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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 2 impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 2

That fucking face, WHAT THE FUCK ONI-CHAN?!
This is some entertaining edge.

Shit like this is why this show is AOTS. Ironic comedies this good don't come around often.

That's how rapist looks without raping a girl for few days.

That face was absolute golden.

Goddamn these facial expressions are amazing.
Speaking of amazing, the editing and sound editing really brings out the maximal style of this show, and pair impeccably with the massive style changes (like the preview) and make for a very stylish ride.
I'm loving this ride. It hurts, but I love it.

≫Goddamn these facial expressions are amazing.
Agreed! I got some serious Higurashi vibes from the photo Rina sent to Yatsumura.

Really good pacing. They didn't dick around too long before revealing what's coming.

  • The music and artstyle while time was frozen was super cool.
  • The health points restriction is pretty interesting, too.
  • It seems like the eye-shape is related to the stick that gets used.
  • Onii-chan doing the previews is hilarious.

  • the other night i read the first 20 chapters of the manga, and for anyone who likes horror and dark magical girls i would highly recommend it. the art is great, and the story is an absolute riot but so as not to spoil anything that's all i'll say about it.
    regarding the adaptation there are a few changes worth pointing out.
    • when yatsumura cuts sarina's throat it's done much more slowly, and rather more gruesomely.
    • there's slight delay to asagiri's teleport magic, long enough for the victim to say something. cutting it appears to have been a decision made solely for the sake of shaving off a few seconds of screentime.
    • the story is being told more less exactly as it happens in the manga, with only some minor changes to the order of things and a few scenes having been shortened. for example the scene when sarina's friend freaks out originally took place during class.
    • one big change is that they removed a character. this won't make a difference to anime watchers but for me, who's not caught up on the manga, i think it might spoil something.
    • speaking of spoilers, do not look at the cast page. seriously. big spoilers there and right out in the open as well.
    the seiyuu have all been fantastic so far. one of the biggest benefits to anime adaptations is getting to hear these fresh takes on all the characters you've come to know and love (or hate, as the case is so often here) and all of the cast are doing a fantastic job.
    speaking of fantastic jobs, the facial animations are top notch and match well with the manga's art. the rest of animation is pretty all over the place (the tempest page in the manga looks way cooler than the one we just saw in the anime) but the faces are the most important bit and i'm happy to see the studio are getting it right so far.

    How many chapters are there total?
    I might have to pick this up then because I am loving the series so far.

    I believe there are roughly 40+ that have been translated out there somewhere.

    Yes, sadly...I hope someone will pick this up again after the anime finishes.

    I would like this a lot more if the mc was bitter and suicidal (given her life), i mean we got another good haerted mc...

    I think her good hearted nature is what keeps this show from being legitimately "edgy" and painful to watch, instead makes it disturbing and dark.

    And waiting for Amazon US continues! It looks like the episode is live on Amazon UK though.

    Introducing Aya last week was depressing as fuck, but with that behind us this episode was actually quite entertaining. Based on the info from this episode, I'm hoping for a magical girl brawl.

    Well, this calmed down to Magical Girl Raising Project levels of suffering.
    Maybe think before mouthing off, there

    Okay, so here's the thing.
    I get the idea behind having a heroine who wants to see the good in the world and be the better person, but that's only admirable if you don't spend the entire first episode establishing that the entire world our character lives in is 100% trash.
    Give us some reason for the girl to believe in humanity, even if it was just this one person who was kind to her once.
    Without that grounding for her logic, Asagiri simply comes across as naive and whiny, especially when someone is straight up trying to murder you.

    She's been treated like trash since she was born, so she thinks that she is trash. She is conditioned to expect punishment for resisting so its very reasonable how she reacts after killing two people. Its also worth noting that in the first episode she tried to kill herself. So she either kills another person or she dies and doesn't have to deal with her life, the site or the other magical girls.

    I mean I can get the "she wants to die" lean but the show doesn't play it like that - it plays her like the innocent victim cliche in every other one of these dark magical girl anime.
    If they do address that though, the series will be much better in my eyes.

    This anime is pretty entertaining even though it's a bit over the top. I almost skipped it because of the low score on mal.

    If it has a low score before the third episode just assume that it's salty reviewers.

    Finally the second episode! I just have to say, coming here to discuss on Reddit is a great part of the experience for me :) Anyway, I hope all those people who kept saying "3edgy5me" are gone by now. Seriously, so many people tend to comment "They're trying too hard to be edgy" whenever they see blood or violence just to feel like smart critics, dismissing the fact that everything that happened last episode had a reason for happening.

    Sorry for the quick rant! As for the episode: watching the opening... Is that her brother who appears behind her at the beginning? That could mean he will stay around longer uh? Oh well, I just hope Aya will grab her gun in case he tries anything again. He's the one who deserves to suffer the most right now, let's not forget how he probably spent years beating his little sister.

    Tsuyuno's power is incredible, stopping time seems like one of the strongest you could get... But, after hearing the rules, I'm getting worried about her using it too much. Hell, she spent so much in this one episode with time stopped... Also, she's pretty great, she definitely isn't being nice with anyone who doesn't deserve it. It seems like they really liked showing her legs and thighs when she was in Aya's room, but I'm not complaining.

    One thing that worried me is: how did Rina know about Aya? She had picture, name and knew the area where she lived... Is that because of like, another magical girl's journal or something? Maybe a power that lets you know about other magical girls? Seems like a power that was just made to start some kind of killing game, by itself knowing who other magical girls are is useless.

    Poor bully... Feeling so anxious now? Oh people talk about you and avoid you? That's so sad. I feel so bad. Not like you treated some other girl in ways that could easily push her to suicide uh? (I know, I'm a bad person. But I just can't feel bad for those girls, sorry)

    I want to know more about Rina. Despite my only thoughts on her for now being "Fuck her" (not in the good way), I would like to hear more about her motive, and this tempest, which totally sounds like will be a big problem (getting Life is Strange vibes from that, so much... An incoming tempest/tornado to wipe out everything? Sign me up, that game may as well be my favorite). Also, creepy-Frieza-voiced-hellspawn has a sensitive ear, got that.

    Looking forward to more! I am seriously enjoying this, it's so damn interesting too... I will keep myself spoiler-free from the source material too. Now that they added this pseudo-battle royale aspect, it definitely skyrocketed in how much I look forward to this. Will they be actually killing each other? That other magical girl in the end (I don't believe we have her name yet, although it is on MAL's voice actors list) seemed to be somewhat... Thirsty for murder.

    Sorry for the long post! I usually love reading in-depth comments on discussions, so I kinda got carried away. To finish this off...

    Tsuyuno KNOWS how to get the info she needs. Damn
    I know one character is great and the other deserves the worst, but... This face definitely reminded me of the absolute best boy

    Thank you for your elaborate views as a non-manga reader :)
    ≫He's the one who deserves to suffer the most right now, let's not forget how he probably spent years beating his little sister.
    But...but...he needs to be perfect...that's hard you know xD

    ≫Poor bully... Feeling so anxious now? Oh people talk about you and avoid you? That's so sad. I feel so bad. Not like you treated some other girl in ways that could easily push her to suicide uh? (I know, I'm a bad person. But I just can't feel bad for those girls, sorry)
    I have to wonder though, since they show the bully being all miserable, maybe she's going to become a magical girl as well?

    That's a good point. I would bet on it, probably topped off with some sad background story to complement why

    ≫I hope all those people who kept saying "3edgy5me" are gone by now
    I'd rarely use that word to describe a show but it fits extremely in this case.

    ≫That could mean he will stay around longer uh?
    I got a feeling that he will have a bit significant role in the story since he keep appearing after the ED too.

    Recovery: 11/10. This was much less depressing. Of course it is supposed to be depressing, and it still is, but last weeks episode is still digesting in my mind, and it was so enraging. This episode’s pacing was really good, and I’m beginning to enjoy the series.

    I don't know why i didn't notice the flying sperm during the ED but now that I've seen it I can't unseen it. That face the brother made trying to hold back his aggression was great though I still don't like the character.

    The freaking reaction of the brother, my sides.
    Looks like we already have a time limit set, the events leading to it will definitely be entertaining

    I love Yatsumura already. Her lines about getting rid of anyone who’s a nuisance is sometimes what I feel like while I’m trapped at my hell of a college. Instantly won me over.
    Aside from that, really loving the atmosphere and feel of this series so far. Probably gonna be one of my favorites of the season.

    I really enjoy that dance sequence at the ending song

    Compare to the manga, the fight scene in the box seemed awkward compared to the manga, like the girls just standing around and talking for a while and then actually try and killed each other. Other than that, everything else is great !


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