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[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 12 impressions [After the Rain]

Episode 12
"After the Rain"

Honestly, IMO, Akira is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, anime character I've seen thus far.
I'm not just talking about her tall, slender physique matched with her luscious long hair, frosty indigo eyes, and stylish but humbling wardrobe, but her whole presentation throughout the anime. The way the camera zooms into her piercing eyes, the way the breeze of wind blows through her hair, the way she blushes and reacts to the atmosphere surrounding her, the semi-intimate-but-more-familial relationship she shares with her manager, Kondo, and the soft-spoken words that exit through her innocent heart and soul...all of that makes her incredibly beautiful. Even her scar running along her Achilles tendon enhances her beauty because that one displeasing blemish on her makes the rest of her that much more beautiful.
By no means is she perfect, though. Her cold, shy, and intimidating personality keeps her from opening up to most people, including her friends and co-workers. She showed selfishness, as she thought her relationship between herself and her Track teammate and once-close friend Haruka is not the same anymore. Also, she showed hopelessness when pursuing for Kondo but could not achieve her goal due to their age gap, their father-daughter bond, and Kondo's own life that gets in the way, such as reading books, balancing his life as a restaurant manager and a single dad, and coping with a middle age crisis that involves keeping in touch with an old friend who’s a successful author and losing hope of his high school dream of writing stories, perhaps due to writing block.
All of this makes me wonder if Akira is struggling to find her balance in life. Perhaps that is her Achilles heel. But it's normal. She's 17 years old and is still in high school. While Kondo is going through a midlife crisis, she's going through her own teenage, coming of age crisis. And all of that makes her that much more beautiful.
Anyways, I really enjoyed this anime. It’s goofy, dramatic, and mellow, all combined with the vintage art style it presents us. I’m happy to see that Kondo is gradually going back to writing, and Akira rekindling the great friendship she and Haruka once shared.
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The way the camera zooms into her piercing eyes
Everything about this show was beautiful. (Well, almost everything.)

And that forced date thing early on. What the fuck was that?

Character introduction ultimately meaningless due to said character's arc getting thrown out.

That's the AOTS(not counting 3-gatsu) for me. Not melodramatic, and very grounded. Really good and relatable SoL show. Plus the visuals are stunning and very unique. Definitely gonna rewatch soon.

This is definitely my AOTS as well if we're not counting sequels. I agree with everything you said.

Didn't the characters feel.... I don't know... Kinda shallow?
Like, the other employees in the restaurant have 1 or 2 things going on with them. And what about the main characters? How much do we really know about them, besides the running/writing part?

I don't see why the other restaurant employees have to be well developed. As for Akira and Kondo, we get to understand their situations for why they're the way they are now and what motivates them and all that. Haruka too, but she's a bit shallow, I'd say, because her arc gets introduced late and we don't get to be with her as much. I don't see why we need to know about anything other than their passions. That's not relevant, that's not character building, it's superflous details added to the characters. Personality, motivations and how those things affect their experiences and change over the course of a story are the important things, which make a character well-realized or shallow.
The passions for all three of the cast were all really important obviously, to the point where they consume them. We get to see both Akira and Kondo's personalities shine in both reflective and comedic scenes (not so much for Haruka, which is why I think she's a bit underdeveloped), show how their depression consumes their life (Akira blowing up at her track friends, for instance).

I've got a lot of conflicting opinions about this show as a whole. I really enjoyed the first half, the whole conflict of Akira's love for Kondou, and them working through that.
And then I think the second half fell off quite a bit, because it focused more on other problems that they both had individually: Akira with Haruka and track, and Kondou with writing novels. While I do believe it was important to flesh those characters out as individuals, I feel that this show did so to the point that it lost sight of the original premise.
But perhaps that's not the show's fault. It's probably more so my fault for expecting a romance out of this show.
And that's perfectly fine. I see now that the message of After the Rain wasn't necessarily about love at all. It's about finding one's identity, discovering who one really is.
My problem is that I saw the "romance" at the beginning of this series and thought After the Rain would be a story about the relationship between a girl and her manager, to which, not gonna lie, I was really looking forward.
But the story was wrapped up nicely, and overall the show had great animation and OST. In the end, solid 7/10 from me.

I don't think the show ever made a clean transition from the romantic focus of the first half to the characters following their own passions in the second half.
I think the episode where they hug each other in Kondou's apartment is supposed to be that turning point, but the problem with that is that Akira goes home and has a sexual fantasy about Kondou and is upset that they're still just friends.
Then the show just never focuses on Akira's feelings for Kondou again after that point. They just choose to focus on different things, and never resolve those feelings that Akira clearly had for him.
I understand why they would want to avoid the controversy, but it was also one of the main things I was looking forward to seeing this series tackle. Instead, they just completely ignored it in the end. There was no real delineating line where Akira stopped focusing on Kondou as a desired romantic partner, and started focusing on her own problems. I wish there had been a clearer break there. But hey, maybe she's just a teenager who changes her mind very easily about what her priorities are. In that case, however, I think it was pretty crappy of her to try to drag Kondou into a relationship that could've ruined his public reputation, and lost him his job, if she was so unresolved in following through with it.

I felt the opposite. The first part was a love pursuit substantiated by the most slender reasoning and almost, but not, cringeworthy in its interactions.
The second half transformed the relationship and each of the participants enough to change the course of their lives, reaffirming their true loves (running and literature) and renewing stale or dying relationships.
I loved how it turned out and brought all the themes, relationships and their lives full circle in a deeply meaningful way.

Completely agree with this, I enjoyed the first half but the second half and how it presented its themes brought the show together. The idea of coming into one's self and being satisfied with one's own life before committing to another person, that's some really relatable and beautiful stuff. I'm not really one for romance shows so I might be biased lol.

I don't think After the Rain is about finding your 'identity' at all. It IS about love. It's about reigniting the love you once had for something that you thought you had lost because of past mistakes. A story about coming to love yourself.
Of course, that does not discredit your issues with the show. It is simply not the story about a 17-year old and a 45-year old falling in love with one another.

It's probably a good thing the romance didn't actually progress since it'd be pretty creepy.

Ha ha, the first few episodes had everyone saying how it wouldn't be creepy. Now that we know they don't get together, it's suddenly creepy if they would? Get out of here.

Probably an unpopular opinion, but was anyone else disappointed that the last third of the show focused on the very slow story of Akira and Haruka's friendship? I mean, I got what they were trying to say like 4 episodes ago, there's no need to give so much screen time to 2 girls staring at each other and not doing anything...

Akira and Haruka was one my favorite parts of the show.

Wow!,This episode was really good and the visuals at end are just amazing
Overall really good series about overcoming obstacles and taking one small step towards the goal.if someone staryed from it.

The little fist pump was so cute
This show was so good. Just edges out Mitsuboshi Colors for me as AOTS, just for the feels that it gave me.

What a beautiful ending! And the ending visuals were absolutely stunning!

Very good ending, a time skip epilogue would have been perfect but i still loved it. A good 9/10 and Akira is a cute.

This show is the surprise of the season. It took a controversial subject matter, handled it in a mature manner and turned it into a beautiful story of rekindling friendships, inspiring one another and finding the courage to go after your dreams, no matter what the obstacles may be. Not to mention that it was a visual and sonic marvel. I hope more people are going to check this series out now because it absolutely demands to be seen. 8.5/10

Ending theme of the season, hands down.
I like Violet Evergarden’s as a close second because its emotional but that moment in Koi wa Ameagari’s ED when the sun comes shining out, that crescendo and evolution is 10/10.

I'd tell you that Koi wa Ameagari is the best Romance show I've ever watched, but that's not quite right. Not because I've seen better in the romance genre, but because it's questionable whether it truly belongs in that category. Koi wa Ameagari isn't a story about love and romance, it's a story about people who have lost their passion and find support in each other. About people learning to reflect on their past and think about their future and who they want to be. Koi wa Ameagari handles this with a staggering amount of intricacy and depth as it constantly adds layers upon another to further develop its characters. Through its brilliant visual storytelling it feels like we only get to see the surface of what's going on in the heads of the characters, but the show still manages to give us insight in their thoughts and issues in the most impressive way. Koi wa Ameagari handles storytelling in a way that can't be described in any other way than simply brilliant, and deserves every single bit of praise that it has received for it and more. A genuinely impressive and genuinely brilliant show.

So much this. It honestly saddens me to see people treating the synopsis like the word of god. This show pulled of a shift akin to Gamers which started as a high school anime and turned into one of the best rom-coms. It is just that Ameagari shifted in a much softer, slower (or, imo, smoother) way, and the source and target of the genre shift was different.
Truly a great show.

Wait so is this like the END end? Like this is where it ends in the manga? No season 2?
I mean the ending works well either ways.

The ending on the manga is different and the manga has more content than the anime. The manga ended last week.

It's honestly basically the same ending if you look at the direction Akira and Kondou are both moving towards on their own. The anime just approaches it from a different direction because the manga had 80 chapters of buildup behind it. This is the end, there would be absolutely no point in a second season even if the anime skipped parts of the manga.

That was THE experience. I really like the direction they took it in. Very satisfying ending. Not much drama it was a pleasant series with a lot of beautiful quotes. Amazing my dudes, it was amazing from the beginning to an end.


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