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[Killing Bites] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"Thanks for Everything"

Jesus christ.

Destroyal over. Betrayal begin.

Around as many as explanations of what Killing Bites is, I'd say.

Lion penises are barbed and are generally made to "claim" females for themselves. Take that for what you will because the smug isn't coming back for a good while.

Lions also don't last long at all, like 30 seconds.
That being said they can keep going over and over.

That's an understatement. One nature show said that in some cases, lions will copulate every 15 minutes for 3 days. It is not unusual for male lions to drop dead while doing so, though.

So all the time we been rooting for the bad guys. That rape was awefull

I mean, they were all bad guys from the start. We're talking about a 4 way mob battle to see who rules from the shadows and a guy who experiments on humans and uses them to kill.

But Shidoh's plan is to turn everyone into animal people! You know what that means ... genetically engineered catgirls for everyone! Shidoh is a true hero!

Didn't think it would get worse than Cobra Cannons or even Grancrest.

I've only been rooting for Nomoto and the Rabbit. Not even Hitomi. He was basically the only normal character in the whole show. And the Rabbit was a friendly wholesome character. Everyone else was garbage.

nomoto is the one that appears at the end, right?

Yep. Somehow he survived and he looks more mature and badass this time.

As Nomoto lay on the ground of dirty scrap heap, where only a few months earlier he met Hitomi and thought she would kill him, now bleeding out after Hitomi surprisingly killed him, only one thought went through his head.
"Shit I was so wrong I need some fangs."

Honestly I thought she killed him because of how dumb that was. It's exactly what it says on the tin. The sharpest fangs wins. I don't know how much clearer Hitomi could have made it.

Haha, love the way the narrator said "BUT SHE ISN'T A THERIANTHROPE" for hte finale. 10/10

Tadashi Oshie-chan wa juujin demo nandemonAAAAAAAIIIIIIIGGGHH

He's said that at the end of every single episode though, right?

Oh, I meant specifically the way he said it. Yeah, he says it every time, but this time he really yelled it. Sounded hilariously exasperated.

This was an amazing last episode. It delivered on every front.
I knew there'll be some Shinozaki action, but didn't expect fucking LIVESTREAM FROM THE BATTLEFIELD.
As expected, Shidou was planning instrumentality humanity's better future all along. Character design doesn't lie.
Not really ok with what happened to Yoko, but at least it fits story's tone. Sometimes you win, sometimes you end up in a rape dungeon.
That final scene between Hitomi and Nomoto was perfect story conclusion. "The real Killing Bites is friends you make on the way... aaaaand, i'm dead".
DAT SEQUEL HOOK DOE. Inb4 no Season 2 ever.
Oshie-chan, don't give up!

On a separate note, I need to commend direction/series composion, cause it's perfect. I've checked the manga (no translations past anime sadly), and it's one of the rare cases where adaptation improves upon source material. They've managed to recognise everything good about the manga and expand on it:
  • Yoko's face appears one or two times in the source, the anime gives it its own character arc.
  • Manga mentions in one line Shinozaki going 0 to 100 on shoutcasting, and the voice actress did an amazing job with it. I've never thought human voice can generate this much hype.
  • Rabbit doesn't appear in the manga before her fight with Gorilla. Anime developed her into legit comic relief character.
  • Oshie's omake is anime-original culmination of derpy animal trivia narrations. Manga has narration for cobra twin cannons, though.
  • Appropriate amount of time/money went into making fighting scenes that count (namely, episode one and climactic fight with Kido) look amazing, while skimping on less important side-characters fights. Yes, knowing how to spend your budget properly is also a good quality for anime staff.
  • Music does exactly what it should, accompanying hype, humorous and even emotional moments. OP and ED are great.
All in all, i kept comparing this series to Tarantino's movies, and it never betrayed my expectations. Unironic 10/10, would be AOTS if Yorimoi didn't exist.

The pacing was also fantastic all the way through and for what it was, it had actually great writing. The show just knows how to keep the audience engaged with every episode. Nomoto's final scene was amazing. Both unexpected and emotional.
It is now one of my favorite shows of all time.

The motherfuckers just had to go and set up a second season that they're never gonna make
Manga readers: was that Yoko at the end? I hope it was and I hope she gets revenge on Leo

Never say never.
This was licensed to Amazon Prime from what I can tell (not Sentai like many of the previous hits on the service). Unlike the major licensors of the past, Amazon Prime is untested with how far they'll go to facilitate continuations of obviously unfinished series. It's a slightly better reason to hold out hope than there'd normally be.

That was... like, holy shit that time skip. Poor Yoko... so many things.
I just... wow. 10/10 anime

This show was far more enjoyable than it had any right to be, I was expecting something along the lines of so bad it's good, but the fight scenes were hype and kept finding new ways to surprise you, the characters were surprisingly endearing, and the politics behind everything isn't totally boring. I didn't expect myself to unironically get invested in this.
I seriously hope we get a second season at some point. I heard that the show is selling pretty alright so there's hope!

Aw man, I seriously can't wait for Killing Bites 2: Battle Tendancy


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