Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, March 26-April 1


Glad to see that Yuru Camp and Sora Yori did so well!

Happy that my Winter favourites are faring so well

Woah Takagi-San with 4K sales. 2nd season pls.

Holy crap I didn't know girls und panzer was so popular. 56k sales, over even love live.
Japan really loves its moe doesn't it.

GuP is crazy popular and makes stupid amounts of money. The shows original airing was a disaster, and yet it went on to spawn a franchise that includes manga, theatrical movies, and a big budget video game. Pretty amazing story.

They also saved a dying town by boosting the tourism economy to a point where a lot of shops have Girls und Panzer stuff in the windows and in front. Anime can be huge in pushing tourism.

≫and a big budget video game
World of Tanks is my favorite anime game

fun fact: one of the developers for WoT had a credit on the GuP movie due to him providing a good deal of research materials for the tanks.

≫Japan really loves its moe doesn't it.
Yeah, blame it on moe. Not on awesome and creative action combined with mechanical porn, not on how well-crafted it is, not on amazing attention to details, not on it's unique pandering focused on referencing old shit kids these days don't recognize.
It's all because moe. Fucking moe.
Shirobako was probably good because moe too. Same director, so it had to be. DAMN YOU MOE!

Its a fact Japan loves moe. I guarantee the show wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if it wasn't cute girls in the tanks.

The show wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if it wasn't great in all other aspects too.
Moe is just a contributor - and it doesn't mean that much considering EVERY FUCKIN SHOW THESE DAYS IS MOE. It's not even close to being main reason this show is popular.

I'm really glad the Sora Yori did well, originals often struggle in Japan and I wasn't sure if it'd be another big outside, but forgotten inside series. Yuru Camp is staggering though, I knew it was big on Pixiv, but not this big.
Poor Slow Start, those aren't terrible numbers but it really was a very well made little series. I guess the problem is that at first glance it looks very standard CGDCT, only it has really nice animation and a very fun script. Hopefully, the manga at least got a boost.
I'm curious to see what numbers Killing Bites gets next week.

Sora Yori is infinitely more popular in Japan than it is abroad. This subreddit is really the only place in the West where it's "popular". It's rated highly everywhere, but also has a very small viewership.

Killing Bites released on the 28th of March, I believe. Unless my information is wrong...

Yuru Camp is the best selling SoL for a while, YoriMoi is also comfortably above estimate I think.
≫Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san Vol. 1 Blu-ray 3,928
Quite a bit underestimate, must be all those Amazon exclusives that it had.

I'm so proud that Girls und Panzer is going strong.

I'm sad to see that Slow Start is at the bottom. I don't really know how important are these numbers, but I hope it doesn't mean that chances for the second season are getting smaller.

Factors vary, but they're pretty important for a late night anime like Slow Start. Sales of under 2k means a second season is pretty unlikely, sorry.

Thank you for your insight. I will drink the cup of sorrow.

Yuru camp and SoraYori did well which I'm thrilled about. But sadly I wanted more from Karakai. Let's hope that it does better in the second week


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