's a Nijimin fan. And he actually noticed Aya's change in attitude, what a 180 for him.

≫what a 180 for him

Either he had actually been somewhat concerned with Aya's behavior, or Nijimi calling her out amongst everyone else (and using a nickname) made him have more respect (notice) for her.

Without the magical girl stuff, if Nijimi had been Aya's friend all along, she probably wouldn't have been bullied. Of course this doesn't bode well for Sarina, who'll likely turn this around.

What a fuckin cluster fuck of emotions I had with this episode.

I really love Nijimi and I honestly hope she does not become the next villain or something. Sure, she seems a little crazy but I don't blame her intentions at all.

Please don't get corrupted by that fuckin bitch!

The circle of abuse, father abuses son, son abuses sister.

MC was very pathetic, but those girls bullying her for that were just the worst. I mean a girl who is obviously nervous and jumpy, probably from being beaten by her brother doesn't need the added pressure that everyone puts on her.

That homeroom teacher is the worst, it's pretty obvious what's happened to MC in school and he did jack shit.

I think a key issue is that Aya actually believes that she is the problem. It can be hard, as a teacher, to put fault when the 'victim' won't admit it.

It's interesting to note that Aya locked her brother out of her room in episode 1, suggesting that, previously, Aya may actually have been complicit in allowing herself to be beaten up.
It's likely that Aya was constantly being told by everyone around her that she was always the problem (e.g. wasting time in class, making everyone else wait, etc), hence starting a downward spiral of giving up self-worth and being unable to blame anyone else.

This ends up making her vulnerable, easy to pick on and be taken advantage of.

Teacher could hold the bullies accountable, I mean everyone is seeing it happen in front of them, there is no excuse for that.

I agree that Aya was pretty submissive to her brother, although she did say not to hit her in the stomach, so at least she still was trying to fight a bit then.

Is it just me or was pacing somehow off compared to first three episodes?

The pacing is pretty consistent throughout the manga and the anime reflects it. There's basically no rest in between plot points

There were some "quality" moments this episode. The most glaring one was when the brother was walking down the street and everyone else was still.
I thought it was a bit funny that the reason Aya gets bullied is that she didn't say thanks.

The admin that talked to Sarina's voice reminds me of Dayon from Mr. Osomatsu and it's messing with me.

Also I absolutely hate how the older brother is my favorite character. He's a piece of garbage but his character and the scenes he's in are entertaining to watch. I can't wait to see more of him in future episodes.

This is the first Mahou shoujo shwo i watch in a long time and i got to say, even with today's episode weak animation i had a blast. The plot is so damn interesting and the characters are amazing.

Man another good episode. I look like things might go down in the next episode since Nijimi knows where Rina is. Also Sarina manipulating things in the back was really good.


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