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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Take responsibility, would you?"

Hisone has such a visually simple and cute design and yet she is such an expressive and unique character.

Come to think of it that's a lot of the characters in this show. Hell, even Masotan has a really simple shape and the thing's supposed to be a dragon.

Goes to show how impressive the writing is.

The animation in this show is so lively, it's just a joy to watch. Like they don't stop animating the two random dudes just messing around with the model planes in the background, even when the focus shifts away from them.

This is severely underwatched. I enjoyed every second of this episode especially the savage moment by Amakasu.

≫This is severely underwatched.
No simulcasts, so that'll happen.

This show is just overflowing with charm. Hisone is a great lead.

"I'm envious of your ability to sincerely believe this is a proper contribution."

Sick burn by Hisone!

Another cute episode, though I thought based on what Moriyama said earlier her TAC was going to be Sweet?

I thought it was gonna be Benefit since she asked what "Kasu" would be in English?


Masotan's reaction every time was so cute!

I had a smile stuck to my face throughout the whole episode, this show makes me so happy.

I wonder why he was so curious about if she was there if he rejected her though..

He can still care for her even if he doesn't want her to ride with him. Kinda like breaking up but still being friends.

Why haven't they trained her on flying solo until she's at least competent? Putting her on group maneuvers when she can't even handle her craft is asking for a disaster.

I guess they expected her to be at least entry level in terms of maneuvering a plane. Pilots do a lot of flight simulations before they actually get to fly a plane, but Hisone lacks that experience.

Her TAC name is... her first name? What?
And that was just savage.

Looks like ED girls are coming next episode, nice!

At the end of the last episode, they said something about Masotan being his 'true name'. So I guess it parallels that, with her TAC name being her real name.

According to Google translate, "hisone" means "apologize"? I guess it sort of fits, she does that a lot.

Very wrong, lol. It doesn't mean anything – her name's written in hiragana too, so no meaning attached to any of the characters.

Seems some Japanese viewers on Twitter are interpreting it as 密音 (hiso ne) = secret sound

Another super cute and funny episode. At some point I can guarantee one of Hisone's speeches is gonna make me cry. I absolutely love Masotan's reaction to hearing his previous pilots name, so cute. I want a big plushie of him. I also love how the air craft has slots for his eyes to open and look around, makes it feel more like he is inside it that way. Little kid with pikachu shirt was cute too. Week by week this show has been giving me the most fuzzy feelings out of all the currently airing shows, I can definitely see it being my aots if it isn't already.

Really enjoying this weird show and the geeks in it, with or without noses. Everything from the drawing style, to the music, the ED and strange (yet somehow comforting) character interactions is so creative. I wish all anime show had the spirit and originality of this one.

Damn she just ripped into Masotan to get her way.

I absolutely love that. Yet another reason to love our MC.

Also really enjoyed how they made the senpai someone who was respectable, but also like any other person who had their own issues.

Man there's just a lot to enjoy about the show in general. What a blast and we haven't even met the rest of our cast yet! Excited to see what they bring to the table next episode based off the little preview chatting!

I wasn't expecting them to show the previous pilot this soon. And my guess, that she was Nao's mama, was wrong.

Hisone's bluntness will never stop being funny.

Why 'Hisone'? Isn't that just her name?

Also, why 'Oscar'?

I didn’t really get “hisone” either because I thought it was going to be “Sweet” - Kasu in Amakasu translates to Sweet. Other comments allude that since she calls the dragon Masotan by his name, then she should be on a first name basis with him too.

as for Oscar, Oscar is the UN code for O. OTF would be Oscar Tango Foxtrot.

First name basis makes sense actually.

≫Oscar is the UN code for O
Oh, Interesting.

I like Moriyama! I hope we get to see more of her dropping by the base from time to time to teach Hisone.

So her callsign is the same as her first name? I am clearly missing some wordplay here since Moriyama was clearly thinking about Hisone's family name when she came up with that nickname.

Also that fashion designer guy is more likely an ex military engineer. It's the only explanation why he knows how he was able to diagnose the reason why Onaga's plane had engine failure.

I'm guessing that since the D-Pilot suits are his design, we'll find out later that he actually designed the OTF Jet attachments as well.

Another nice episode. It's nice they brought Moriyama here so I'm guessing she'll be here then now since she's semi-obligated to teach Hisone a bit. Masotan is so weird. I don't get how he's lovey dovey with Moriyama but just stopped accepting and swallowing her while being 50-50 with Hisone. I just want Masotan to love and fully embrace Hisone already.

Best part of the episode is Chiwa Saito playing the cute fat mom

I always like the ending.


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