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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
"I name the dragon Masotan"

We need to protect Hisone's intestinal environment-
No, her whole being.

≫No, her whole being.

Wowowowowow, the ed is in French!
Already my favorite, definitely didn’t expect something like that.

It's a cover of this song by French yé-yé singer France Gall!

Yeah! I got linked to it in discord, really loving both versions.

The ED was a nice surprise. It's a weird choice, but a welcoming one nonetheless.

Really liked the animation in the scene where she throws her shoe. Also having seen Rakugo Shinju I get the reference to Jugemu.
Glad more friendships are starting to develop. According to the ED we've got 2 more pilots to meet.

Hoping we get a Sakugabooru blog post on this episode. :)

≫According to the ED we've got 2 more pilots to meet.
And the official website! You can read their bios, and also see the other dragons, etc.

Eh, I'm already slightly unhappy seeing the pilots and dragons already in the OP. I would rather be surprised by seeing them in the show first. I just hope they show up soon if they are going to 'spoil' their existence in the show already.

I'm a big fan of showing and not telling. Having all the info on the website and showing them in the OP and ED just doesn't sit well with me. I get that I'm not in the majority, but one of the very few things Grimoire of Zero did right was keep spoilers out of the OP. They even added characters in later as they became relevant to the plot and the main characters.

The animation for that head transformation was just ridiculously good!

I'm really liking Hisone's no filter stream of consciousness babble really hilarious for some reason. It would be annoying IRL but here it's just really funny for me. Also I'm glad that this episode ended with her and Nao finally getting along. I'm okay with Nao being tsun but her delinquent act was starting to get on my nerves so I'm happy that they've finally put a stop on that.

As for the OP and ED I feel like I prefer the ED's song more, the OP song didn't leave any impact at all. The animation though? The OP's animation is cinema levels of quality! I just wished they picked a better song to go with it.

Looking at the OP and the ED though it looks like there's other OTFs and D-Pilots out there. With multiple OTFs there's gotta be some sort of threat for these girls to fight. The tags on MAL just list it as Military and Fantasy no Slice of Life tag so I'm guessing there's going to be some action later on. These dragons were there in the first place to protect the people right? If so then there's got to be a big bad somewhere out there.

God I love Hisone's voice.

Wow, this is actually legitimately the best thing ever. Charming and quirky characters, hilarious dialogue, flawless animation... Such quality is rare these days. I fucking love the little details in facial expression, like when their superior made a sexist remark about women not being able to control their emotions, and Hisone's supervisor bowed and apologized but her eyebrow twitched. This is the kind of shit I'm looking for. Too many anime have stiff facial animation.

Wha... France Gall ??? In my anime ??? This took me completely by surprise, holy shit. I'm French and she was a very well-known singer here, died quite recently. It's both hilarious and kinda touching to hear one of her songs in broken French as an anime ED, ugly grammar mistakes in the song's subs aside.

≫ugly grammar mistakes in the song's subs
You mean in the French lyrics on the bottom or English translation up top?

French lyrics. Asenshi can do no wrong. <3

Yes! They're bringing back scheming eye glints! It's usually something I've only seen being used a lot in old 70s-80s era shows.

A decent episode overall, not as stellar as the last one because its main plot was generic - clueless MC wins over belligerent rival. Some misogyny thrown into the mix too (not talking about the designer dude with no idea of personal space spouting euphemisms - the guy who is a 'hunter' and one of the commanders berating women for being too emotional), dunno how the show will handle that, if at all. Hisone's antics are still charming though, and the quirky humour was sprinkled throughout making it a fun watch. Rakugo! I didn't think Rakugo could double as ASMR for the Japanese. And also their cats.

Are we going to get ads for a different dairy product each episode? Because that's a gag I can get behind. Need to protect everyone's intestinal environments.

I wonder how they'll introduce more dragons. No sign of them yet. Maybe they're kept in other bases..?

The OP is decent (and will probably grow on me more), and the ED is an instant hit. Show it to anyone to instantly shill the show.

And Asenshi subbed the French too. Excellent work as always.

≫They're bringing back scheming eye glints!
You haven't been watching Pokémon Sun & Moon then. :P

About the misogny - I think it's somewhat understandable, given how male-dominated the military usually is. But I too hope the show will actually do something with that instead of being casually sexist.

I mean, I think they purposefully included it to sort of make people uncomfortable there because it was so obviously sexist. Hoping someone was going to go off at him for it, but maybe in a later episode.

There is no spoon!

Hisone needs to be careful poking the 4th wall around that mysterious old lady trope or she will see the Matrix.

Fun show so far with nice characters, though the perverted suit designer might get irritating if he stays like that. Interesting that they refer to Hisone as a Miko. Though I suppose it makes sense that the dragon pilots of old would have been shrine maidens.

ED was a big surprise and really good. I also liked the music during the opening flight, reminded me of old side scrolling shooter games like Area 88/U.N. Squadron.

what is hisone to maso-tan about? dragons? fighter jets? drama?
nope, it's just a really well made yogurt commercial

yakult isn't yogurt tho. so… maybe they'll just mention a different dairy product each episode?
tiny brain: hisomaso is propoganda funded by the JSDF
galaxy brain: hisomaso is propoganda funded by Tokyo Dairy Co., Ltd.

Official claims state that the name [yakult] is derived from jahurto, an Esperanto word for "yogurt".

Oh, sure, you can trace both words back to a common meaning, but yakult as a product isn't yogurt. It's more of a drink, with a consistency similar to that of kefir.
Also reminder that because Japan, they own a fucking baseball team. The Yakult Swallows.

With MHA and HisoMaso, Bones is sending out two homeruns in one season. This show is absolutely hilarious. I just felt giddy about what was gonna happen next. I have a Bold prediction this will be a serious contender for AOTY from what we’ve seen so far.

I want to watch this show, but I have no idea where to watch it. Does anyone know where I can do it? Much appreciated.

Asenshi is fansubbing it.
Or Netflix, if you're in Japan.

I wonder who Masotan accepted as a pilot 3 years ago. Nao's mama maybe?

Yea, likely with their current program leader Kakiyasu-san being her understudy.

Damn, the production quality of this show is just an another level so far. The character animations, the direction, the music, everything's just perfect, it almost feels like a movie. I guess this is what happens when a studio has a lot of money to spend, because they have a show like My Hero Academia.

Nice episode! Hisone is an entertaining main character, and it's gonna be fun to get to know Maso-tan better. Having said that though, I have to go on a rant about Kaizaki.

How much of a free pass is Kaizaki gonna get? Just how much are her actions going to be overlooked? She's petty when she takes Hisone's food and gives her the "shitty" food, even though it worked out, she's an asshole for trying to keep Hisone from falling asleep, even if it worked out this time as well, and she's straight up malicious when she tries to cut the suits up. What is this? And she was let off with only a "your mother wouldn't like that"? Yet she has the gall to demand her mother doesn't get brought up? Stealing a bike and deserting the army then crying for your mama? Did her mama raise her to be like this? God damn, she fucks me off. I loved the scene in the first ep where Hisone spoke up against her, I'd love to see more of that, although I doubt we'll get more of it from this show.

There's so much life in the characters! In the animation! Oh my lordy do I really hope more people start to watch this. It's so cute, but has real emotion to drive the drama. Each character isn't exactly one sided. They can learn to overcome themselves and others.

The OP is unique and the ED is bumpin'. Love me some casually dancing anime QTs.

Nice episode with lots of comedy and feels. It's another one of those shows where the premise looks silly on paper but the execution is done really well.

This show is gold. I am loving this. Animation is excellent, even the CGI blends nicely, writing seems strong so far and the direction is also very strong. What a good year of anime originals 2018 is being so far.


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