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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 1 impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 1
"Magical Girl Site"

Dude if anyone needs the Magical Girl Ore ability to just turn into a muscular dude to beat the shit out of people its this chick, jesus

It's like fuckin Fairly Odd Parents but she's got a WAY worse life than Timmy fucking Turner (except maybe Vicky), and Jorgen is fuckin Freeza. . . I think. . . Still need an ID on the VA.

That is a 10/10 description

Welcome to the show that makes MGRP look like a cute and fluffy slice of life...
Strap in, for it's going to be a wild ride - the source material is by the manga-ka responsible for Mahou Shoujo of the End.
An appropriate reaction face

≫Welcome to the show that makes MGRP look like a cute and fluffy slice of life...
That was my first thought too! Even though we knew that shit was gonna hit the fan, at least MGRP started out all fluffy and cute.

I would easily believe it's the same universe.
MGRP was dark but it wasn't exactly 'my entire life is suffering'

me throughout the whole episode

This is exactly what I needed after watching this
TRAINwreck of emotions!

I was expecting dark, but that was downright depressing and brutal. Poor kitty.

studios been trying to top madoka since 2011. The bar is set up pretty high...

The problem is Madoka isn't JUST an edgy magical girl anime. They're gonna have to do A LOT more to top Madoka.

Holy mother of magical girls that was HEAVY
I even knew what to expect roughly, but damn was that something.
As awesome as the OP was, what the hell happened in the ED there? From city of sperm to live action dancing?...
In any case - the episode. A gallery of hardcore edge delivered in pristine condition. From the stomach churning scenes of bullying including head-in-toilet, physical abuse, rape, systematic sexual torture, suicide attempts, cat murder, graffiti and physical pranks-too-far, that was a hard watch.
Yet hot damn was seeing the gory end a cathartic experience.
Mahou Shoujo Site is testing me as a human and I can't wait for more. After the fairly saccharine Winter, I need something heavy.

≫cat murder
Ok, this shit has gone to far.

Some might say not far enough.
Edit: To be clear I'm only talking about the cat death (wishing there was more), not all the other stuff (attempted rape, razor blades in her shoe etc.) That stuff was horrible.

I expected them to gut the cat in front of her. So it was a let down in a way.
Rape wasn't on my table though of expectations, so I'm letting them off the hook with that.

≫Rape wasn't on my table though of expectations
It wasn't?
Man rape is one of the basic ingredients of Edge™

I'll regret what I'm about to say, but fuck it: I'm 100% supporting Aya. Idc if she turns into an antagonist. Idc if she accidentally or intentionally kills a dog or a cat (RIP to her only friend). Idc if she ends up killing me or my family. Idc if she kills my waifu...alright, I might care a little, but fuck it! This girl's life is depressing as fuck, and I'll be 100% supporting her and her decision-making throughout the duration of this anime.

Too much holding back and feeling guilty! Bring on the murder spree!

On one hand, I want to see her go on a murder spree. On the other hand, I'd like there to be some positivity in whatever ending she gets (even if it's after she lost everything), and a bloody rampage isn't gonna bring that.
I'm not sure what I'm wishing for, but whatever, I'm probably not gonna blame her either way.

I just really really hope she starts to get into the murder some.

Ok, saying that was intense is an understatement. I haven’t felt this way since I watched Higurashi the first time over 11 years ago essentially as a kid.
I’m gonna keep watching this and hope the poor girl manages to find happiness.
Fuck the cat killer, hope she’s burning in hell or whatever the mahou shoujo equivalent is.

Came in expecting gory magical girl stuff. Was not disappointed.
Episode highlights:
  • me_irl
  • What a lazy ass teacher.
  • Those three bullies deserve to die.
  • That brother deserves to die, and those parents are crap at best, to 'CPS should be called immediately' at worst.
  • NO, NOT THE CAT!!!
  • That rapey guy deserves to die, too.
  • Ah, the bully and the rapey guy did die. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one?
  • At least she won't be bullied now- ah, spoke too soon.
  • And that's three down! We might need to get charting the kill count per episode at this rate.
Looking forward to next week... I think.

≫What a lazy ass teacher.
Not as much lazy as simply terrible. Pretty sure he saw the shit on her table but didn't care.

Terrible and lazy. He literally had them circle their names on the board, because he couldn't be bothered to take the register.

The mom (much more her tho) and dad seems fine since they don't know what the son is doing but she needs to pay way more attention to her daughter since she's so down.

The dad seems to be placing, at the very least, high expectations on the son, although said son makes it sound as if they're unrealistic expectations. Neither parent seems to be paying much attention to their daughter who is suicidal.

Wow. It just first episode and we already have 5 contenstants for most hated characters in this season. But it's nice that this show decided to continue classic magical girl idea about killing monsters.

So edgy, I think I cut myself.
Jesus Christ, that was really messy. I'd hate to be someone in a family like that.

The mom didn’t seem awful, but very oblivious to what’s going on in her house. Only character that has shown any kind of concern for Aya, even if it was just her worried that she was skipping dinner and then breakfast the next morning.
Get the feeling the dad wouldn’t accept his son is a monster even if he did find out and would turn a blind eye.

As a manga reader that likes the manga, that was a pretty good first episode. They really didn't cut anything from what I remember and that really surprised me. I was expecting some of those things to not appear at all because of how brutal it was.
And just like in the manga, poor Aya and her shitty life. I'll have to see everything again. :(


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