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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 3 impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 3
"The Princess and the Poison Apple"

Controlling people with magical panties, pet idols, a live action MV for an ED, and some more psycho characters. What a weirdly intriguing episode.

≫Controlling people with magical panties
Is this a satire of how to control anime fans? Panty-shots...

idol fans, but yeah, pretty much. remember that the idols are middle school girls but (as seen in the crazy dudes apartment) they have them doing gravure shoots. the joke of course is that the fans have become literal slaves to their own lust, a very fitting end for a bunch of perverted lolicons.

the quality is a bit wonky at times, both the concert and meet and greet scenes were a little lacking, but i do get the impression that the director has a firm grasp of how he wants to present the show visually. there's a nice mixture of close-ups, wide shots, and panning frames, and he even found time to sneak a few dutch angles towards the end just to further drive home the surreal nature of the show. the comedic moments also blend well with the darker tone of the series, and for a story that could very easily fall off the rails i'm very happy with how things have turned out. i'd still recommend the manga over it, but that's just personal preference.

the characters remain the strongest aspect overall. the facial art and animation is strong, and the performances are universally great. nijimin absolutely stole the show here, just as fanatic as i imagined her to be when reading the manga, and indeed i'd say she was even better than i hoped. the music is great, the ed's are marvelous, and while i'm sure it will get widely dismissed for being 'edgy' this is easily one of my favourites for this season.

e - oh, i almost forgot. last week a few people complained that shioi was acting kind of stupid when she attacked aya. well now you know why, because excessive magic use can cause brain damage. the author honestly deserves more credit than people are willing to give. and it's not the last time either.

I like the contrast between Nijimi wearing a collar and being in a 'dog' idol group, with all the pet play, to her power, which lets her control others. She might be wearing the visible collar, but the actual collar is on whoever she wants.

Good to see Aya having some measure of fun now. - poor girl's suffered enough already. I have no sympathy to give her older brother.

I think the odds that the girl who had her throat slashed becomes a magical girl are very high - the real question, given that she's a 'replacement', is: will she get her own power, or will she get Magical Hunter's power, whatever her own actually was?

Finally, I'm not sure what was implied when they swapped their contact info. Yatsumura seems to think something's up, but that's slipped me by.

≫Finally, I'm not sure what was implied when they swapped their contact info. Yatsumura seems to think something's up, but that's slipped me by.

look at nijimin's eyes. they briefly changed colour to indicate her using her power. there was also an additional sense of time dilation that caught yatsumura off guard. it was all done to show that nijimin is not to be messed with.

So they did. I originally had thought that was because her eyes were sore from her contact lenses, but given that the pupils don't turn red, that makes much more sense.
I'm not sure about the time dilation part, but I assume that she used her power to make them add each other as contacts. The obvious question is of course: why? That's not even the phone Yatsumura uses for her power.

The time dilation indicates they were not conscious of the event. They took out their phones, synced the information and then regained consciousness.

I didn't expect a new ED. And the song was really nice too.

Nijimin character song CD with her songs is out, btw (as all the other stuff, you can sail the seas to get it). But, I didn't expect the live ED with that song.
I must say for such a niche show (though, I am enjoying it and having read the manga, I can say that it's going to be a wild ride), it has quite amazing production value.

Tone shifts are introduced and used for maximal creep. This is a rarity, but a fine with pairing with the sharp cuts.

It's the 3 episode cutoff point - and I'm sticking with this! Hell, it's burgeoning on being one of my favourites of the season!

I think my favourite part about this episode was Yatsu specifically not divulging her backstory - it seemed very... human, and like it weighed something heavy. I was honestly expecting the neck-slit girl to murder Shion but the twist with Pigtail Avatar standing there with a stiff neck-movement gave me the shivers. I'm real sad that Neck-slit is still on the ride but she better get her comeuppance from Aya this time, on the back of some great development for her. I'm hoping the theme of this series is Aya learning that she can fight for herself or more specifically that doing a morally bad deed for a good reason with conviction can be worthwhile.

Completely no suffering this episode! And Aya's starting to get a hang of how to use her Stick. It's probably not gonna last though since it looks like Sarina is about to get her own Stick too. I thought Onii-chan was going to get one too but thank goodness the site didn't work for him.

Nijima is interesting though. Her turning her fans into slaves are definitely questionable but she doesn't seem to be a bad person. And her rage against Shioi is definitely justified. I wonder though what she'll do to Aya and Tsuyu once she finds out that they know her.

Intriguing that not only they used Nijima's character song but they even got Serizawa Yuu to perform it live action with cosplay on. That's actually pretty impressive, usually stuff like that are BD specials or for live events only.

≫Her turning her fans into slaves are definitely questionable
it's a commentary on the way idols are treated by the fans and media. i found it pretty funny, in a dark sort of way.

I don't think Onii-chan will ever have a chance at getting a stick. From what I can tell, the site only reveals itself to unfortunate girls, a category that he doesn't quite fit into.

That didn't stop the boy in MGRP but I doubt Oniichan has the mahou shoujo cred of Souta.

Nijimi's got creepiness in spades. I liked how she snapped from vengeful to idol persona so readily. I also enjoyed seeing embarrassed Aya and happy Aya! Girl deserves some fun and praise. Looking forward to seeing what Sarina's new power will be.

Mind control panties. Now I've seen everything.

Panties already have a pretty strong sway in anime

I keep expecting this show to descend into a train wreck, but it's still keeping things interesting. Idol girl is keeping everything bat shit insane while the other crazy girl is in a coma.

I'm wondering how Mr Number 1 Fan is going to end up becoming part of the story. Maybe he'll become her only fan once the panties are stolen or attempt to stop the main girls if they try.

≫I'm wondering how Mr Number 1 Fan is going to end up becoming part of the story. Maybe he'll become her only fan once the panties are stolen or attempt to stop the main girls if they try.

Check out that final scene again. He has the same blank eyes as the other mind-controlled people now. Presumably he tried something at the meet-and-greet and Nijimin got him with her power in response. I think that the implication is that Nijimin is only making slaves out of people who are a threat to her.

Yatsumura was great as always. Kind of wish this bit was in there, though.

Ayapi's smile is the smile to protect, Also the facial expressions of the characters are top notch once again

Nijimin is love and I will fight anyone who disagrees.
I love seeing Aya and Tsuyuyu getting along.

This show is hilarious, so many people checked out after episode 1, but its clearly done with no small amount of irony, maybe the source is straight, but the director looked at the plot and hammed it out to 11, every episode makes me laugh, like few comedies have.


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